Houston Safari Club Foundation & GoWild Team Up to Tackle Hunter Recruitment & More

Houston Safari Club Foundation & GoWild Team Up
Houston Safari Club Foundation & GoWild Team Up

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Houston Safari Club Foundation has long had a mission of preserving the sport of hunting through education, conservation and the promotion of our hunting heritage. As times have changed and there is a need for new generations of hunters, the organization realizes it’s also equally important to recruit new people into the lifestyle.

The nonprofit is joining GoWild to do just that. GoWild is a digital community of outdoors enthusiasts supporting education, interaction, and activity in the outdoors. Together, the two aim to activate current hunters to participate in conservation efforts beyond hunting, and to provide tools and resources for newcomers to pick up hunting for the first time.

“The marketing and communications landscape is ever-changing and rapidly evolving. This change applies to the outdoor enthusiast as much as any other group,” said Joe Betar, Executive Director, Houston Safari Club Foundation. “GoWild and its podcast, Restless Native, allow us to tell our story and educate others on the importance of hunting as a conservation tool.”

GoWild sees Houston Safari Club Foundation as an organization that isn’t just tying its brand to conservation—it’s acting.

“This is an organization that’s gone beyond promoting conservation as an ideal—they’re putting millions of dollars into making a difference,” said Brad Luttrell, the CEO and Co-Founder of GoWild. “They’ve provided $3.5 million in hunter-funded programs for habitat and wildlife improvements, anti-poaching and outdoor education. They’ve put $2.1 million into scholarships for hunters. These are our future difference makers.”

GoWild and Houston Safari Club Foundation have an expansive conservation effort to be announced later in July 2018. The goal of the partnership is to activate hunters as conservationists beyond license purchases and funds gathered through taxes.

“As we get more Millennials into hunting, we have to remember this is the experience generation,” said Luttrell. “They want to participate, and while they have money, they are most motivated by creating memories and meaningful experiences. We’re going to meet them with a challenge that gives that effort meaning and a lasting legacy.”

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To learn more about Houston Safari Club Foundation, visit hscfdn.org. To learn more about GoWild, visit timetogowild.com.