Rabid Anti-Gun Activist Nominated to Head Maine Department of Public Safety

Rabid Anti-Gun Activist Nominated to Head Department of Public Safety.

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Rabid Anti-Gun Activist Nominated to Head Maine Department of Public Safety

Maine –  -(AmmoLand.com)- Governor Janet Mills has nominated Michael Sauschuck, the former Portland Police Chief, and long-time opponent of gun rights who served as a board member for the Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence and the Maine Gun Safety Coalition. During his time as Portland Chief of Police, Sauschuck testified in opposition to Constitutional Carry, and appeared together with national gun control advocate Gabby Giffords to support the Universal Background Check initiative rejected by voters.

Sauschuck has apparently never heard of a gun-control proposal he doesn't like, and has publicly called for:

  • Banning private transfers of firearms between law-abding citizens
  • Banning scary-looking so-called “assault weapons”
  • Banning standard-capacity magazines
  • Empowering police to confiscate firearms without due process

As Commissioner of Public Safety, he would direct the Maine State Police, the chief law enforcement agency in the state, and the largest issuer of Concealed Handgun Permits. We must show the Mills Administration that Maine gun owners will not accept a committed enemy of our gun rights as the Commissioner of Public Safety.

Do You Live In These Districts? Then we need your help…

Inidividuals in the following Maine House and Maine Senate Districts, we need your help to contact members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, who will decide the fate of Mike Sauschuck's nomination as Commissioner of Public Safety. If you are a constituent of any of these committee members, please write, call, or speak face-to-face with your legislator and voice your opposition to the extreme anti-gun activist being considered to head the Department of Public Safety.

We need to get these key votes if we hope to defeat Sauschuck's nomination. More information on Mike Sauschuck, and why he must not be our Commissioner of Public Safety, is available at http://www.gunownersofmaine.org/ .


REP. BRADEN SHARPE, House District #46
Durham, North Yarmouth, part of Pownal

34 Harlie Woods Road, Durham, ME 04222
(207) 407-3045
[email protected]

SEN. MIKE CARPENTER, Senate District 2

Amity, Bancroft, Blaine, Bridgewater, Carroll Plantation, Cary Plantation, Central Aroostook Unorganized Territory, Chapman, Crystal, Drew Plantation, Dyer Brook, Easton, Fort Fairfield, Glenwood Plantation, Hammond, Haynesville, Hersey, Hodgdon, Houlton, Island Falls, Kingman Township, Lakeville, Lee, Linneus, Littleton, Ludlow, Macwahoc Plantation, Mars Hill, Merrill, Monticello, Moro Plantation, Mount Chase, New Limerick, Oakfield, Orient, Patten, Prentiss Township, Presque Isle, Reed Plantation, Sherman, Smyrna, South Aroostook Unorganized Territory, Springfield, Stacyville, Twombly Ridge Township, Webster Plantation, Westfield, Weston,Whitney Township, Winn, and part of North Penobscot Unorganized Territory.

PO Box 1406, Houlton, ME 04730
(207) 532-2491
(207) 287-1515
[email protected]

SEN. KIM ROSEN, Senate District 8
Bradley, Brewer, Bucksport, Burlington, Castine, Clifton, Dedham, East Central Penobscot Unorganized Territory, Eddington, Great Pond, Holden, Lincoln, Lowell, Northwest Hancock Unorganized Territory, T32 MD Township, Orland, Orrington, Penobscot, Verona Island, and part of East Hancock Unorganized Territory.

P.O. Box 877, Bucksport, ME 04416
(207) 469-3779
(207) 287-1505
[email protected]

If You Do Not Live In These Districts…
… We Still Need Your Help

If you do not live in the districts above, please contact your own State Senator and State Representative, and tell them you oppose an extreme anti-gun activist serving as Commissioner of Public Safety, and ask them to speak to their colleagues on the Criminal Justice Committee about it. We need to bring all possible pressure to bear, and your legislators need to hear from you. You can locate your legislators on the State of Maine web site at the links below:
Maine State Senate: http://legislature.maine.gov/senate/find-your-state-senator/9392
Maine State House: http://legislature.maine.gov/house/house/MemberProfiles/ListAlphaTown

Todd Tolhurst
Gun Owners of Maine, Inc.
[email protected]

Gun Owners of MaineAbout Gun Owners of Maine

Gun Owners of Maine is an all-volunteer, grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and promoting the gun rights of Mainers, and we are the only Maine organization focused on this issue alone. We monitor developments affecting gun owners on both the State and Federal levels, tracking bills in the Legislature and the Congress, and act as a watchdog on governmental agencies. www.gunownersofmaine.org

  • 10 thoughts on “Rabid Anti-Gun Activist Nominated to Head Maine Department of Public Safety

    1. This was predictable , Mills has been and remains a real piece of work and all these jerks from Portland police force are anti-gun going back to ” Media Mike” Chitwood , who now infests a county in Florida as Sheriff. Mike loves any gun control he could get as well. Unfortunately I let my Carry Permit lapse when Maine went permit less. So I anticipate a long expensive process to restore it once these clowns , reverse it ! With 1.4 million felons now able to vote Florida is about to be a battle ground for the Gun Owners too! Felons love gun control !
      The Social Democrats moving into Maine , New Hampshire and Vermont are dragging the rules they are fleeing with them! it must be stopped now !

    2. Well Richard L, S.O.S., Guns for me but not for thee! That’s the demoratic comunist way! I’m pretty sure that a$$hole is ALWAYS packing!

    3. we need a background check on this person. i am not saying this is the case but all too often people from away tend to try and change their environment to mirror that from which they came. is this person a native? portland is very blue and seldom do they hire or promote from within. does anyone know anything about him other than he is anti? we as gun owners need to know.thanks for any help. geo

      1. Yes, George, Sauschuck is a native of the unorganized territory of Madrid, Maine, population 173, in Franklin County.

    4. I’m all for disarming the general public as long as the LEOs join in. They are people too and can do as much damage as any ordinary citizen, or am I wrong and they are ‘special’. Tell any LEO they will be disarmed and you will find a lot of vacancies in their departments.

      1. No disarmament unless the Government disarms as well.

        That being said, will you then outlaw rocks, sticks, hammers, kitchen knives, baseball, harsh chemicals, or any other tool that could be used as a weapon? The idea behind disarmament means nothing until you get to the point of making all human being legless, armless torsos to keep them from being able to harm each other.

        Take it to an extreme and you see that disarmament always fails because the real problem is human nature.

    5. Another north east state that was once free has fallen into the hands of the anti-America Progressives.(aka Democrats aka Communists). This should be a wake up call to gun owners that unless they become active in the fight to d=save the 2nd Amendment, gun ownership will be a thing of the past.

    6. Antigun cops should be prohibited by statute from EVER holding a position that negatively impacts 2A rights of citizens!!

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