Super Vel 9mm+p 115gr SCHP (Solid Copper Hollow Point) Ammunition


Super Vel 9mm +p 115gr SCHP Ammo
Super Vel 9mm +p 115gr SCHP Ammo

Ft Collins, CO –-( Super Vel 9mm +p 115gr SCHP (Solid Copper Hollow Point) is here!

Super Vel Ammunition of Henderson, NV, headed-up by my long-time friends, Cameron Hopkins and Peter Pi, has just introduced their 9mm 115gr +p hollow-point ammunition, featuring an all-copper bullet.

Super Vel 9mm +p 115gr SCHP Box
Super Vel 9mm +p 115gr SCHP Box

All-copper bullets are from a proprietary source! This ammunition has been thoroughly tested and out-performs just about all others.

Super Vel’s quality control is second to none!

At an honest 1250 f/s, this is just about as effective as ammunition gets when carried for serious purposes in a modern pistol!

When he headed Cor-Bon, Peter Pi introduced the then-radical concept of an all-copper HP bullet to our entire industry. Its superiority to conventional “cup-and-core” bullets quickly became obvious, particularly in the area of reliable expansion after penetrating clothing!

Most major ammunition manufacturers now offer a similar product.

Super Vel’s version feeds smoothly through my SIG 320, and I’m doing my own testing now.

There are few out there who know as much about manufacturing serious ammunition as Peter Pi and Cameron Hopkins!

You can see it at:


Super Vel 9mm +p 115gr SCHP Round
Super Vel 9mm +p 115gr SCHP Round

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  • 10 thoughts on “Super Vel 9mm+p 115gr SCHP (Solid Copper Hollow Point) Ammunition

    1. I’d like to see ballistic gelatin tests of this ammo, and others the company sells, preferably on their web page.

      Five shots in bare gel–tell me average penetration, average expansion, how many expanded vs. how many failed, show me a representative wound track picture. Show me the same thing with four layers of heavy cotton canvas denim over the gelatin. That’s all. I will let other people worry about auto glass, car doors, plywood, etc.

    2. That’s nice. I’ll stay with my modified Hornady 125gr JFP and JHP bullets cronographed at 1330 fps out of my Glock 19. Those are loaded using only Federal brass, Longshot powder, and WSPM primers. But that’s the beauty of ammunition and firearms, everyone is free to use what they want.

    3. Come on John. Why are you guys still getting wrapped around the axle over velocity?? This takes us back to the old NIJ RII index based on the infamous “computer man”. Lightweight, high velocity bullets failed then as “man stoppers” and I have little faith (having done over 80 FBI protocol gelatin shoots) that it will offer anything new, today. Velocity at handgun pressures is simply a tool to get bullet performance. Bullet design and construction has so vastly improved, +P pressures and velocity is no longer needed to get bullets to perform. When we see reliable, predictable 15-18 inches of penetration at standard SAAMI pressures and bullet expansion of 1.5 to 2x’s original diameter, why do we need the extra muzzle blast and recoil from a +P cartridge?

      1. Well for one reason it’s Merica!!!! Damnit!!!!
        I dont get all worked up on the FBI and what they do. Why??? I ant a cop!!!! I dont need a crap bullet like there supper duper Gold Dot 147 grain G2 that cant even get outta it’s on way.

        Hell the 9BPLE sure put a metric ton of goblins in the ground. What you “Think” is best might not be what John thinks is best or what I think is best. Its like busting someone’s chops for stippling there Glock cuz “The VALUE…… YOUR F,en up the VALUE!!!!!”

        I will happily take these and a dump truck load of 9BPLE & the 115 grain +P+ Gold Dot or the + P HST in any weight, why????? Cuz I ant hung up on what the Feds tell me what’s best.

        I have shot about 75 deer with the 25.06 with a 95, 100, 115 grain bullet. Guess what my friends said, Spooky your going to be tracking deer. Well shot placement, shot placement, shot placement BABY!!!! Never really had to track one farther then 30 yards. Now that’s a apples to oranges comparisons hear but what I’m getting at is sometimes SH*T works and it don’t make anyone the more correct for boasting about how stupid you load is compared to mine.

        Sorry for picking on your particular reply, but damn!!! If we as a group of shooter’s would fight the “Anti Gun Crowd” as much as we bitch about shooting jellow, velocity, bullet weight, or how “Kitted up” someone is we could push the left outta this great Country!!!!

        Ok, let me take my meds before I totally stoke the hell out.

          1. Yeah, sorta lost it there ya know. It ant in particular this feller, it’s the whole attitude of “Im on the internet and I will crush you” and this stuff is what keeps me off the Hot Rod/Drag Racing forums and is about to run me of the weapon forums. I cant stand it and hell I did it also, sunk to that level.

            The 115 grain Copper Hollow Point’s need to be driven to +P pressures, from what I understand they have to be +P’ed cuz of the copper being not as dense as lead. Therefore the copper bullet is longer to make weight, it gets into the combustion chamber of the cartridge more so the pressures go up. That’s my country boy take on it, so I may be wrong but I do understand the idea. Well what Taj is also missing is that this makes one hell of a defensive bullet. The copper hollow point is more “barrier blind” clothes, sheet rock, sheet metal, and auto glass be damned, a copper hollow point will “GETTER DONE!!!”

            Hell Doc Roberts has or at one time had a 115 grain +P 9mm solid copper hollow point on his list of “The best” defensive ammo. That’s another subject that will damn near give me a case of the vapors, discussing what Doc.Roberts thinks. That man is smart, smarter then me (he is a dentist, I’m a diesel tech) but like I said I ant a cop, what a officer need’s is a bit different then me. I love a fast 9mm load in 115 or 124 grain 9mm load. Is that all I use? Nope. Love me a 147 +p or +p+ also. Do I worry about my pistols geting beat up? Nope. I shoot mostly Glock’s so I will swap in a 20 pound recoil spring assembly for the range and swap back to stock for carry.

            Ole Taj also need’s to understand is that some of us have shot alot of critters, nothing like going and getting your food on your on. Bullet’s do crazy sh*t. Alot more crazy then in ballistics jel. I have been lucky enough to also have a bunch of crazy friends, and we test our own self defense ammo. I don’t quite trust everything I read on da interwebs. So I been around alot of jelly geting smacked also. Alot of work but it’s fun.

            I get long winded also.

    4. “Super Vel’s quality control is second to none!” Sounds like a premature declaration for a “new” company. Time will tell – when Peter Pi was at CorBon, though the ammunition was mostly good, that brand’s quality track record wasn’t exactly unblemished.

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