PLATE Mag Announce Development of Polymer Mags for Sig Sauer P320 Pistol

PLATE Mag Announce Development of Polymer Mags for Sig Sauer P320 Pistol
PLATE Mag Announce Development of Polymer Mags for Sig Sauer P320 Pistol

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA-( PLATE, LLC is pleased to announce the development of the PLATE MAG S32/9 series of polymer magazines. The new magazines will be compatible with Sig Sauer P320 and the US Army’s new M17 and M18 pistols.

The patent-pending magazines that are in development will exhibit superior feeding performance, easier disassembly and a more economic price point when compared to currently available metal alternatives. The new magazines will be compatible with both standard and flared grip modules and will be initially offered in 9x19mm NATO with capacities ranging from 10-30 rounds. The S32/9 series magazines were developed alongside the ACEM (Advanced Case Engaging Magazine-loader) P9/40 pistol loader and are “ACEM Optimized” for rapid reloading while maintaining proper cartridge stack geometry.

The S32/9 models are the first of two series of magazines currently being developed under PLATE’s new PLATE MAG product line. Details, including the release date and suggested retail prices, will be shared at a later date. PLATE MAG updates can be found at

PLATE and PLATE MAG are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Sig Sauer Inc. or the US Army. “Sig Sauer”, “P320”, “M17” and “M18” are trademarks of Sig Sauer Inc.


Founded in 2013, PLATE was launched to manufacture its innovative ACEM line of devices that aid in the loading of ammunition magazines. The company has since continued to grow its ACEM line and is actively developing into additional product areas.

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Why won’t someone make more affordable gen 2 mpx magazines


Around the height of their popularity, SIG made some slight changes in the grip shells and magazine floor plates for the P250.
The second generation mags will fit and function in all P250s and standard P320s.
Basically, they added the “notch” in the bottom sides of the grip frame and made the new magazine floor plates available at a reasonable cost.

I kept and treasure my P250s.
They feature the advantages of both revolvers and pistols, and are ideal for training, trigger mastery, diverse (ie: appendix) carry, etc.


Will this be compatible with the P250?


Must be – the P250 and the P320 use the exact same magazines and grip modules.


good idea