Retay Arms Receives U.S. Patent Approval For Innovative Rotating Bolt System

The innovation of the “Click Free” bolt system has been officially recognized in US PATENT 9,995,542 and is currently available in the Retay Inertia Plus system.

Retay Arms Inertia-Plus Shotgun Action
Retay Arms Receives U.S. Patent Approval For Innovative Rotating Bolt System

WASHINGTON D.C. – -(  RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey announces that on June 12, 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued PATENT 9,995,542 for “Rotating head assembly for use with the bolt assembly of a gun” in recognition of RETAY’s innovation of a rotating bolt head system that prevents the unintended unlocking of the bolt head from the breach of a firearm.

RETAY began developing its rotating bolt system in an effort to achieve a more reliable rotating bolt head for use in semi-automatic firearms. For decades the traditional kinetic energy powered rotating bolt system has enjoyed popularity for its simple design and ease of maintenance, however, the original design was plagued by a tendency of the bolt head to unintentionally unlock from the breach of the firearm when it was jarred by walking over rough terrain or by the impact of setting the firearm down.

The resulting unlocking would often go unnoticed by the operator and cause a misfire. To prevent a misfire, the operator would have to first be aware of the state of the bolt and then manually re-engage the action which cost time and unnecessary noise that could startle game.

Retay Arms Innovative Rotating Bolt System
Retay Arms Innovative Rotating Bolt System

While the above scenario does happen sporadically, it need only happen once at the right time to make a for a frustrating situation. The unlocking tendency has also been the reason that several militaries including the United States armed forces have not adopted the kinetic / inertia driven semi-automatic shotgun in spite of the many advantages over the gas operated system that it offers.

Retay Arms’ new design solves the aforementioned defect by forcing the bolt-head to stay locked to the breach under all conditions by means of an active torsion system that forces the bolt head to rotate and lock into battery with the firearm chamber and to automatically return to locked position even after a jarring force strong enough to unlock the head is absorbed by the firearm.

Realty’s patent for this innovative design covers all manner of firearms and Retay sees far-ranging application across the spectrum including rifle and shotgun actions in both gas and inertia configurations.

Currently, this technology is available to consumers in the United States in the form of the RETAY Inertia Plus shotgun action. The action comes standard in the RETAY Masai Mara series of shotguns that have been available in the United States since September 2017.

The Masai Mara is a lightweight high-performance semi-automatic recoil driven shotgun based on the original design by Bruno Civolani and features the Retay Inertia Plus bolt system. Inertia Plus is the world’s most advanced and refined kinetic energy driven rotating shotgun bolt design.

The Retay Inertia Plus System is capable of effectively cycling lightweight and low recoil shotgun shell loads as well as heavy hunting loads and eliminates misfires by ensuring the system’s rotating bolt locks into the battery with the chamber under all conditions, while at the same time preventing unintended disengagement.

The Inertia Plus System has been called “the first affordable, obvious, and substantial improvement to the Bruno Civolani action in 50 years”

The Masai Mara is currently available in 12ga 2 ¾” – 3” in barrel lengths from 24” up to 30” and comes in several different finishes. MSRP for the Masai Mara starts at $799.00. Learn more at

Retay USARETAY sees a bright future for it’s newly patented technology and plans to continue to develop new platforms that will utilize it. RETAY ARMS’ head of US operations Chris Handy states: “We are currently developing new and exciting firearm plfar-reaching incorporate this fantastic innovation in reliability. As a company we know that reliability is the essence of any firearm and an innovation of this kind has far reaching implications across Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian sporting applications. We expect this will be a game changer in the firearms industry and will make possible new designs and open new markets for the company. This is truly an exciting time to be a part of what RETAY ARMS is accomplishing!”

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Wild Bill

Does anyone know what these advantages are that the author is referring to when he writes “… the kinetic / inertia driven semi-automatic shotgun in spite of the many advantages over the gas operated system that it offers.”


Are they going to make it in 20ga


Yes in September!