New App Helps Coloradans Get Outside & Learn About State Symbols

LocaWild matches you to Colorado destinations based on your favorite activities.

DENVER, CO – -( With over 4 Million acres of roadless terrain and nearly endless opportunities to hike, climb, camp, fish, mountain bike, paddle, hunt and wildlife watch in Colorado it can be challenging to decide on a destination.

LocaWild has launched a mobile application that allows users to access a wide array of outdoor recreational opportunities exclusively in Colorado. LocaWild matches users to destinations based on their favorite activities. Users can browse destinations that range from lakes, rivers, parks, forests, wilderness areas, campgrounds, trails and even backcountry huts. LocaWild even auto-logs your Colorado adventures when you use appropriate hashtags or geo-tags on Instagram.

LocaWild has aggregated outdoor recreational opportunities from all land management agencies in Colorado from cities, counties, state and federal lands. Additionally, when you sign up with LocaWild, you are sent a guide to Colorado’s State Symbols. “Our goal at LocaWild is to enhance the connection nature through adventure activities. We produced the Guide to Colorado’s State Symbols, so you can learn about the incredible species that represent our State and keep an eye out for them on your next adventure,” says LocaWild CEO, Nick Clement, a former Colorado Parks and Wildlife employee.

In addition to providing recommended activities at each destination, the app also provides:

  • Destination details, phone numbers, and links to conditions pages
  • Who has been to each destination
  • Distance and Driving Directions to each destination

LocaWild populates beautiful photos from thousands of Colorado destinations and requires an Instagram account to sign in. LocaWild is currently offering a Guide to Colorado’s State Symbols as a free incentive when you sign up and when you share you can earn gear from Colorado Limited and Endure Survival. To see the app in action watch the videos above.

About LocaWild

LocaWild is a Denver Based company dedicated to providing technology that enhances your outdoor adventures in Colorado. From curating destinations in Colorado to providing nature-driven information, LocaWild’s mission is to help re-embed society back into nature.

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