Firearms Guide 9th Edition Review

Firearms Guide 9th Edition
Firearms Guide 9th Edition

USA – -( The Firearms Guide gets bigger and better each year the guide includes 73,000 guns, 1110 manufacturers, from 52 countries and 8000 printable schematics. The trick is learning how to page through it as there is so much information it can take a bit of time until you figure out how to navigate the tool. All of this info is stored on a flash drive making it easier to store because of its convenient size. You can carry it on a keychain since it is so compact.  A book containing all of the info and pictures included would require a couple of large hardcopy volumes.

Firearms Guide Number 9 Edition

Going through the Firearms Guide Number 9 Edition is impressive as there is so much info. For example, if you are seeking a gun value, it lists all of the features, calibers and other pertinent info regarding that particular firearm. The dollar values are recorded from 30% to 100% giving the values for each. Going into the features shows all types of options available plus various barrel lengths, calibers, and stock types and sights. After looking through it, I can’t imagine what additional info can be provided. There are a couple of ways to look up such as by the manufacturer or type. It makes it easier to find a particular gun and since there are so many makers that can save time. If you collect, buy, and sell guns, this is a must own tool.

Firearms Guide Number 9 Individual Gun Data, Luger
Firearms Guide Number 9 Individual Gun Data, Luger

One of my favorites is antique arms. Paging through, I found a variety of them. That includes old Winchester and Mausers among other rifles. It shows years of production and calibers. With any of the firearms listed, it shows the caliber or calibers available. If you click on that caliber, it will give you a lot of info on the ammo including who makes it plus velocities and energy at various ranges. It also provides the type of bullet such as a hollow point or full metal jacket. There are exceptions that show the caliber, but no further info is available. That is for obsolete rounds not in production today such as a 351 WSL or an 11 mm Mauser. Other features such stock type and barrel length, as well as sights, are listed. In other words, you can learn a lot about that gun by going through the info.  The pictures of the arms and ammo are clear and can show you what an item looks like, making it easier to compare.

Firearms Guide Number 9 Edition Guns
Firearms Guide Number 9 Edition Guns

The ammo section has more info then most shooters will ever use. It lists the types of bullets along with the ballistic coefficient of each bullet. Further, it gives velocities out to 500 yards with rifles and 100 with most handguns. The energy is listed at the same ranges. There is some obsolete ammo listed but no hand loads.  This load data can give good info on which rounds to use on specific game. With the trajectory info provided sighting in a rifle may be easier.

The schematic section shows many guns in detail so you can see what each part looks like in case you have one and need a part. They are printable which will make it easier to work on a gun that you might not be familiar.

There is a section showing various targets with a very long list If you see a target to your liking just print it and have at it. There targets for multiple shooting sports and animals of varying species.  They have a selection of numbered targets as well as objects and criminals. Silhouettes and Zombies are among the vast collection.

Firearms Guide Number 9 Edition Schematics
Firearms Guide Number 9 Edition Printable Schematics

Also, there is a news section, and you can sign up for updates just by submitting your E-mail address at no cost. There is so much to see you can spend a lot of time browsing through it. That would be time well spent. For someone who is interested in firearms, I give it a thumbs up. Money well spent.

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How hard is it to give purchase links and costs in articles?
$29.90 for a 1 yrs subscription including digital updates

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

See the big giant red link that says Firearms Guide….!?

Wild Bill

@Freddy, Ya mean the paragraph heading in red is a link? It doesn’t look like a link. The title of the article is in red and say the same thing, but it is not a link. Whiskey Delta! But Happy New Years Day, anyhow.

Dave in Fairfax

Red items, except for the title of the article, are links. Some are to pictures others to URLs.
The one you REALLY REALLY want is:
That gets you the on-line subscription, the updates and the 16 GB flash drive.