GLOCK Defeats SIG SAUER Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Patent Infringement Case

GLOCK Defeat SIG SAUER Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Patent Infringement Case
GLOCK Defeats SIG SAUER Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Patent Infringement Case

U.S.A.-( GLOCK refers to media reports discussing pending patent litigation between SIG Sauer, Inc. and GLOCK GmbH.

In January 2018, SIG Sauer, Inc. (SIG) filed a patent infringement suit along with a motion for a preliminary injunction against Glock GmbH (GLOCK Austria) in the Commercial Court Vienna, Austria.

SIG´s motion requested the court to prevent GLOCK from manufacturing and selling some of its most popular pistol models. SIG´s motion for a preliminary injunction was dismissed by the court because GLOCK successfully proved that SIG´s patent is invalid. SIG did not appeal this important ruling, so it is a final decision.

SIG´s motion for a preliminary injunction was dismissed by the court because GLOCK successfully proved that SIG´s patent is invalid. SIG did not appeal this important ruling, so it is a final decision.
SIG´s motion for a preliminary injunction was dismissed by the court because GLOCK successfully proved that SIG´s patent is invalid. SIG did not appeal this important ruling, so it is a final decision.

The remaining case in the Commercial Court Vienna has currently stayed because GLOCK filed a motion for a declaration of invalidity of the disputed patent with the Austrian Patent Office in April 2018.

It is highly likely that the Patent Office will grant GLOCK´s motion and declare the disputed SIG patent null and void because GLOCK proved during the preliminary injunction court proceeding that the SIG patent is invalid.

Our industry would be better served by its members putting their efforts and resources into providing the best possible products for our customers and protecting their Second Amendment rights rather than engaging in meritless litigation.

About GLOCK, Inc.GLOCK, Inc.

GLOCK is a leading global manufacturer of firearms. The simple, safe design of GLOCK’s polymer-based pistols revolutionized the firearms industry and made GLOCK pistols a favorite of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and among pistol owners. In 2018, GLOCK celebrates its 32nd Anniversary in the United States. Renowned for featuring three safeties, GLOCK pistols offer users of every lifestyle confidence they can rely on. GLOCK, Inc. is based in Smyrna, Georgia. For more information, please visit

  • 33 thoughts on “GLOCK Defeats SIG SAUER Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Patent Infringement Case

    1. Can’t believe the bad-mouthing of Sigs that I see here. I have owned Sig Sauer pistols for decades. My 228 has proven so reliable that I hesitate to quantify my claims. I have p230, p225, p228, p229, p220, and one of the early Mosquitoes. The little 22 LR Mosquito is the only one that is finicky about ammo and a disappointment to me. No experience with the newer polymer frame Sigs or the little 938’s.


      1. @smitty, sorry you are so wrong, Smith & Wesson build some models for Walther, (P22 for example) but Sig builds their own… Don’t blame Walther for Sig’s issues. Sig has let QC slip lately… Shame.

    3. I thought about the Sig P320 before the issues became public, the way Sig handled the issues made me thing twice about the P320. When the P365 was released I as very interested until Sig started the same attitude about issues, it wasn’t happening, user error, oh BTW, we have a fix for that…. I will not invest my hard earned money on a gun that might get me killed because it failed, and certainly not with a company with an attitude. I’ll stick with FNH, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Steyr , thank you. I don’t like the fact that our Military might be using a compromised weapon, time will tell.

      1. Uh, you did not like the fact that SIG offered to upgrade anyone’s 320 for free to include shipping and handling? Really? Wow. Perhaps you wanted it gold plated as well on a silver platter? But don’t trouble yourself, the military loves theirs.

        1. @El-Mac So you think I should spend $600 for a P320 then ship it off to Sig to “Fix” No thank you…. And as far as the Army’s P320, they didn’t even conduct full tests. First off, the Army Rangers use Glocks and Beretta M9’s, Delta uses Glock 17 -34, Navy Seals use Sig & H&K, and Marine Criminal Investigation Division and HMX-1,( you know, the guys who fly the Marine-1 helicopters for the President ), they use Glock 19’s, So the “love” for the P320 doesn’t run very deep when it comes to critical duty!

          1. @MB, yo brother…you do realize that 1). The upgrade was and remains optional. 2). ALL of the upgrades have been incorporated into the current production line for almost a year now.
            You are beating a horse that barely existed in the first place and what little remained of it was buried quite some time ago. 3). You also realize that a lot of those units adopted Glocks long before there was ever a 320? Now that there is real competition out there, don’t be surprised when the temp Glocks go away. And even if they don’t, so what? Glock makes a good gun – now. So does SIG. Get thoust over it.

            Shall I go into all the “updates” that Glock did on their pistols over the last 40 years? On second thought, I haven’t the time.

            1. @El Mac, Not so fast! If you know so much about the Glock updates, I would seriously appreciate a little synopsis. Not anything laborious or time consuming, mind you, just a paragraph to fill the gap in my education.

            2. I must have hit a nerve with you. My initial comment was although I considered P320 & P365’s at their initial offerings, Sig’s response to problems was far different than say, Ruger’s. Sig blamed everything except the guns. I think P226 & P229’s are wonderful guns, I may even buy one someday… but it will be a used one. Not pleased with Sig as company, and in my humble opinion , neither the P320 or the P365 is a gun I would want to have to defend my life with. But if you are a fan boy, enjoy. Henry Ford stopped making cars only in black 88 years ago.

    4. if I may, I do not care for the Glock, and have had no experience with any Sig pistol. Among some others, I do have an old Star Model 30M, that I used for years. I did not care for the magazine safety, and had it removed. The Star 30M is heavy, it’s all steel,classic double action pistol, good trigger action on mine, and it has never failed to function. It shoots straighter than I can hold, which I suspect is a common feature with just about ant properly put together service type pistol. A CZ 75B, decocker model, has never malfunctioned either, and it too is all steel. Yes, Iam old fashioned.

      1. I shoot a Ruger Mark IV, a Beretta M9+ and a Springfield Range Officer. They are very similar in weight and configuration, but for some reason, I shoot much better with the 45. Of course, that 1911 is the pistol that I trained on and fired on the regimental pistol team, but you would thing that the lesser recoil would result in better scores with the .22 and 9mm, especially since I am approaching 90.

    5. Call me crazy, I like my Sig P320, yes I sent it in for the free upgrade trigger but after about 2200 rounds later, no problems at all. Glock can go bankrupt as far as I am concern.

      1. I just got a Sig P320 XR 9mm. It’s my 1st Sig. Beautiful gun & I love it. Looking for a 45 acp next!! I do have a Glock model 33 .357Sig it’s Okay. Lol

      2. I have a P320 Full size and it’s an amazingly accurate gun. I haven’t done the “voluntary upgrade” yet because I really like the trigger and feel of it. 4000 rounds through mine so far and not 1 issue. I showed my daughter how to operate the P320 in about 10 minutes. She qualified the next day for her LTC and was driving nails with it. She was the 2nd best qualifier (there was a 70 year old retired marine with a 1911 who had 1 quarter sized hole he kept hitting). My wife has weak hands and can easily rack this gun. She loves shooting it because she knows where bullets are going.


      1. I agree to some degree, lol. I like some of Sig’s products, but I think that most of their models are UGLY, and they are all over-priced. The Sig P320 has had several problems and still does, but somehow it won the Army contract. The new P365 has several problems for the short time that it has been on the market. Sig obviously has some quality control problems among other problems. It just goes to prove that a more expensive product is NOT always a better product. Kimber and Glock have some issues too.

    7. I know I’m only a single person, but I’m about done with Sig Sauer. I own several, but the lies to the gun buying public about the P320 and now this? I’d respect Sig more of they’d let their products do the talking rather than their corporate lawyers.

    8. Here is what I found online – The company is suing Austrian rival Glock GmbH over a design detail of a series of new firearms, according to Glock’s annual report. Sig Sauer alleged that Glock’s newest and most popular models, the “Generation 5” and the “Glock 19X” handguns, infringe a patented breech block (the part that closes the breech of a gun at the moment of firing) that can be stopped from both sides.

    9. What about Steyr’s patent suit against Sig? I think Steyr has a compelling case, a Steyr win could cost Sig everything it made on the P320 in the past and in the future.

    10. What was the the patent infringement in the first place. Lousy article didn’t tell me anymore than the headline.

      1. I didn’t catch that either, Troy. That’s like talking about a football game and just reporting who the Teams that played were and nothing about the game!

    11. Ok, I’m confused?

      This article says the suit is lost because Glick Proved they were not infringing in Sigs Patent in the new Gen 5. However other news sources say that the court stayed the proceedings waiting for the Patent Office to determine if it is a patent violation?

      A stay is not a win, unless there is new news that the Oatent office ruled? This could still go south for Glocks Gen5?

    12. Good me likey my Glock, 27, 21, and future 45. Choice is a great option. Sig I’m sure will be able to survive after being
      awarded the Army Pistol contract. The more gun makers the better the world.

      1. Traditionally our military likes an external safety/decocker as in the M9 or P226 but trigger discipline has been taught for centuries and when learned, no safeties are needed. Your brain housing group is the best safety anyway. I’ve owned and carried Glocks since 1986 as well as Sigs(P226,P220). Recently traded my old G17 for the G19X. Not traded but substituted. Great weapon with some trigger-spring work. Both the Glock and Sig are top notch fighting pistols as their reputations are well documented. Paired with the Speer Gold Dot or Federal HST +P 9X19mm, you’re well equipped. Hope my Marines adopt the G17 or G19X or P226 or 320 as their next issued sidearm. Not forgetting the FN line of duty pistols as would be just as good. Semper Fi.

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