Urgent Message From NRA President Oliver North on our Crucial November Election

Opinion by LtCOL Oliver North

LtCOL Oliver North
LtCOL Oliver North

USA -(AmmoLand.com)- Dear AmmoLand readers.

We stand at the edge of the precipice of one of the most important elections of our lives. That is the reality we face … just days from now.

All the freedoms we hold dear are, quite literally, at stake in this election. The enemies of our freedom are highly organized and abundantly funded … thanks to a group of super-rich political elites hell-bent on “buying” this election to serve their own agenda.

This self-serving cabal of billionaires and their pet politicians have conspired to permanently transform America into a socialist state.

They tried their best to win the White House in 2016 and, ever since, they’ve done everything possible to undo that election.

Their goal is a clear and present danger! They plan to seize power in Washington by capturing the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate … then crush the NRA, take the White House two years from now, and repeal the Second Amendment.

It is an all-out attack against us and our freedom, not with bombs and bullets, but with billions of dollars buying ballots. [some say a civil war]

You know their names: George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer—and their lap dog, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He’s the genius who recently claimed, “We’re not going to make America great again; it was never that great.”

When he made that shocking assertion, I was at the American Cemetery in Normandy, France with a group of NRA members, Freedom Alliance supporters and combat-wounded heroes from our current war against radical Islamist terror. We were stunned.

More stunning still: not one of the anti-freedom, billionaire-socialist-cabal distanced themselves from Governor Cuomo’s pathetic rejection of American values. Apparently, acknowledging America’s greatness doesn’t serve their agenda.

That helps explain why George Soros has pumped tens of millions into far left political candidates and causes; why Michael Bloomberg has vowed to spend $80 million in this election and Tom Steyer says he’s spending at least $110 million—all to plant Democrat-Socialists throughout our government and turn America into a Gun-Free socialist utopia.

Only the members of the NRA, and our country’s 100 million gun owners stand in their way. We are the only patriots—proven by history—strong enough, tough enough, and dedicated enough to defeat the big spending liars the one and only way possible—with our votes!

On November 6th 2018 every one of us must turn out and vote.

And every one of us must get someone else out to vote, too. No one sits this election out. The stakes are too high. Every vote is needed.

As law-abiding gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, you know the battlefield in this election. You helped win this fight two years ago, and you know our freedom cannot afford to letup this year.

Two years ago, it was the NRA—each one of us doing our part—that helped elect one of the most openly pro-Second Amendment Presidents in history. During the past two years, President Trump has demonstrated his strong commitment to protecting our firearms freedom. He has fought back efforts to restrict our rights and nominated not one … but two … pro-freedom judges to sit on the United States Supreme Court.

The President’s support for our freedom has driven our opponents and the so-called “main-stream media” absolutely nuts. They’ve protested, ranted and raved … and they’ve organized like never before to take over the U.S. House and Senate. If they win the House, they will spend the next two years trying to impeach the President, Justice Kavanaugh … and seize the White House in 2020.

WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to govern America—not wealthy oligarchs intent on ruling us and stripping away the freedoms we hold dear.

The battle lines are clear and the fight is joined. Their last minute smear against Justice Kavanaugh in an attempt to block his confirmation is just one more indication of their tactics.

You … and I mean YOU … are the tip of the spear in this fight to preserve our liberties. You are admired, respected and trusted among your peers and colleagues. Use that credibility to encourage your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers – to spread the word and vote for candidates who support the Second Amendment on November 6th. I urge you to visit www.NRAPVF.org to obtain a list of NRA endorsed candidates in your area.

Every single vote by you and other Americans like you can make all the difference in preserving our freedom and saving our nation.

Please stand with me in making that difference. Do everything you can to help us win this election battle. VOTE!

Semper Fidelis,

Oliver North


Vote November 2018
Vote November 2018

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

  • 22 thoughts on “Urgent Message From NRA President Oliver North on our Crucial November Election


    2. Bandido; Correct NO one is going to take my guns! I have the belief that if you want to own any gun you should be able to own it; I myself don’t like any Black Gun, I have my reasons, but I would not say that they should be banned, everyone should be able to purchase what ever they want if they can pass the Back Ground Check, if you can do that, then so be it! I do not go for the random confiscation that these states are jamming down our throats, without due process, the new process of Guilty and you must prove your innocence!!!!!!!!!!! Then fight to get your property back that moves about 1/2 step away from reverse!!!!!!!

    3. I belong to the NRA but Ollie North was not my choice at their election, he has a tangled web coming from the Military, through the Regan years, with the Iran-Contra which was another weapons scandal, which everybody washed their hands of, so that man does not stand to tall for where he is at in my book!!!!!!!! I can only hope that somebody else can over ride most of his non cents instead of standing up for the Second Amendment!!!!!!! Placing those rights out for the ATF and changing just definitions as to up grade a rule does not fit, they want to change it open it up for a vote not just a Presidents Action, Let it go through the real system, then when the fools in Congress and Senate go for the gusto we can vote them out, then we can pull the true plug to Drain The Swamp!!!!!!

    4. Alan: The NRA is on the status quo side which continues to allow them to beg for more and more money while telling members they are fighting for them. This is one time they can’t walk away, can’t explain away, can’t double talk their way out of the cold truth that they sold out the entire gun owning public and here’s why: If they can ban one item, bump stocks, what’s to stop them from coming back next time and saying “we’re going to ban all after market triggers because THEY increase the rate of fire”? OR, suppose they say “we’re going to ban infrared scopes because they are inherently dangerous to law enforcement”.

      Now, any of you who previously said I don’t care, do you see where this can go and that they can now ban anything under the guise of safety and change the dictionary definition of any word? You’d better care and you’d better start burning down the switchboard at NRA and have your friends do the same. This is far more important than a piece of plastic and a stock.

      And while we’re at it, I’ve tried to engage Dan Bongino and Dana Loesch at least three times on this, since they’re NRA spokespeople. Neither of them will say a word about. They are cowards who are more interested in their livelihood and money than the Constitution and Rights. And I don’t say that lightly in Bongino’s case.

    5. Whose side is the NRA on? Their silence, in-so-far as opposition to recently enacted anti gun rights legislation in Pennsylvania raises High that question. So far, they have not answered, one wonders why.

    6. Let’s be absolutely clear, this Monday the President, with the blessing of the NRA, said words to the effect of “we’re very close to getting rid of bump stocks”. They intend to redefine the meaning of semiautomatic and incorporate it into the NFA. A violation will be a felony and it doesn’t name the device! That means that if you take a rubber band or a shoe lace or your straight finger and mimic the effect of what they describe in this “new” add on to the NFA you can be charged with a Federal Felony and go to prison for ten years and spend tens of thousands of dollars TRYING to defend yourself.

      Gun owners had better damn well wake up. The NRA and Trump have sold you out and there’s no way they can sugar coat it or explain it away. We have been screwed and lost yet another freedom by NRA.

      Here’s a link for any who care to read exactly what’s going on:


      1. OK, so the NRA is slow to change. I belong to many pro gun organizations, like the GOA. I am a life member of the NRA, proud of it. My question, are you voting for Demonrats because you don’t like the NRA? Trump has done more helping than selling anyone out. Bump stocks are a gimmick….period. I don’t need anyone to hold my hand when it comes to defending myself……nor permission from the ATF on how I complete the task. Nothing is perfect. Get rid of the ATF and that will fix most of our problems! NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE MY FIREARMS! NO ONE!

        1. NRA is “slow to change”? No, the problem is they have changed from the days of “no gun guntrol is acceptable” to the present day philosophy of “win a little, lose a little” keep the money coming in. Every dollar they get goes to ad campaigns to get more dollars. They sign on to battles that have high profiles low risk and when they win it’s a celebration as though GCA 68 had been rolled back.

          Let’s look at reality. No, I’m not going to vote for a Democrat, but what did Trump PROMISE when he campaigned? He ran on Reciprocity. Now his exact words are “Reciprocity is dead”. He ran on passing the suppressor Bill. That Bill has gone nowhere and neither he nor McConnell nor the NRA will take one step to advance it. He ran on an A+ rating from the NRA. Exactly what have he or the Republicans done for us? What has the NRA done to advance any of these Bills? Answer, nothing. They’ve left gun owners high and dry.

          So stop making excuses like “slow to change”. The NRA has a very specific agenda and it’s about time gun owners called them out on it.

      2. Vanns40:
        I cannot remember the last time that I made any sort of contribution to the NRA, and given what appears their present activity, it will be an even longer time before any contributions go to them from me. By the way, regarding what is essentially one of those Red Flag Laws that within the last couple of weeks passed the state legislature here in Pennsylvania, which the governor will no doubt sign, I received exactly ZILCH from the NRA about it, though they, via the ILA, claim it was mentioned on their web site. Obviously, this is insufficient notification, though I was aware of this legislative rubbish, and had contacted my elected representatives, urging opposition. Mike Turzai, leader of the state house appears to have been suckered re the bill, and voted for enactment. Strangely, or perhaps not so strangely, he received an A rating from NRA. He will not get my vote, nor will his
        opponent, who while opposed to”assault weapons”, does not, as I recall from conversing with her, know what one of these dastardly devices actually is.

    7. DEMOCRATS commit fraud in every election. Khalifornia just got caught this week at registration fraud at their DMV offices. They registered NON CITIZENS. Did you see it covered in the lying nightly news, NO?. Why do we need ID for existing and every thing we do EXCEPT voting? Because DEMOCRATS are corrupt and want to win elections by FRAUD. THROW THEM OUT.

    8. N.J. gunowners if all one million of get out and vote we can get rid of the first of the two biggest gun grabbers in America! Menandaz first, and then correy sparticus booker! GET OUT AND VOTE !!!!

    9. First of all, I think mail in ballots are an open trough for the dems to capture your vote. Go to the poll.
      In addition, it is good to read that so many of us are determined to vote. It sure would be great if we could each talk anyone else into voting. It is very evident why this election is so important. All our freedoms rest on it.

    10. I am going to be sure to make it to the ballot box to be as sure as I can be that my vote will be counted!!!!!!!! I was one of the ones that sat back for years and let it go, but now I will not and I do have the right to step up and complain if it doesn’t go the way I think it should, but it also shows that I should have gotten some others out to vote also!!!! SO EVERYBODY GET SOMEONE ELSE OUT TO VOTE ON ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

    11. People like Cuomo will never appreciate America’s freedoms because they are above the law, not subject to the same constraints as the little people. At least that’s their delusional belief.

    12. This election can NOT be underestimated! The actions of the Democrats show that they will engage in whatever conduct they feel necessary to advance their socialist, anti-American agenda. Think of these people having not only more power but in control positions: Schumer, Pelosi, Cory Booker, Dick Durbin, Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell. If they gain control of the House and Senate, the USA will no longer be circling the bowl as they will have pulled the handle and we’ll all be cascading to the sewer on a one-way sojourn. The two votes in this household will be cast next week and I can absolutely guarantee that they will not help the Dems. VOTE and keep us on the track to MAGA.

    13. I am waiting for my Washington State Paper Ballot to arrive in the Mail, the one with the alleged “security envelope” and pre printed bar code with Voter ID attached. It should arrive in my mailbox around the 19th of October.. I am sure that If I wait until the last day to drop it in the alleged “Free Ballot Drop Box” ( No Stamp Required) that my action of waiting, will possibly prevent the crooks in Olympia from stealing my vote? I am suspect of THEM.

      With an unethical Secretary of Slate, a questionable Lawyer/AG and a Globalist Goober-nator, the trio ( The 3 Musketeers) will make sure to see fit that the 2nd Amendment in Washington State is completely destroyed under the passage of Proposition 1639. One thing is a known fact. Writing letters to politicians in Olympia Washington, has been pretty much useless when it comes to Protecting The Constitutions. Either it be the United States Constitution, or Washington State Constitution, they simply do not care one way or the other. In fact they OPENLY ignore them both with deliberate INTENTION, all by design. Their intent is to spit in the face of Patriotic Americans. This is factual. Lip service is what they offer. They are Liars and Reprobates, Godless fools of sorts in Olympia. So best tell all of your your friends to get out and vote against Proposition 1639 this mid term. This may be your last chance? Washington State is now in a clear RACE to the bottom, soon to join the ranks of those in the former State of CALIFORNIA which is now a captured State. Mission creep is what this is. It is the slow and painful covert squeezing of our protected rights and freedoms. ** Hey…wait a minute..is that a TROSKY-ITE hiding under your bed? Behold, A Communist, hiding under every large rock and political podium in Washington State. What a flipping mess…..VOTE NO on 1639.

    14. I’m waiting for my California ballot by mail to arrive shortly and will be sending it in immediately! We’ve got to fight to keep our freedoms and you can bet I’ll be doing everything I can to get the vote out.

      1. I don’t trust the mail in ballots. I don’t believe they even get counted. I’m sure my absentee ballots, when I was in the Army, were never counted. So now I always go to the poll and vote in person.

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