What Part About THIS Don’t You Understand!

 Opinion By Fredy Lowe

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What Part About THIS Don’t You Understand!

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- This will ask the undeniable question: Are you aware of just how close we are to losing our Constitutional Republic?

President Trump recently said that many people have told him that they will not be voting in the midterms because he was not on the ballot. So why vote? What part about THIS do these people not understand? Hopefully, you are not one of them, because nothing could be further from the truth. PDJT and his MAGA agenda need you now more than ever.

THIS is not simply another ho-hum local midterm election based on who will be your Congressional District Representative or possibly your next State Senator. If the Republicans do not maintain a majority in the House, our Constitutional Republic might as well enter a hospice facility awaiting her final breath.

THIS is an extremely important National Election for majority control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is in fair shape to stay in GOP hands, but the House is not. If we lose the House, President Trump will lose every-positive-thing he has worked so hard for, for you, the American people.

THIS is the midterm election where we will decide, each one of us, in a voting booth, if we want President Donald Trump to Keep America Great, or we want Nancy Pelosi and the Mob to be Speaker again, with the added bonus of the-criminally-violent-instigator, Maxine Waters, as the chair of the Finance Committee.

Normally, the reaction to the Kavanaugh hearings, with their disgusting mob behavior, would have guaranteed the greatest political landslide against the treasonous Democrats, yet we find ourselves tied at 50/50, at best. Meanwhile, THIS was the same Senate body that hypocritically paid out $64 million dollars in hush money to assure the silence of women that they reportedly have assaulted. These are not normal times.

If the Democrats regain a majority in the House, President Trump’s entire MAGA agenda will be dead! Our federal government will be paralyzed with hatred a thousand times more than it is today. Every House committee that has been investigating the massive-high-level-corruption in the DOJ, FBI, and the CIA, with the potential of many arrests in 2019, will come to a screeching halt on January 6th 2019 when the new Congress is sworn in.

Congressman Matt Gatez has released a video of Honduran refugees being paid cash to migrate to the United States

The House will vote to impeach President Trump, and to remove Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court, knowing they will never be successful. They don’t care. They will give us two-solid-years of getting even with Trump. They just want to harm him, to get even for destroying all their moneymaking trade deals and countless schemes where trillions of dollars were at stake to support their rich and elite lifestyles. Expect to have open borders, a rollback of the Trump tax cut, and a single payer (government run) healthcare system, forever. The devious Democrats will make Trump regret he ever became President and the MSM, along with the entertainment industry, will encourage them every step of the way.

Who do you think organized and paid for the four to five thousand [now almost 10,000] caravan of indigent people, with just enough children to create a false humanitarian effort. Congressman Matt Gaetz has released a video of Honduran refugees being paid cash to migrate to the United States. Meanwhile, many others in the caravan are criminals, MS-13, hidden within the masses. Why now in late October just before the election? There’s a strong indication that the Resistance of Obama and Clinton, with Soros’ money, are-behind-THIS-entire-October-Surprise, all to make President Trump look bad in the eyes of the voters.

THIS election will be one of the most important events that will happen in our lifetime. It is not an over-reaction when I say THIS will be equivalent to the birth of a new child in your family or, sadly, the death of a loved one. We will remember and live-with-the-results of THIS election for the rest of our lives. Your vote on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018, could possibly be your last chance to determine if you believe in the American experiment of self-government, to keep the freedoms and liberty, never before seen in modern history.

One of the greatest contributing threats to our freedom in America is the mainstream media, or what PDJT correctly calls the fake news media.

The MSM has been bought and paid for by a very rich and powerful cabal of Marxists. They fan the flames of hatred of Trump with ninety-five percent negative coverage of every positive thing he has done. Their totalitarian goal is the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Everything they have been telling us for a very long time is distorted, or just-outright-lies. It is way past time to turn off NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC. Stop getting your fake news from the NY Times or the Washington Post. We can thank the Good Lord for the Internet with its many alternate or conservative news sites, such as this one, where citizen journalists, like myself, cut through all the BS for you. Make an effort to stop by here daily to better understand what is really going on in the world around you, that is if you can handle the truth.

Polls are designed to stop you from voting.

THIS is our favorite meaningless poll from the New York Times on November 8, 2016 at approximately 5:00pm where they had HRC at 92% chance of winning and Donald J. Trump at 8%. It was not until four and half to five hours later that the progress-lines in their charts crossed with DJT curving upward, never to come down again, and HRC curving downward, where she has remained for the past two years, curving or falling downward, that is.

We must keep in mind who is promoting these negative polls, but more importantly, why? Most of the hardcore left polls and surveys are created for the purpose of manipulating you into believing that there is, as an example, a huge ‘blue wave’ coming on November 6th, where it would be impossible for your candidate to win, only to convince you not to waste your time, to just stay home. Don’t bother voting. All lies!

THIS is it. There is only one way to vote. Vote only for the ‘R’ Republican candidate. If you are a Libertarian, vote for your third-party candidate in the next election, not THIS one. No votes for the ‘D’ Democrats. No staying home and not voting or your non-vote will be negated by a dead-person-vote in favor of the D.

They will cheat, lie, and steal votes

Just this past week in Virginia they found over ninety newly-registered-dead-people. A family received a card in the mail thanking their father for recently registering to vote, even though he had passed away over a year ago. Please know that thousands, if not millions, of illegal aliens will be voting for the Ds, as they did in 2016. Gerrymandering Congressional Districts has always favored the ‘D’, especially in large inner-city-areas to make sure their Welfare recipients continue voting for them.

THIS is the tipping point. We must offset these seemingly insurmountable odds by creating the same Red-Wave numbers that got out and voted in 2016. Don’t talk about the Red-Wave, be part of it to save America, to save your freedom, to save your families, to save your future. Vote only Republican on November 6th, 2018..

The reset of law and order is at hand. Think Safe. Trust the Plan. Be Prepared. Pray for our President. Pray for our country. Vote!

About the Author

Fredy ‘Brooklyn’ Lowe served proudly in both the Unites States Marine Corps and the New York City Police Department. He and his wife of 49 years, Patricia are even prouder (if that’s possible) of their two grown children and six grandchildren. Out of respect for his country and never taking for granted our freedoms and liberties.

These days Lowe finds himself repeating one of Thomas Pain’s more famous thoughts, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my children (and grandchildren) may have peace.”

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willy d

Here we go up with a smart ass remark; Don’t you think the Mail Box had feeling about being collateral damage instead of being destroyed, THE LEFT is sure to have thought about that!!!!!!!!!!

willy d

WildBill how true poor recon waste of time and materials, good practice for bomb squad, but just exploded it didn’t try to disarm.

Matt in Oklahoma

That’s not how things work. In EOD and pretty much every field you conduct a threat risk analysis. On this case a mailbox is collateral damage. That’s not worth risking lives. That movie stuff needs to stay in Hollywood.

Wild Bill

@MiOK, Yep, too many Mercury switches, cell phone detonators, and other clever anti handling devices. Just blow the IED in place. I even heard that a civilian PD EOD sandbagged an IED in the middle of a casino, once.

willy d

Hey guys I just saw on the news that somebody put a bomb in Soros mail box, bomb squad disposed of it, he didn’t win the lottery!!!!!!!!!!!

Wild Bill

d, I see that mail box incident as the result or really poor reconnaissance, and therefore a waste of materials and effort.

Jim Macklin

I saw several “bomb experts” on FOX NEWS that said the bombs didn’t go off despite being “real” bombs. Their opinion was they were designed to not go off. I’ve been watching the news since 1962 and every attack has been blamed on “right wing extremists” until the investigation said the Lee Harvey Oswald was a left-wing guy who had gone to Russia. Later most attacks are blamed on conservatives, or NRA members, or Republicans and it turns out that far left wing liberals such as Bernie was the “hero” of the Congressional ball game shooter. School shooters are just… Read more »


Author: Wild Bill Comment: @martin, I think Soros is hanging around Switzerland to avoid those warrants. I wonder why Israel is not after him? He ratted out his people to the Nazis. Then after they were arrested he would steal their belongings. Wild Bill, As much as I hate to say, Soros may be too much of a high profile target for the Israelis to take out. They might be better off taking out his off-spring whom I understand are just as evil as he is and just as willing to wipe out companies and countries as well as the… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Fine by me!


Since we KNOW that “the security of a free state” rests upon the shoulders of THE PEOPLE< it may well be time for a little militia action to defend our borders. For now, let us hjoe Mr. Trump makes good on his oath of office, and takes decisive and effectgive action should this army actually approach our borders. One of the legitimate uses of military is for the repelling of foreign invasions. If that large force, heading our way, is not a foreign invasion force, no Irishman ever ate a potato. Everyone who ever served in our military also swore… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

I did what you suggested,for 5 mos. in AZ and NM in 2011. That was NOTHING compared to this hurtling juggernaut of unknowns heading OUR way. I’m a little older now, but still got that Oath; I’m ready to go again, but as then, ONLY with other military veterans or LEO’s, preferably other combat vets. I do not want inexperienced, untested people on my Six, or alongside if the sh*t hit the fan. And it very likely will, because as in 2011, the cartels WILL use this to cover their activities. Those mules come armed, now. Anyhow, I’m a retired… Read more »


AMEN ! It is time for the National Guard and the organized MILITIA to be sent to the border. And, since the Mexican Elite have chosen so far to order the Mexican military and police to stand down and allow the caravan to proceed, that in itself is an act of war. We might want to tell Mexico that under the circumstances that the American Military will now consider a five mile stretch of land south of the border, in Mexico land, will be a militarized zone where the US military will take complete control and have free access to,… Read more »

rich z

George is a criminal in his home country, why has he NOT been thrown out of this country and sent to his own country to stand trial for war crimes?


The Russians and Macedonians also have international warrants out for his arrest for interfering with their internal affairs.
We should freeze his assets and revoke his US Citizenship as a war criminal. Then return him back to Hungary for his crimes.

Wild Bill

, I think Soros is hanging around Switzerland to avoid those warrants. I wonder why Israel is not after him? He ratted out his people to the Nazis. Then after they were arrested he would steal their belongings.


Soros would have made a perfect little Nazi. He could have signed up to serve in the Wehrmacht. Hitler had 150,000 so called “Jews” serving under him. Google the book “Hitlers Jewish Soldiers” by Riggs. It is for real and I ordered it from my local library, who actually had it on their shelves. If your local doesn’t have it, they can order it from the county, and if they don’t have it, they can order it from the State. That service is all included in the Library Tax that appears on your Property Tax bill, right next to the… Read more »


I mean for god sake it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that SOMEONE if funding this. You have 7000 people walking over 2000 miles, how are these poor poor people water and fed? Very few of these illegals with even a small back pack on. Where’s all that 1 to 2 gallons per day? Wake up people!!!


Psst ! It all stored on the busses that they are really traveling on. They only walk a few miles when it’s photo-op time. And who is paying for the busses ??? And who is paying for our “free press” ? I wonder how many miles South American shoes get nowadays ?

dava golino

This just keeps getting worst, because they never pay for wrong doing. six months before the 2016 election those mobs of degenerate mongrels chased Trump rally attendees through the streets and into parking garage,s beating them and kicking people. it was mob rule no one stopped it, two years later these mobs are only getting worst and still…NO Consequences back then they should have been shot and dragged out of the country. then this would not be happening. we needed a vigilante…FOR REAL These lying, cheating criminals of the so called left need some good old fashion fear in their… Read more »

Jerry A Moulton

So registered to vote as a communist?


Nope, them’s the former Democrats.
Putin is no more of a friend than the Saudis or Chinese but we also need NATO as much as they need us. NATO is a trigger/doormat against Russian aggression in the future.
The European Union is a complete waste of time because it was supposedly created as a commercial bloc to counterbalance the economic power of the United States and got out of control leading to BREXIT. Now, instead of Germany controlled by Germans, it’s controlled by a bunch of European bureaucrats in Brussels as are the other members of the EU.


Regarding the Kalergi Plan, you forgot to mention that their plan results in ending up with a certain group who will be the “Spiritual Elite” who will rule over a large class of low IQ, easily led morons who will do all the work as ordered, and obey unquestionably everything the “spiritual elite” tells them to. And if you look to see who is behind our media, who has infiltrated our government on every level, who controls the education system, who works for gun control and the disarming of law abiding citizens, and on and on, you will know who… Read more »


What I hear is people refuse to vote because their candidate didn’t win in the primary. Also they say they won’t vote for the lesser of two evils. Mostly they won’t vote because the R is not to the right enough. I just think they are childish and lazy especially when I know they didn’t lift a finger or send in $1 to help the candidate they wanted in the primaries.

Missouri Born

If these people want to come to the U.S. so bad because they are afraid of staying in their home country then why are they carrying the flags from their countries, if they love their country so much they need to stay there.

Jim Macklin

An “army” in civilian clothes are spies. Soldiers marching carry a flag.
I second te idea, revoke George Soros US citizenship and send him the Eastern Europe.


How come we don’t see this bribery reported in the MSM is the biggest question. Who is paying for the invasion of our country. If it’s domestic doesn’t that qualify for treason?


Soros and Koch brothers

Wild Bill

, No, it does not quality as “treason”. Treason is the only crime that is defined in our Constitution. That definition requires aid and comfort to the enemy during time of war.


Wild Bill, please go read that again. Art 3 Sec 3…. treasin is levying war against the states, (which this sort of invasion certainly is). OR adnhereing to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort (does not specify doing so ONLY =in time of war, does it? This invasion force certainly constitutes a tangible threat to the security of our nation, and anyone aiding or comforting this force IS either a foreign force making war upon us, or a US force aiding and comforting an enemy force, the invading hordes. An US person assisting this invasion by a foreign force… Read more »

Wild Bill

Sorry Tio, Only Congress can declare war. No Congressional declaration, no war, thus no treason.
Invasion requires an armed force. No organization and no arms equates to no armed force.
It is just a mass migration paid for by someone unknown.
Trump is correct the law needs to be changed. That requires us to drain the legislative part of the swamp.

Wild Bill

@TioN, You are in the right place. But what joe asks about qualifying for treason is not treason. So … what are you saying?


We are at war, Since 2003. And because of that “War on Terror”, our troops are overseas, leaving the CONUS weak and Undefended. Many of us now know that the war on terror grew out of the 911 attack, and many have woken up to the fact that the official story is a pack of lies. If the same people who manufactured 911 also are behind this “Kalergi Plan” invasion, and they claim to be American citizens, then they have again attacked and waged war against their own country, which could surely be construed as TREASON. If ever there is… Read more »

John Galt

Stand the military shoulder to shoulder on the border. Machine gun every person that sets foot over the border and build a wall with the bodies.

Make no mistake…..this invader force is gun control on the hoof and coming for us.

Matt in Oklahoma

You expect these folks to get out and vote? LOL that’s too much. If it can’t be done from facebook it won’t be done. Just like last nights embarrassing stoppage of traffic by ANTIFA, in of all places TEXAS, while they live stream and cried instead of fighting. Nah just get some more 3%er Molon Labe Spartan swag and show them libs.
I can’t even recognize my own people anymore. We are going to lose unfortunately and then the golden horde from the south will arrive a few days later.


Absolutely, George Soros! No one hates this country more!