Sandra S Froman For NRA 2019 Board of Directors: Interview + VIDEO

USA – -( Sandra S. Froman is running for re-election to the 2019 National Rifle Association board of directors. Eligible NRA voting members, please consider her for your vote when completing your NRA-BoD ballots.  Sandra is a past president of the NRA and a Benefactor Member and a self-proclaimed CCW activist.

Fredy Riehl: Your name will be on the ballot once again for the 2019 NRA Board of Director when ballots arrive at the end of January 2019. What business or changes do you feel are left undone at the NRA that you want to continue as a Director?

Sandra S Froman: As a lawyer, I have long been interested in the Constitutional questions presented by the Second Amendment and by state constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. Over 20 years ago, I co-founded the NRA National Firearms Law Seminar, which trains attorneys and judges on these issues. I’ve served as a trustee of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, which provides financial support for precedent-setting legal cases involving the Second Amendment. I frequently speak at Friends of NRA Dinners, civic groups, colleges and universities, and political groups about the importance of our gun rights to a free society. For 15 years, I have been a member of the Federalist Society, a national group of conservative pro-gun attorneys. Through the Federalist Society’s Speaker’s Bureau, I have spoken and debated the Second Amendment and gun rights issues at over 50 law schools around the country, educating future attorneys and future judges (maybe even future Supreme Court Justices!) about the essential liberties guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

The importance of the role of the federal courts, especially the US Supreme Court, over the long view cannot be overstated. What the NRA has been able to accomplish is unprecedented: we played a significant, perhaps even decisive role in the election of two pro-gun presidents in the last two decades – George Bush and Donald Trump. With President Bush’s election, we were able to get Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito on the US Supreme Court, both of whom have demonstrated an understanding and respect of the Second Amendment. With the election of President Trump, we secured pro-Second Amendment associate justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh for the High Court. And that is just at the Supreme Court level.

NRA has also quietly helped identify and promote pro-Second Amendment jurists for appointment to the federal Courts of Appeal and to the federal District Courts, both of which are “farm teams’ for the Supreme Court. The work that we have done will pay dividends for generations—and will protect the right to keep and bear arms long after most of us are gone. These changes in the philosophical make-up of the Supreme Court especially are significant achievements. None of this could have been done without the NRA. Even former President Bill Clinton acknowledged in 2000 that the NRA played a very instrumental role in defeating Al Gore, delivering electoral votes in key states, including Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s home states!

Simply put, without the work of the NRA, and especially the NRA Institute for Legislative Action led by its accomplished Executive Director Chris Cox, the legal future of the Second Amendment and our individual rights would be in much greater jeopardy.

Fredy Riehl: As you can imagine many of us are big fans of the RUGER brand, What has been your involvement with that great firearms company?

Sandra S. Froman HeadShot
Sandra S. Froman

Sandra S Froman: It is a privilege to serve as an independent director of Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. Ruger’s motto is “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens.” Ruger’s innovative product development and marketing, our dedication to the safe and responsible use of firearms, our responsive customer service, and its commitment to compliance with laws and regulations reflect that motto.

I joined the Ruger board in December 2015 and have learned a great deal from my fellow board members and from Ruger executives and staff. Being on the board these past three years has been a crash course in finance, manufacturing, engineering, corporate strategy, customer relations, and investor relations (because Ruger is a publicly traded company.) In addition to my legal expertise, my contribution to the board has included 35+ years of experience and knowledge of the firearms industry’s relationship with the broader Second Amendment community, including the NRA.

On a personal note, the first rifle I ever owned (and which I still own) is a Ruger M77 International in .308 with a full Mannlicher stock. Not only is it a beautiful, accurate and easy to handle rifle, but it has a special place in my heart because it was a birthday present from my late husband Bruce Nelson, a career law enforcement officer with the California Department of Justice. He was a world champion pistol shooter whom I met in the early ’80s through Gunsite. I was already a handgun shooter but had never shot a rifle before, so when we started dating in a serious way, he introduced me to long guns by giving me my first Ruger. When a man gives you a nice rifle like that and asks you to marry him, it’s tough to say no!

Fredy Riehl: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and ExMayor Michael Bloomberg are making real efforts to destroy the NRA and its members. Why are the five million-plus members of the National Rifle Association such a threat to these two individuals that they feel the need to attack us in this way and what can the average NRA member do to fight them?

Sandra S Froman: The Second Amendment – which recognizes the individual right to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes — is the backbone of all of America’s freedoms, granted by our Founding Fathers as the ultimate defense against government tyranny. I view the Second Amendment as an insurance policy on the rest of our Constitutional rights, especially our individual rights.

The NRA and its approximately 5.5 members are the only barrier we have between the Bloombergs, the Cuomos and the entire gun ban operation, which is heavily funded and very well organized. The big media outlets are willing co-conspirators in these efforts to deprive Americans of our Constitutionally-protected natural and God-given rights.

There is a simple reason the gun ban lobby wants to destroy the NRA. Because they know that the NRA and our approximately 5.5 million members are the only thing that stands between them and their draconian gun control wishes. Make no mistake, the NRA isn’t their ultimate target. Every gun owner and every single firearm in this country is their prize.

Unfortunately, there are powerful, elite people in this country who believe they are better than everyday Americans, and believe that they can make better decisions for the rest of us than we can for ourselves—whether those decisions involve where we live, where we work, where our children go to school, where we worship, and whether we choose to own firearms for sport or self-protection. As a law-abiding, peaceable, tax-paying citizen, I want to be able to make those decisions for myself, and I think most Americans do as well. NRA members must be unified and stand strong against threats from these elitists, must diligently exercise their right to vote in local, state and federal elections, and must make their voices heard. There’s no better place to get inspiration for the fight to protect our gun rights than at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits, April 26-28 in Indianapolis, IN. I hope to see many of you who are reading this now at the Annual Meeting.

Fredy Riehl: Sandra, there have been a vocal group of angry NRA members threatening cut all support for the NRA, pointing out in our site comments that the NRA board and leadership is out of touch, fueled by cronyism and does not listen to its members? What can you tell our readers about the current state of leadership and its efforts, if any, to correct this appearance?

Sandra S Froman: As the National Rifle Association has grown from its founding in 1871 as a small firearms training and competitive shooters organization to a 5.5 million-member political powerhouse, we have gone through countless changes, all designed to better serve our members. Over the years, we have modernized the Association in numerous ways, and we continue to do so today. The single most critical mission, throughout my time as an NRA director and officer, and as a past trustee and officer of The NRA Foundation, has been to serve and protect our members, and America’s gun owners, by defending the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. That right is under greater attack today than ever before in our nation’s history. The forces that oppose this right are better-funded and better-organized than ever before.

Because NRA’s Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre, is the face and voice of NRA, much has been said and written about him, especially by those who oppose the NRA and seek to create dissension within the Association. Having worked closely with Wayne for over 25 years, I can say that there is no one more selfless when it comes to the NRA and its members than this man. He is tough when toughness is called for, and he is compassionate when compassion is called for. He always strives to do what is right for our members, not merely what is easy, and he makes that choice often at great risk of harm to himself. Wayne has strategically led the NRA to our highest membership level ever; by his actions, he has dedicated his life to the success of NRA’s mission.

Wayne has led a brick-by-brick restoration of our Second Amendment in our country over the last four decades. He has been at the tip of the spear with concealed carry, range protection, preemption statutes. He has fought ammo bans and gun bans. The whole Second Amendment landscape would be exponentially different – and to be clear – worse – but for the sacrifices and service of Wayne LaPierre. He is a man of great courage and one worth supporting. If our membership sees fit to elect me for another term, I will continue to support Wayne and our elected officers, doing everything within my power to strengthen and safeguard the NRA.

Fredy Riehl: How can readers at AmmoLand News help support your re-election efforts to the 2019 NRA-BOD?

Sandra S. Froman: I will be honored to have your vote for the NRA Board of Directors. I believe my record as an NRA Benefactor Life Member, NRA Past President, and Director, NRA Foundation Past President and former trustee, and especially as someone who has spent half of my adult life as a pro-Second Amendment grassroots activist, will convince you that I can continue to benefit the NRA by representing you on the Board. As you cast your ballot, read the bios, analyze people’s backgrounds, consider what have they done with their lives and what skills they will bring to the board such as political, business and legal skills. Vote for up to 27 names, but you don’t have to vote for all 27. Pick those people from the ballot whose backgrounds and skills you believe will advance the NRA into the future.

Fredy Riehl: Sandra, thanks for speaking directly to the readers of AmmoLand News and good luck with your re-election efforts.

Please consider voting for Sandra S. Froman when completing your NRA-BoD ballots

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    1. As an NRA Life Member and an extremely satisfied owner of many Ruger firearms, I’m just a little uncomfortable with the NRA Board of Directors election pitch for Sandra Froman in the February 19 Ruger Newsroom. There were many candidates for the NRA Board of Directors that didn’t receive industry-financed advertising under the Ruger label.

      Just my opinion.

      Semper Fi,

      Bob Maddocks, Col USMC (Retired)

      Colorado Springs

      1. What is her opinion of the but stock semi auto gun ban? I’m not sure why anybody thought this NY Billionaire would be different than the other NYC Billionaire.

    2. The NRA might better get all new people, these are going to jail for laundering Russian money and a few might be tried a traitors. All of the top twelve NRA personal had a special Trip to Russia, paid by Russia in a special Russian jet and had dinner with Our Arch Enemy Putin. The Great American Organization is owned and ran by Russia, at lease its what Mueller and all his investigators thinks. He have Putin little female spy assigned to the NRA in jail.

    3. I’m voting for Sandra S Froman. She is obviously very intelligent. Knows her way around the law and guns, is a people person, experienced and in my mind the right person for the job. Continued success Sandy, and I hope you are reelected. The NRA needs dedicated employees, starting at the top. We also need her to help protect and save our second amendment rights.

    4. Considering what we have heard about NRA Russian trips and leadership involvement with a unregistered foreign agent who has pledge guilty to conspiracy charges, I would urge all NRA member to vote for representatives that reflect the grassroots values of the organization. Eduction of youth, support for the Second Amendment, community activism will rebuild the public trust in the NRA and help memebrship.

    5. Sandra, you represent the best in America.
      After watching your video I new your were the one to cast my Vote too.
      You will make a strong link in the NRA Chain as you always have.
      Thank you for all your efforts.

    6. So, fully backing the old stable… No mention of the current legistative proposals and how she’d oppose them… I don’t think so. I’m a Ruger fan, but my rights and freedom of choice matter more. Adam Kraut actually addresses the legal matters. He’s got my vote.

    7. You have my vote also. After watching your video I knew where one of my votes was headed. I would like to thank you
      for all of your past work with the NRA.

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