An Inside Look at FASTER Armed School Staff Training

by Richard D. Turnquist

FASTER Firearms Training Program
FASTER Firearms Training Program

Denver, CO – -( I was fortunate to be able to attend a three-day Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) class in August 2018.

Held at a law enforcement training facility located near Denver, CO the class, taught by active duty police trainers and SWAT instructors, is an advanced course in handgun combat, concealment methods, mindset, and emergency medical training.  The class I attended consisted of teachers, administrators, coaches, and a few other interested parties.

After completing the course and passing the qualification I wrote a four-part blog series about it. Parts One to Three cover each day of the course – what was covered and my takeaways from the day. In Part Four I “put it all together” and review why this lifesaving training should be available to every teacher in every school district in the country.

FASTER training isn’t about guns, though the world-class firearms training is enjoyable for a firearms enthusiast. FASTER training isn’t about combat triage and first aid, though this part of the course is extremely important and could save lives.

FASTER training is about keeping kids safe in a broken world and giving school staff – who already would put their bodies between your kids and a bullet – a fighting chance to go home to their families.

This four-part blog is on my website and are linked here.

Richard D. Turnquist
Richard D. Turnquist

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I am a libertarian-minded, socially moderate, unapologetic supporter of the unalienable rights described in the Declaration of Independence, enumerated and protected by the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. I support maximum personal freedom within the constraints of living in a modern industrial society. I believe that government at all levels should be limited to basic and legitimate functions, and should safeguard the rights of all persons equally.


Richard D. Turnquist.


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As a retired teacher I am glad to see this happening. And to Andy B. You don’t think the police and SWAT are professionals?

Wild Bill

@Bud, I am not defending AB, but there are only two professions in the US. They are medicine and law. All others are occupations.

Andy Buckmichael

They should have hired professional trainers and instructors.

Laura Carno

Hi there Andy. All of our instructors are active duty law enforcement instructors and SWAT leaders.

Andy Buckmichael

Again, the word is professional. Cops training cops is stupid training stupid.