National Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity – Last Chance to Act


Trump Dumps the Do-Nothing Congress
Let Senator Mitch McConnell know you the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 bill passed.

New York – -( Concealed handgun carry reciprocity is about to die. It is about to die through deliberate inaction or callous indifference of the U.S. Senate. But we have a small window of opportunity: 21 days left to achieve the goal that has eluded us for years. It seemed assured of being accomplished by the Republican-controlled 115th Congress but, it wasn’t.

Congress still has time to act before the end of the year, but that does nothing to explain why Congress failed to get this done. It certainly had ample opportunity to do so.

What Happened? Why Did A Republican Controlled Congress Fail To Fulfill President Trump’s Signature Campaign Promise?

The House of Representatives and the Senate did introduce several national handgun carry reciprocity bills in the last two years. One such bill was 115 H.R. 38, titled, “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. The bill’s synopsis reads: “AN ACT to amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a means by which nonresidents of a State whose residents may carry concealed firearms may also do so in the State.”

The measure was voted on by the full House, and the Republican-controlled House passed the bill, on December 6, 2017, by recorded roll call vote: 231 to 198. The vast majority of House Democrats voted against passage of the bill. Only 6 of 184 Democrats voted for passage of the bill. Contrariwise, the vast majority of House Republicans, 225, voted for passage of the bill; and 14 voted against passage.

One day later, on December 7, 2017, the bill was sent to and received by the Senate, where it was read twice, in accordance with Senate protocol, and referred to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary for action. And, then we heard—Nothing! Dead Silence!

The bill apparently fell into a deep, dark abyss.

Senator Mitch McConnell, who, as Senate Majority Leader, has ultimate authority for determining what bills are voted on by the full Senate, said and did nothing to get the Judiciary Committee to act so that the bill could be voted on by the full Senate.

Why didn’t the Judiciary Committee act on this? They certainly could have, but didn’t. And, why didn’t Senator Mitch McConnell urge the Judiciary Committee to action, so the full Senate would have had the opportunity to vote for passage of national concealed handgun carry legislation? We don’t know. He could have seen to this but didn’t. Senate Republicans who can answer these questions aren’t saying.

Much about this, we don’t know. It is deeply perplexing.

But, This Much We Do Know:

Senator Mitch McConnell can get things done when he wants to. Senator Mitch McConnell was able to get Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. This wasn’t easy, given the strenuous pushback by Senate Democrats. And the Senator should be commended for his zealous, unflagging effort in that regard. He should be just as zealous in getting national concealed handgun legislation through the full Senate. He certainly could have done so. For some reason, he chose not to. He still has time to get this done before the 116th Congress begins its first term, on January 3, 2019, because, at that point, it would be futile. The House will seat a Democratic Party majority; and the Democratic Party leadership’s agenda will include the drafting of bills to restrict the right of the people to keep and bear arms, not to strengthen that basic, fundamental, natural, and unalienable right

The 2016 general election earned us President Donald Trump along with Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress. National Right-to-Carry was in our grasp. The timing couldn’t have been better. This is what law-abiding gun owners wanted, and NRA and other Pro-Second Amendment organizations campaigned vigorously for it. Our real once-in-a-lifetime hope for National Right-to-Carry is now slipping through our fingers.

The Senate had over a year to act on the bill, from late 2017, when it first received the bill from the House. But the Senate failed to act.

Can’t the Senate simply pass the bill next year and send it on to president trump for his signature in 2019? No! It cannot! All pending bills die.

“At the end of a two-year session, Congress adjourns ‘sine die’ or ‘without day’ and not reconvene until a new Congress starts some time the next January.

After that, the slate is wiped clean; there is no business pending. All of the ‘H.R.’ and ‘S.’ numbered titles that have been discussed and debated for the past two years will be archived.

When Congress reconvenes, the process starts all over again.”

When Congress reconvenes in 2019, House Republicans can reintroduce concealed handgun carry reciprocity, but with a Democratic Party House of Representatives majority, the bill would never pass. So, whatever the Senate does in 2019, won’t matter because both Houses of Congress must pass a bill before a bill is sent to the President for his signature, at which point, a bill then becomes the Law of the Land, in accordance with Article 1, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution.

Time To Pass Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity Is Of The Essence!

There is no time to waste. The Senate is scheduled to adjourn on December 14, 2018. If the Senate fails to pass the bill by emergency roll call vote, we will have lost the only real opportunity to see concealed handgun carry reciprocity through to fruition.

And, keep in mind: the Senate’s failure to act on national handgun carry places extreme pressure on President Trump who made this issue one of the signature issues of his campaign for U.S. President. Failure to accomplish this goal can well lead to Trump’s defeat in the general U.S. Presidential election of 2020. We must place the Senate’s feet to the fire.” This is where you can help!


  • U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (Chairman of the Judiciary Committee): (202) 224-3744
  • U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: (202) 224-2541
  • Your Senate Delegation: (202) 224-3121


“The Senate must vote on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 bill immediately. The bill passed the House on December 6, 2017, almost one year ago, and has since been stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee. That is unacceptable! We have only a few precious weeks to get this matter completed. The Senate must pass this bill and send it immediately to the President for his signature. President Trump will sign the bill into law, fulfilling an important campaign promise. My continued support for you will depend on your vote to approve this bill.”

You should also contact NRA and President Trump, reminding them of their commitment to support national concealed handgun carry reciprocity. The contact numbers are as follows:

  • The White House: (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414
  • National Rifle Association (NRA): (800) 672-3888

We must put pressure on those who can get this matter accomplished.

Making a few important phone calls will only take a few minutes of your time. It is quick and easy, and critically important to safeguard and strengthen our right to keep and bear arms.

What you do can make a difference, and you will be proud to have taken an active part in protecting our natural, fundamental, unalienable, and sacred right to safeguard our lives and the lives of those closest to us, with the best means available: a firearm.

If you chose to do nothing, you will only have yourself to blame.

This is our last real shot at the passage of significant pro-second amendment legislation! Don’t hesitate to take the shot. You will regret it because it may be your last!

Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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Oldmarine >>> all
If anyone is against the 2nd, just ask them to explain to you the meaning of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” and watch them choke on their own words. Semper Fi

The Big Daddy

The inclusion of “constitutional carry” doomed this bill from the start. For residents of these 13 states all that would be required for carry in NYC or Chicago, for example, is a state issued ID (i.e.; drivers license). A carry permit from any state clearly indicates that the holder has a right to carry and has passed some level of scrutiny (background check, fingerprinting, etc.). A state drivers license does not. I have written to both Senator Grassley and Rep. Richard Hudson (sponsor of the House Bill – H.R. 38) suggesting they remove constitutional carry to get this bill passed.… Read more »


Oldmarine>>> All Any Senator who is against this bill will go on my Sh* t List for good and will become a NON-American Enemy of all Law abiding citizens. In the end they will pay for their agenda instead of serving and helping true Americans keep America. Politicians are supposed to be Public Servants, but instead they have their own agenda. That is pure fraud on the citizens in their areas. Any politician who deceives and ignores his duties has made a fool of you. If you voted for them I hope you can live with that. The Legislative branch… Read more »

Clark Kent

And I am sure any Senator on your ‘sh*t list’ is now quivering in his/her boots. Grow up.

Heed the Call-up

Clark, grow up? You’d rather just sit there while your rights are revoked or be a man and get politically active? He is doing what he can, what do you suggest? I am politically active and contact my representatives, even those that don’t abide by their oath of office and our constitution.

Jack A Furbush

Grow up? What exactly does that mean FuckTard? When you flush that toilet under your nose do others tell you to grow up? As both a retired Marine and Cop I’d like to see such a law passed as well. How many phone calls did you make, or are you the type that sits on his ass and let’s others do the work?


Grassley’s website works very easy. I sent a note to him as well as one of my WI Senators Ron Johnson (one is a lost cause, she works for LGBTQ rights and Commie-crat issues only).

I urge all other readers to flood Grassley’s staff inbox on the judiciary header. (you don’t think he actually reads e-mail do you?)

Clark Kent

Grassley (or his staff) could give a rodent’s rectum about ANY e-mail outside of Iowa. Take a Civics 101 class.

Gordon Matthews

We already have the national reciprocity in the 2nd amendment. All other gun control issues are unconstitutional. We,the people, just need to force the courts to decide what is constitutional and what is not!!!
Just sayin,
Gramps 38

Clark Kent

Gramps: How, exactly, do the people FORCE any court to decide what is constitutional and what is not? I’m waiting…..

Heed the Call-up

Clark, where in Gordon’s post did he state Trump could or would try to do that? Or even mention Trump?

Stan o

How about Article five of the bill of Rights super pooper.

Jack A Furbush

The resaprosity act could actually become law in spite of inaction by both houses of Congress. All it would take is the violation of the 2A right case to be argued before the USSC. With the likelihood of at least 1 possibly 2 more Justise appointments, that would probably make this happen even in states and cities that have always forbidden it. That’s probably what these guttles assholes are waiting for so they can’t be blamed by hysterical scoocer mom’s. Any decision handed down by the court is the last word. Both houses of Congress abrogated thire responsibility to the… Read more »


I have called everyone one on the above list and my own useless Senator’s. I’m really angry about this. During my call with the NRA the guy just kept saying the only reason it didn’t come to a vote was because they didn’t have a “fillabuster” proof vote? WTF? This has been screwed up and I won’t forget about it.\\


Senator Bitch “Turtle head” McConnell refuses to allow a vote. Nothing has convinced this RINO yet.


I wander what favor he is trading off for ignoring us


The committee did not act because of a well timed mass murder. One to kill reciprocity and another just before the vote on the Hearing Protection Act. Amazing how these events seem to happen at just the right time to kill any restoration of our rights.

Kevin in Indy

I hate to think that there’s a vast dark cloud of these “events”, and the timing of pending legislation, but it seems the timing is always coincidental. I have and will continue to make calls, send emails, but the reality of optics, the East and West coasts elites, and the inability of government to stand up I’ll contunue to carry my Indiana State LTC, and a couple of non-resident LTC. SAD but given reality at least until SCOTUS finally starts hearing all these split decision 2A cases.

Jack A Furbush

I’m sure a great many of us have smelled this same rat. These mass shootings as a regular occurrence started under the first Clinton administration. Stockton C.A.They have been increasing in frequency over the past 10 years. They almost all fallow the same script. The isolated nut job that stops taking his medication, has owned or steals, or lately passed the NICS check that’s supposed stop prohibited people from buying the weapons used, Shoots a number of people in a gun free zone, kills himself when police respond or when confronted by a legally armed citizen. Hmmm anybody remember the… Read more »

Big Jim

Coincidence & heresay!

J Gibbons

It really shouldn’t be an issue. If the license to drive is mandated to be recognized across state lines whether the license holder is validated as knowledgeable and safe to be driving; if the right to marry whoever or whatever you want is mandated to be recognized across state lines whether a state’s voters want it or not; if the right to ship goods and services across state lines is mandated by the Constitution; if health insurance must be recognized across all states regardless of the licensing to sell insurance in a given state; And so on… This should be… Read more »


@JG; I agree that the RECIPROCITY bill for LEGAL DEFENSE OF ONES’ SELF, FAMILY, OTHERS across state lines must be pasted.


Yes, send all of the messages you want. Speculate all you want. The answer though is really very simple, is anyone who really wanted this bill, or HPA, to pass Mitchs friend? Is this something the President wants? You see, we are not supreme court nominees, we are a bunch of rednecks who want to carry guns wherever we want. Did everyone really think they would pass this, or the HPA? Really? Did any of us ever work with Ken Star to impeach Bill Clinton? Ever done any of these RINOS any favors? I didn’t think so, so why do… Read more »


To do nothing is how nothing gets done. Someone on this thread said why bother, they don’t listen to us. If the 20 people on commenting on this blog made the above mentioned calls, then got out friends do the same, it could get the legislation passed. Our elected officials get nervous when the calls start coming in.

Clark Kent

Gary: They DO NOT listen to those outside of the state they represent. Why? BECAUSE THOSE PEOPLE DON’T HAVE VOTES IN THEIR STATE. Grow up.


If they can get a supreme court justice in on a majority vote why can’t they do it here

Ron Baxter

Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook “The Senate must vote on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 bill immediately. The bill passed the House on December 6, 2017, almost one year ago, and has since been stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee. That is unacceptable! We have only a few precious weeks to get this matter completed. The Senate must pass this bill and send it immediately to the President for his signature. President Trump will sign the bill into law, fulfilling an important campaign promise. My continued… Read more »


Sickens me that we finally get the Senate and Congress we thought we wanted and still “NOTHING”. If they dont get this done I think it is safe to say that we the people really dont count and the corrupt power struggle in Washington will never end. Im equally disturbed that Trump appears to be sitting this out. Admittedly Im not following everything but this is a no brainer, he could wave his magic comb and get it done.

Clark Kent

So Trump could both pass and sign a law? Take a Civics 101 class.


One can also send the message via comment section. Note: in the suggested text I eliminated the “!” and last sentence; neither is needed to get the point across.


They are showing their true colors it’s purple. They could care less about the voting public. The republicans winder Toby they lost seats. Here it is. We gave them control of both the House , the senate, the presidency and for two years they didn’t do anyth8ng but wrestle with the president. They dont deserve to be a representative of the peo0le. Other than themselves and I guess the PARTY I don’t know what or who they represent.


They ONLY represent themselves!!
Lifetime salary, and lifetime healthcare that is regular people can’t get or afft


It’s because they’re a bunch of pandering RINO’s and are all talk.
For the most part they’re all useless.

Tony Puch

Law abiding citizens like us would like you to pass the concealed carry reciprocity handgun carry act of 2017.

James Santana

This bill should of been passed when the Republicans had full control over the house stop procrastinating and get this done in time before the year is up or this country will be very unhappy not allowing law abiding citizens to have the freedom of carrying their guns the political agenda today is against everything those in the Whitehouse we’re about in the constitutional days keep the USA the USA and pass this bill immediately.,…

James Santana

This bill should of been accomplished while the Republicans had full control over the house stop making excuses and procrastinating get the job done before this bill won’t be brought up in the next 10 years their sleeping on gun laws the hell with Democrats opinions stay on facts or the USA will be very unhappy keep the USA safe and pass this bill immediately…..

Glenn Hanson

It is our second amendment should be legal


The Republicans lost House not because of what they voted for. They lost the House because they did nothing. They did it during the Contract for America and they have continued to march.

Grigori Rasputin

One more reason that I now questionTrump’s real loyalties and real agenda. Once the latest round of government-sponsored false flag mass shooting incidents began, support for this (by design) dried completely up. Anything for iur side went from offense mode to defense (against more stringent and useless restrictions). I will make the calls and hope for better, but am not optomistic. Our rulers fear armed peasants.

Clark Kent

‘Government sponsored false flag mass shooting incidents’? Got any PROOF to support that crapola? Better change the tinfoil on your hat.

Jack A Furbush

Are you that blind you idiot? There are no such thing in life as coincidences. Noticing the obvious isn’t tinfoil hat bullshit. Cem trails are tinfoil hat fairy tales. The pattern these events occur in are fact not fantasy. In 98% of these occurrences the killer kills himself to avoid capture. The killers are all white males between 15 to 30. All have a history of mental illness, all have a perceived score to settle. All have the murder weapon before hand or the past two somehow pass a NCIS check in spite of many contacts by lawenforcement or even… Read more »


yes they did have a year and a half to do this to but did they have the votes to get this threw ALSO i think we have 2 wait for olive oil to step down?

Suat bayrumuk

What ever happened to it

Sara Russo

It has been sleeping in the Senate. The House passed it last year.
With any luck you have to 2A Rights Senators. I’m not so lucky. At least one of mine are rabid anti–gunner.


Simply needs to happen. Make these law makers understand that it is not the typical law abiding citizen creating these messes. It’s the criminals,drug dealers,and others with I’ll intent creating th issues. All the while the only thing government officials feel as if they need to come after us because we have a “face to the name.” I would like to see them make harsher punishment on illegal gun owners and those who use guns to do harm or bad things. That is the real problem. But much like a lot of things in this world it creates to much… Read more »

Mark Gander

I live in the state of TN. My family and I travel often to visit family in NY STATE. I am all for the passage of gun reciprocity. I carry concealed always and truly believe it is my god to carry arms as long as I abide by the law. Unfortunately with the democrats in total charge of the house this will never occur. It’s sad that we unable to protect our family’s when in certain northern states. Sure wish we had someone in the Senate that would stand up for the passage of this bill. I guess when I… Read more »


It’s sad that law abiding citizens cant get a fair chance at life,CRIMINALS run free killing our friends,family members because they are allowed illegal guns to commit crimes but we have our hands tied. No protection until after the fact


Just don’t pass through New Jersey…slingshots are illegal here too…

Richard Nutter

First off if you are A second supporter then you should understand that you cannot amend “shall not be informed” therefore there are NO illegal gun owners. Yes there are bad people but how can you say person A can have a gun but person B cannot? You can’t pick and choose when its OK to infringe and when it isn’t. As far as I’m concerned EVERYONE has the right to keep and bear arms just because person B may have been labeled as a felon doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to defend themselves or their families. If… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Richard Nutter, you are correct, everyone has the right to defense of self and others. I agree that nonviolent felons should not have their RKBA restricted. A good and valid argument can be made against the violent felons RKBA. They have proven that they are a danger to society, and many repeatedly show us that fact. We still allow these dangerous people back into society and try to mitigate the danger they pose by not allowing them the RKBA. Unfortunately, as criminals, they do not conform to society’s laws and illegally obtain the weapons that they use to commit their… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘Shall not be informed’? Of what?

Heed the Call-up

Clark, that you can’t understand that that was a typo. Spellcheck on my phone constantly changes the words after I type them because its algorithm decided I was writing something else. Occasionally I, too, miss the auto-correct.


Clark Kent you are an asshole that likes to ambush all the posters on this site How about you telling all of us about your opinion on this topic oh sage one. You seem to enjoy critiquing others so fill us in so that we can pick your sorry ass apart Einstein. Or just shut your Pie Hole you keyboard tough guy…

Jack A Furbush

Didn’t you get the meaning of what he was saying in spite of an obvious typo FuckTard


My Senators, Durbin and Duckworth, are a lost cause. I think most of the Republicans are dragging their feet on this because they find the thought of it somehow distasteful. Fudds don’t carry guns for protection.

John P

Send Chairman Grassley an email on his contact site as well!


They had a year and a half to do it, they have no interest in protecting Americans.

Green Mtn. Boy

Two sides of the same corrupt coin.

m r c

please do it now before its to late for both of us