Brownells to Sell Sought-After HK416 Kits This Weekend

Brownells to Sell Sought-After HK416 Kits This Weekend
Brownells to Sell Sought-After HK416 Kits This Weekend

GRINNELL, Iowa-( Starting November 10, Brownells will offer a limited quantity of parts kits for the HK416 – the type of rifle used by U.S. Navy SEALs in the 2011 raid against Osama Bin Laden.

Disassembled from German military machine guns, the parts kits will be available initially only to Brownells EDGE members on Saturday, November 10, and then to all Brownells customers on Sunday, November 11 – Veterans Day.

The HK416 kits, listed as #100-026-983 at, contain all factory original parts except for the lower receiver, bolt assembly and barrel. The kits retail for $3,299.99.

In addition to the authentic military HK416 kits, Brownells will also begin accepting pre-orders for all other parts and the barrel tool required to finish the kits into complete rifles. All NFA rules apply.

Sold separately and expected to ship by the end of November, those other parts include:

  • #078-000-487 BRN-4 Stripped Lower, $399.99 retail
  • #078-000-488 HK416-style barrel, $399.99 retail
  • #078-000-489 HK416 Barrel Install Tool, $79.99
  • #078-000-490 HK416-style Complete Bolt Assembly, $199.99

The BRN-4 stripped lower is Brownells’ take on an HK 416 receiver and started as an HK factory forging.

The HK416 parts kits are available exclusively at Brownells and are very limited in quantity.

Brownells brought several of these forgings into the United States, and finished them into stripped lowers with correct selector-switch markings and proper contours for an HK416.

To learn more, visit the Brownells HK416 page.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Brownells to Sell Sought-After HK416 Kits This Weekend

    1. Can’t speak specifically to the HK416 parts being offered, but as a general observation other HK firearms I’ve seen and used are over rated. Too, HK’s unofficial customer service motto is said to be “Because you suck and we hate you.” For the price being asked, you could get or build an EXCELLENT rifle with name-brand parts, put a good sight on it, and buy a lot of practice ammo. I’ll pass on this.

    2. Almost $4400, and I get to assemble it myself? Gee, such a deal! For another $4400 will they throw in a detailed model of the house in Pakistan with a crashed helo outside the courtyard wall and a comic book of the story?

      Pretty obviously catering to the high end clientele on this one.

      1. For $4500 total I will stick with my PSA AR15 and AR10, both with multiple uppers and still have cash to buy mags and ammo.

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