Patriot Prayer & Antifa Battle it Out on the Streets Of Portland ~ VIDEO

Seattle, WA, USA – May 1, 2015: Protesters run from gas grenades fired by Seattle police officers during May Day rioting on Capitol Hill.
Patriot Prayer and Antifa battle it out on the streets of Portland

Portland, Oregon-( anarcho-communist group, Antifa, attacked the Patriot Prayer rally this past Saturday in Portland, Oregon.

What was supposed to be a peaceful rally lead by Senate Candidate, Joey Gibson, and the Patriot Prayer group descended into what police describe as a riot when the alt-left group, Antifa, attacked the rally goers as they attempted their permitted march.

Police in riot gear were separating the two sides as the Patriot Prayer group gathered to prepare to march down Third Street in Portland, but once the march started members of the Eugene Antifa group began throwing rocks, M-80s, and bottles at the peaceful marchers. Police declared the event a riot and ordered the two groups to disperse immediately.

“We seized numerous weapons early on, and interceded and separated people when necessary,” Deputy Police Chief Bob Day said in a statement released by the department. “However, once projectiles, such as fireworks, eggs, rocks, bottles, and construction equipment were thrown, and people were injured, we ordered people to disperse.”

At that point, the scene became even more violent with Antifa members pulling out batons and attacking members of the Patriot community who in turn defended themselves against the violent attackers. The Patriots were able to push back the Leftists that were attacking even though they did not have weapons.

Police deployed rubber bullets and flash bangs to try to separate the crowds of opposing sides who were fighting in the streets. The clashes led to emergency workers having to transport five people to the hospital. One person is in serious condition. Four arrest were made, but police say those arrest were not related to the riot and were from previous investigations.

This violent exchange isn’t a first for Antifa. There were several violent exchanges in Berkeley California in 2017. The first clash occurred on February 1st when Milo Yiannopoulos came to speak at the University. Antifa tried to shut down the talk by using pepper spray and other violent methods.

Four more waves of violent Antifa attacks occurred in Berkeley against groups such as “The Proud Boys” in 2017. Eric Clanton, who became known as the “Bike Lock Professor,” allegedly tried to kill someone with a U-shaped bike lock. He will likely spend the next ten years in prison if the courts convict him of the crime. These clashes became known as “The Battle of Berkeley.”

A photographer snapped a picture of Benjamin Lynch, who was one of the organizers of the Berkeley violent clashes, this past weekend in Portland with Antifa. Lynch is known to work with the far-left group, BAMN.

Yvette Felarca spokesperson for Antifa and BAMN
Yvette Felarca spokesperson for Antifa and BAMN

Yvette Felarca, who is a middle school teacher and BAMN spokesperson, is currently on trial for felony assault and inciting a riot at another Antifa protest. Felarca is known for her anti-free speech stance and multiple suspensions from her teaching job for trying to recruit her students for Antifa. The Teacher’s Union has always been successful in defending her from termination.

Antifa has also clashed with members of white nationalist groups in Charlottesville. Those clashes left one person dead and many injured. During Trump’s inauguration, Antifa protesters attacked a Starbucks and set the limo of a Muslim immigrant on fire to somehow “resist” Trump.

Police are looking into criminal activity at this past weekend’s protest. They stated once the video footage is reviewed they will charge people accordingly.

AmmoLand reached out to Joey Gibson and the Eugene Antifa chapter, but neither returned our request for comments at the time of this writing.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Antifa are YOUR ANTI American heroes in your own reprobate little mind. People with sense know they are guttersnipes, drug addicts, thieves, and child molesters.

H. Spires

I wonder how many of these masked hoodlums are politicians or Commiewood actors? Could that be why the police don’t arrest them for showing up to a protest with their masks on? All of the ones that pulled out batons should be arrested and charged with assault. It is past time for these antifas to be jailed.

Timothy Votaw

No toleration any more for these clueless fools. If they seek a fight, and bring weapons, intending to inflict injury and harm, they have crossed a line. We the People, their intended victims, need to resist their tactics, which includes meeting their violence with an overwhelming response; we need to leave them bleeding in the same mean streets they choose to launch their attacks. Unfortunately, in Portland, the authorities are sympathetic to Leftist causes, and the Police Bureau follows suit. They cannot be relied upon to apply controls to the anarchists, so cowardly, they end up protecting the attackers. Beyond… Read more »

Clark Kent

So YOU were there at the scene in order to view the actions of the Portland Police? Yes or no? If no, SHUT UP and quit being a clueless bozo.

warren l taylor

We don’t have to shut up….EVER! You just don’t get it, at all. We have rights and we will exercise them.

Wild Bill

@Clark, were you?

Timothy Votaw

Clark, You must be a little loud-mouth punk from the insipid crap you write. Turns out, punk, that I AM from Portland, and know it very well, including it’s empathetic-to-liberal causes city government. The police are strongly restricted by that government, which is why ANTIFA flourishes there. As for you, I’d really prefer you pester someone else as you lurk here, shooting off your keyboard. My tolerance for pipsqueaks really went down these past several years. I won’t waste the bandwidth explaining why that is, just suffice to say it was an acquired viewpoint from career exposure to them. ‘Nuff… Read more »


If the Gov has any interest in preventing violence at these protest all they have to do is arrest anyone with a mask on to hide their identity. Notify them and give them 10 minutes to remove them. If you are not going to commit a felony why hide your identity? Most states have laws about going masked to hide your identity. If you state doesn’t they need to pass one. The Federal government needs such a law as well and needs to enforce it. If you were there for legit protest you wouldn’t need a mask or hoodie. Showing… Read more »


I used to live in Oregon. Portland PD won’t do anything that their leftist masters do not approve of. Many years ago I watched Oregon protesters terrify and attack customers of a Jewish owned fur shop in downtown Portland while the Portland PD stood nearby and did nothing. I knew then as many know now is that these folks from Oregon are real, honest to God reincarnated Fascists. I studied the Wiemer Republic and the rise of fascism in Europe. Want to know what it was like, this is it. If you are not scared, you ought to be, because… Read more »

Clark Kent

Actually, the ‘masters’ of the police are the local citizenry. Take a Civics 101 class before you spout more bilge. P.S. You would not know a true fascist if it bit you in your fat azz.




Bear spray would be good medicine against antifa attackers. Non lethal, and very very painful. If it will stop an enraged 1000lb plus grizzly bear (maybe) it should stop a 150 lb idiot.


Antifa get away with inciting riots and destroying everything they desire because the courts don’t seem to respond to their bad behavior. Why should a cop risk taking them on if the judicial won’t do their job. Doesn’t look good for the law and order that this country has lived under since inception.


Of the few arrests made, 4 was the number mentioned, how many of those arrested re “previous investigations” were ANTIFA types?


“At that point, the scene became even more violent with Antifa members pulling out batons and attacking members of the Patriot community who in turn defended themselves against the violent attackers. The Patriots were able to push back the Leftists that were attacking even though they did not have weapons.”

When the weapons do come out these Anarchists don’t realize that they will be the first dead if their dream of anarchy came true!

Terry H

Ban any face coverings from public events and arrest them immediately, if they are covering their face it’s intent to break the law and avoid prosecution.

Bob Koceja

I agree with Joe. Anyone who shows up masked, should automatically charged with criminal activity.
The only thing that will eliminate this activity is when it is met with an overwhelming force.




The police will look at video and investigate….LOL! Typical response from the cops….investigate, investigate, investigate…no charges made…write a report….put in file cabinet. Here’s a clue! When you look at the video, watch the “tards” in black.

Wild Bill

@CGGator, Odd, isn’t it, that the “police” are preventing law and order. If the “law enforcement” would get out of our way, We the People could save this nation in a week.

Clark Kent

Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done, Wild Bilge? Put up or shut up.


Clark Kent the keyboard cowboy.
If you knew what you were talking about before you commented you wouldn’t look like such a dumb shit. Any video you choose to view is your evidence that in any Berkeley protests and Oregon protest you will see police standing down. Probably not their choice but of their superiors. Obviously you know nothing of the subject so please quit commenting.

H. Spires

Change is on the way Wild Bill. The wheels of justice grind slowly. After this new justice is approved by Congress, we will have a slim majority of conservatives. It will take time for the cases to work their way through the system so that the conservative majority can change the idiotic rulings of the past. President Trump has appointed judges throughout the court systems of the country already. There are still a lot of openings but if the leadership of both houses will get to work they will all be filled by our President. The most important one is… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

Antifa won this one. The march was broken up and the police ended the whole process; just what Antifa wanted. We might as well write off the entire left coast, especially Portland, Seattle and all of California.

Robert J. Lucas

Antifa=Nazi’s 2018, this is becoming a repeat of history on a grander scale. Shades of the Weimar Republic 1918 to 1933 the beginning of the Nazi rise. Funny only a hundred years later, now it is “Antifa”…


Out of print but still can be had: CIVIL WAR II / The Coming Breakup of America BY TOM CHITTUM

This was written in 1996 and by Golly it makes all this stuff real clear. It is a MUST READ.

Mott D Dorn

Read that one and the way it reads and today are scary!


The anarcho-communist group, Antifa, needs to be taken out. Jail them for life. Make America safe.


Put deluge guns on the streets with pepper and the blue visible and uv dye in the tanks. Bring in the horses, force antifa thru the water cannons, if any get thru the arrest lines, they can be picked up for the next 2 weeks on the street if seen with blue dye or the glow at night in lights set up at strategic points. Charge with mob action, mayhem, and treason. Strip any and all federal funding from them such as Pell grants, make it where they cant be within 1 mile of any rally without a year in… Read more »


If these protesters were a conservative group, they would be systematically arrested and jailed. They’d never even be allowed NEAR a group of liberals. Since the ANTIFA are the left’s guilty-pleasure sweethearts and gorilla soldats they are being handled in a manner that gives them every opportunity to cause injury and damage with only those that commit the most serious crimes (and are too stupid to get away) or who are caught on camera and ID’d (like the bike lock prof) to suffer any punishment (assuming that they end up in front of an activist judge the ‘punishment’ with be… Read more »

John Duffy

Antifa are American heros. Wish I could support them.


@ John Duffy no one is stopping you from supporting ANTIFA if that is your cup of tea. Now you can stick your thick head back up that rectal cavity where it is use to being.


“American Heros” from a degenerate street gang created and funded by children of European jęw¡sh oligarchs 100 years ago.

If you have a SS#, you’re a member of ant¡fa. ant¡fa (US) are the Feds commie-left society destabilization troops.

Without DHS & city police (who meet at the Lodge to plan and organize these events with SElU, university professors, rotary club, & feminists) ant¡fa would be exterm¡nated domestically in under 60 days.