“Kristallnacht” In America: Is What Occurred In Germany Is Happening Here?


Kristallnacht 1938

New York -(AmmoLand.com)- In November 1938 in an incident known as Kristallnacht, which translates roughly as ‘night of broken glass’, Nazis in Germany vandalized Jewish businesses, schools, and homes.

Today, in America, radical Leftist groups in California, Oregon, and Washington State, and other States around the Country, use similar tactics against their enemies. As in Germany at that time eighty years ago, police here at home in the U.S. have, in many instances, also stood by. Rank and file municipal police officers were ordered by their superiors to “stand down;” to watch, observe, but not to contain the mob violence occurring on the streets. There are several instances of police inaction during the rioting.

In California, on the UC Berkeley Campus, on February 2017, police in riot gear, stood by as rioters damaged buildings and assaulted individuals. In Seattle, Washington, on March 2018, police stood by as demonstrators blocked traffic, causing massive gridlock. In Portland, Oregon, on August 2018, angry protestors damaged automobiles and berated employees leaving the Federal Immigration and Customs Building because the Mayor of the City, Ted Wheeler, had ordered police to “stand down.”

In each case, City Officials sheepishly, speciously and peculiarly declared, among other things, that more violence would have ensued if police had taken action to uphold the law. Really?

But, what is really taking place in America, today?

Is this, as in Germany decades ago, high Government officials and bureaucratic functionaries of the “Deep State,” who owe allegiance to the agenda and policy goals of the Bushes, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, had Hillary Clinton prevailed in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, using their power and authority to subvert the Constitution of the United States and to subvert the authority of President Trump under Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Their actions border on, if not cross, the line of actionable crimes under our Nation’s federal sedition laws.

Congressional Democrats have worked in tandem with these sinister government officials and functionaries, these bad actors of the bureaucratic Deep State, who operate in the shadows, behind the walls of Government buildings, securely ensconced in their offices, unobserved by the public, baldly contemptuous of Congressional oversight, seemingly beyond public scrutiny. Congressional Democrats, for their part, blithely ignore or otherwise urge on, the public to assault members of Trump’s Administration. These Congressional Democrats have gone so far as to applaud the actions of radical Left-wing agitators as these Left-wing extremists damage property, assault individuals, and generally create a climate of consternation and fear among the populace.

The mainstream Press in America gives a pass to violence created by extremist Left-wing agitators, like the internationalist Antifa group that relishes the use of violence against the extreme Right of the political spectrum and anyone else who happens to disagree with their aims But then the mainstream Press appears nonplussed when it is similarly attacked by Antifa members.

The Press seems to be unaware that, when aligning with radical groups, it has a proverbial tiger by the tail. Antifa (“Anti-fascist”) is, after all, a collection of extremist elements that have no definite aim other than to destroy anyone or anything they disagree with, as the radical group's inflammatory website (https://refusefascism.org/), as obnoxiously bold as the group itself, makes clear.

But Antifa is a useful tool of both the Democratic Party and billionaire globalists as that organization wreaks havoc in Nation States to soften them up, tear them down, and turn them into cogs of a new system of global governance.

The clash between opponents on the extremes of the political spectrum is, of course, nothing new. But, the reason for violent upheaval in American society today, unlike in Germany and Russia, in the aftermath of World War I and the onset of the Great Depression, is demonstrably different today and it is notably peculiar.

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    2. In a speech to the House of Commons Winston Churchill said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
      We live in a Nation today that most people under the age of 40 have no idea what took place in Germany or elsewhere during the rise of Hitler and The Third Reich. We are doomed as Churchill so profoundly stated many years ago because we have allowed our children to be taught by the teachers union. The NEA is a radical progressive leftist organization that has morphed from teaching the three R’s to our children to indoctrinating them into the socialist mindset. This has been done by teaching revisionist history, by not teaching history at all and by programming them with politically correct nonsense. Ask them “What was Pearl Harbor?”, “Who was Winston Churchill?” or “What did the Nazi’s do?” More than likely you will get a deer in the headlights response.
      So, the fact that we are seeing similar tactics to Nazi Germany being used today by this generation, who, btw, are being lead by the Weather Underground crowd from the 60’s is no surprise at all.
      Go figure. Radical leftist who never developed a full load of bricks are now turning their vitriolic hatred of the United States of America onto a group of young impressionable people who have never been taught history in a honest and meaningful way.
      If we want to take back our once great country, the first place we need to start is in the education system. As long as we continue to allow the indoctrination of our youth we will continue to spiral into the abyss of socialism and worse.
      “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”. Vladimir Lenin
      Now we turn them over for twelve to sixteen years and we wonder why we are were we are.
      Bolsheviks were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. The same breed we are seeing today, but the call themselves “Democratic Socialist” instead.
      Take back the schools and we can take back America.

    3. People who say that “the police did nothing” in several instances where antifa-types rioted are incorrect; the police were on duty as a security detail FOR the rioting antifa-types. This would have been made apparent if anyone had vigorously defended themselves or their buildings against these violent leftists, particularly with firearms.

    4. The police in Portland have stated that the Right Leaning folk are easier to deal with and ATIFA is basically just unhinged. The Mayor is in charge of the police in Portland, which needs to change.

      This is an effect of the playground dynamics we are allowing to be employed. Everyone gets a trophy, no playground justice, or you are suspended outright, whether you started it or not, and what about “Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers, etc?” What we are producing is the kid that starts a problem, then runs to recess lady just before they some playground justice exacted. These kids don’t understand that to go kick butt, you have to bring a butt that may get kicked. We are being wussified!

      What is ole Doc G’s prescription? Let em’ fight it out…Win Lose or Draw they will learn the futility of petty little battles. In the end, we will find common ground, or get the big party started. Either way the waiting will be over!

    5. You have the right to bear arms…You have the right to defend yourself and others when assaulted. You never go anywhere without your personal protection and every confidence in the use of that protection if it is necessary. You never start or engage in conflict unless menaced by assault to do you or another harm. You must be fearless and know where to strike, disabling your opponent immediately. “The greatest battle won is without conflict.”, but should it come to conflict, you must win…

    6. Another example of Antifa getting a free ride, no blame and actual protection from the feds is the ‘Rise Above Movement’ (RAM) They are being called Nazi;s just because they defend themselves against Antifa and other traitorous ner- do- wells. The FBI and the abominable SPLC are orchestrating efforts to shut down free speech.(for the right of course) And being backed up by the ADL. Law enforcement stands by and watches as Antifa attacks RAM members who are peaceably supporting their right to protest. And then when defending themselves, they get arrested.
      Very scary stuff.

    7. By 2040, the former USA will become the USSA, a disarmed Third World fecal pit ruled by the likes of David (“Media”) Hogg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, unless we take back our Republic, by force if necessary. Let us start by building the Wall and manning it with trained civilian volunteers with long rifles.

        1. Carlson lives in Washington District of Criminals. His inability to protect his home and loved ones with firearms is on HIM !

    8. The people siding whether actively or tacitly with ANTIFA should look at history and reflect on the words attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller. I don’t know if he actually made this statement, but it rings very true and people should be very concerned when the police are ordered to stand down by city officials who are charged with protecting their citizens.
      “In Germany they came first for the Communists,
      and I didn’t speak up
      because I wasn’t a Communist.

      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn’t speak up
      because I wasn’t a Jew.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak up
      because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Catholics,
      and I didn’t speak up
      because I was a Protestant.

      Then they came for me,
      and by that time no one was left
      to speak up for me.”

      Because they WILL come for you!

      1. Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) was 80 years ago tonight! Businesses were destroyed by the S.A. of the Nazi Party. Today it is the ANTIFA wing of the Democrat Party.
        Americans had better wake up because it can happen here!

    9. I watched in disgust as Portland Police stood by while Antifa terrorists interrupted a legally permitted demonstration. The terrorists actually threw explosives and the police did nothing. Portland Police and its incompetent mayor are turning this area into a another California armpit. The feds should come and take over the city so a new election can be forced, and the police replaced with honorable people that have courage. Antifa terrorists should be arrested under the RICO Act too.

      1. Very surprised certain right thinking elements haven’t initiated actions against people like the Portland mayor and others. Very surprised….

        1. Called our “dumbed down” electorate! America has become a scary place, if you just consider how many people supported and voted for a confessed out of her own mouth criminal in Clinton, and an avowed Socialist/Communist in Sanders! Notice, also, how close these elections are for people nowhere close to having any intention to continue this ‘experiment’ in a Constitutional Republic….

      2. I strongly believe these uprisings and the permission by those in office (ie not arresting or using blunt force to stop them) are a well orchestrated plan by the likes of the “elite”. George Soreos (sp deliberate) come to mind. This would never happen 30 – 100 years ago. I also believe the GOP, not just the RINOS, are complicit in this while talking about “building-the-wall”, immigration etc…. The GOP during the Kavanah hearings revealed to me their true color – yellow. They talk about freedom out of one corner but when it comes down to actually doing anything, they suddenly are limp.
        We are in for a very rough ride coming up with the House going to the democRATS, which I also believe was manipulated by dead people and illegals voting and probably hacking the voting machines. I was a competitive athlete in my days and never succumbed to “blaming-the-other-guy”. I accepted defeat and afterwards had the desire to put more effort in training so as to be better next time. The democRATS have shown how despicable and evil they really are. It is they who are ruining this country yet, the GOP sit back and allow it to happen which begs the question “How much are they part of the plan?”
        They lost the House (IF they really did at all) on their own by breaking promises, back-stabbing Trump and lying to our faces. Maybe, the Senate will “save” us from the House. In the end it is up to us to defend this country. I had hoped former armed force personnel would gather together, without “fanfare” and begin a “cleansing” of these radical because it is VERY CLEAR those who we’ve entrusted to that job are/ will not. It is time WE take back our country because our so-called elected officials aren’t going to.
        To allow just 1 illegal to come in from any caravan of invaders spells self-destruction. Use force if necessary and FU^! the media and democRAT communists.

        1. We need to keep voting, don’t fully despair. Train and get ready to fight, but don’t despair and give up. I am former Military and willing to do as you suggest, but without a strong leader willing to divest his fortune to our cause, we would be just trash being thrown out if we did get several folks together and slaughter the Antifa and their ilk. Who among you would support us in a guerrilla fight? Remember if you get caught you get killed or imprisoned as well. If 10 or so of us former military slaughtered the enemy, that night we would be castigated as having PTSD, also as being child molesters or worse. They demonize their enemies. We need jobs, food and housing just like anyone else. Even as Guerillas they would need food, housing, cover jobs, and money, lots of money. Would you pay? Especially as the Government would start having you account for all of your money in today’s computer age. One gets out there and starts shooting, the media would insure that everyone that got shot would be someone that wanted to be a Doctor, a Child Worker and etc. Just like that guy who just wanted to get away and run over some folks in Charleston. No one set up a go fund be page for him. No politician stood up and stated that he just wanted to not get the piss beat out of him. Trump tried but look what happened when he just stated that the two sides were the same faces on the same coin. No one opened their doors to him, no one got a bunch of folks together to protest for him. Heck with the media today, he might not even be what they portrayed him to be. He might have been just a Joe trying to get home, but now he is the incarnation of Hitler. I sure don’t trust anything the media says.

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