Win an ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14X Night Vision Device

ATN Nation This Is Your Contest

ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14X Night Vision
ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14X Night Vision

USA – -( We want our ATN Nation to show us your best videos! Sign up at and upload your videos for a chance to win an X-Sight 4K Pro!

Want to upgrade from your X-Sight II HD to a 4K? Have a thermal, but would like a night vision device for identification purposes? Or, maybe you would like a scope for your partner or son/daughter?

If so, Now is Your Chance! All you must do is Upload your videos by August 30th, 2018 and ATN will choose the BEST ATN Nation video that highlights our products day and/or night image quality.

*Contest only available to individuals who live within the US.

About ATN Corp:

For more than 20 years, ATN has developed advanced optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement professionals. Year after year, ATN has continued to innovate.

ATN Corporation logoOur SMART HD optics line covers night vision, thermal imaging and daytime optics. With features such as 4K resolution, record in HD, WiFi, GPS, smart shooting solutions and ballistic calculators, you will not find a more advanced line of optics.

The Smart HD Optics series includes digital binoculars “BinoX HD,” day/night weapon sights “X-Sight 4” and the Thor-4 thermal sights. Come experience the future of optics!

  • 13 thoughts on “Win an ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14X Night Vision Device

    1. Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision clip-on or any clip-on lets you keep your quality day scope and still have Gen 2 or better quality night vision from that same scope. Not going to give up a Leupold or better glass optic for ATN during the day.

    2. I do security for different individuals and I find this manufacture far exceeds for the price any other one on the market I use one to do security but do not own one personally yet I’m waiting on the newest generation to come out and see what the reviews are and get the test it the price point seems reasonable and warranties Fair the Optics are great in my opinion keep up the good work can’t wait to see the Next Generation!

    3. “Who wants to win this awesome optic? Not so fast, people that have already given us $800…”

      What a great opportunity for those who have one to get another. Guess I’ll just go get another Bushnell from Walmart.

      1. Old Marine
        I Agree… I bought their Night Vision Binoculars and Very Very disappointed with the product. Was replaced by ATN but still not acceptable and now is in my Junk box. Products needs a lot of work to correct.

    4. ATI has Superior night/day sights designed for the hard working folks that are unable to to spend $3000 for the other competitors brands that ATI’S gen 1 sights are better in clarity, and durability and best of all they’re ease-of-use

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