Grand Power K22S Full Size 22LR Pistol – Video Review

Grand Power K22S Full Size 22LR Pistol - Video Review
Grand Power K22S Full Size 22LR Pistol – Video Review

USA – -( There’s no question that .22lr is a fun round.  It’s great for training both new and experienced shooters alike.  Low recoil, negligible blast, and affordable.  The challenge is finding a pistol reliable enough that training isn’t malfunction-centric.  Many options out there are simply smaller copies of the manufacturer’s main line, or even worse share nothing in common with the main line.  While these pistols might be good for learning to shoot, or simple fun, their characteristics don’t always match up well with a carry or competition gun.

Grand Power is no stranger to competition or duty guns so it makes sense that their K22S is built with many of the same features as one of their full-sized guns.  If you’re not familiar with the Grand Power line take a look at our other articles here.  For those who know what they’re looking for and those who just want to get to the gun see the tabletop portion of the review in the video below.

Tabletop Review & Field Strip Video

For the by-the-numbers fans here are the specifications as taken directly from Eagle Import’s product page:

Caliber .22 LR
Action DA/SA
Capacity 10+1
Barrel Length 5″
Front Sight Plastic
Rear Sight Drift-Adjustable Steel
Finishes Black
Grips Polymer
Construction Steel Slide, Steel Frame, Polymer Grip
Safety Frame-Mounted Thumb Safety
Weight 24.5000
Length 8″
Height 5.3″
Width 1.4″

Impressed with the build quality and feel of the K22S I was somewhat nervous about range time.  .22lr pistols are notorious for being picky about their ammo.  It’s been my experience with .22lr pistols that once you have one the next step is to buy a variety of ammo and figure out which loads is the most reliable.  Thanks to Aguila we had a five different loads to try in addition to the classic Remington Golden Bullet and some Federal American Eagle.  Some of the Aguila loads were described as not intended for semi-autos, but what’s the point of testing a gun if you don’t really test it?

See the results in the Shooting Impressions video below.

The engineers at Grand Power certainly did their homework.  The light-weight slide and uncaptured recoil spring are light enough to make for an incredibly flat-shooting pistol.  I suspect that were we to swap out the recoil spring we might have been able to make that “bolt-action only” ammunition cycle.  Most of the recoil energy is absorbed by recocking the hammer in preparation of delivering another effective strike.  I didn’t have a .22lr suppressor to mount, but given the slide shape I suspect there’s no need for suppressor-height sights.

Overall the K22S proved itself to be an excellent pistol.  Full-size features and handling that mimics the rest of the Grand Power line and the most reliability I’ve experienced in a .22lr pistol.  At the time this article was written the street price seems to be around $425 and spare magazines around $29.  Those prices parallel most full-size guns and at first may seem a bit higher than a normal pistol of this caliber.  Considering the K22S is a higher caliber of .22lr pistol, and one that I know will run I find that price to be fair.

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Gary Macmillan

A plastic front sight? Really!! Very poor marketing choice for a $450 gun.


You must not be a Glock boy then! Plastic sights on a 500-600$ gun! Ha!

Gary Macmillan

Yup, you got me. Never find a Glock in my safe or beside my bed.


This cutie has terrific gun handling skills. Her technique for loading, reloading, clearing are perfect. I especially like the assortment of grips she used in her demo. And the cool way she had of changing hands while demonstrating these procedures boggles the mind. I also liked the way she loaded the gun while holding it in her left hand, and then neatly switched it to her right hand which, although I was confused a bit, realized was her primary shooting hand. Why in the world would a person use someone who was so clearly head and shoulders above the average… Read more »


Lighten up there Joe, who really gives a shit what hand she uses to hold the gun when putting the mag in anyway? I didn’t see any violation to the safety rules and she’s probably a better shot than your pathetic ass. Sounds to me like you need to get laid!