One Year Later, The Parkland Shooting Remains Controversial


Students are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school
Students are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school

Fayetteville, AR – -( One year ago this week, a deranged young man entered the Parkland High School and murdered seventeen students and members of the staff, while injuring seventeen others.

One student who survived, Jaclyn Corin, has written an editorial for The New York Times to express her objections to what she sees as inaction regarding the attack. She argues that there have been no bipartisan investigations or bills, that if an airliner crashed, there would have been an immediate response, and that she and her fellow members of March for Our Lives are determined to do something.

The analogy with air travel betrays a lack of comprehension of the two technologies involved. When a passenger of an airliner dies, this is a failure—of the machinery, of the regulation, or of the operator. TWA’s Flight 800 crashed likely due to a spark in the fuel tank. Poor maintenance is the cause of many fatal accidents, and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and Germanwings Flight 9525 appear to be the result of the pilots’ suicidal behavior. But in all of those examples, what happened was contrary to the design and typical usage of the machine.

By contrast, a gun is a weapon/tool. Now it’s true to say that most guns in private hands are not used in fights between human beings, but unlike a vehicle, a firearm is a tool that has fighting in its design. The question then becomes what fights are justified and which ones are an act of illegitimate violence against innocents. The tool in such fights is incidental to the justification or lack thereof.

What Corin and her fellow activists have neglected to address are the fact that the shooter had a lengthy history of acts of violence and threats to commit the same for over a year prior to the attack and the cowardice of law enforcement officers on the scene who were more concerned for their safety than for that of the staff and students.

Corin blames lawmakers for what she claims to be inaction, but she is careful not to make any suggestions as to what legislation could do.

Certainly, this shooting was shocking, though all needless deaths ought to disturb us, and if she only wishes to remind us of the lives lost, I would have no criticism. But the problem here is that her essay has not been sent out into the void with no associations and no implications. The website for her organization is blacked out today, but her fellow member, David Hogg, has expressed support for at least two of the typical demands of gun control advocates, universal background checks and bans on “assault weapons.” However, their approach all too often is to lead with emotionalism and to demand that we sign a blank check.

I do not mean in any way to negate the horror of what she went through. Her experience is one that she did not deserve to suffer. But millions of American gun owners did not commit that atrocity, and lashing out at us will not prevent crimes in the future. Whatever we are asked to feel or to do in an effort to reduce violence in this country must take this into account.

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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    1. A deterent of equal or greater force is required to repel or discourage a would be attack. It seems law enforcement is only there to take a report or identify the accused or victims. Why are court houses, banks and security details armed? Because it is a proven deterent that these morons cannot grasp.
      The wolves are attacking at the hen house because they is
      know there is no one to protect them.

    2. Local L.E. had been told about that kid and they failed to stop him. The F.B.I. was told about that kid and they failed to stop him. The security guards were told about that kid and they ran and hid as students and teachers were being murdered. The school cadre–same thing. Now here is the uber driver that had a chance to at least call for help and failed to do so. In as much as they were all complicit by actions and inactions, the kid is the murderer. That being said, the fore mentioned are guilty of negligent homicide, dereliction of duty etc. Maybe it would help if the fore mentioned had life size photos of the dead everywhere they live or work. The local C.O.P. is obviously trying to cover his and his departments A$$e$. The truth is if ANY of them had actually done their jobs this whole thing may not have happened. The truth is, if a few teachers had been armed there would have been less dead kids and teachers..

      The facts are that mass shootings take an average of 4 min. The facts are that typical L.E. response time is 9 min. That is not 9 min. to stop the threat, it is 9 min. to roll up on site. As bad as it was, even the attack in Vegas only took 11 min. from first shot to last shot and it took the cops an HOUR to get into the shooter’s rooms. That is right, I said shooters. Think about that. Fifty eight people down and I don’t know how many wounded in 11 min. The fact is the only true way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, a good guy who goes toward the problem-not away from it. A good guy who is willing to put a stop to innocent kids and teachers being murdered. Those are the facts.

      Here are more facts: gun free zones promote high body counts for those who are committed to that end. If you don’t have your tools with you, even if you have to be civilly disobedient to do so, there is little you can do to stop the bad guy. If you don’t carry your tools, you are limiting the choices afforded you. It is worth being civilly disobedient to ensure your family and friends are safe. Ultimately, it is the right thing to do no matter what some treasonous legislator, judge or enforcement person says. Common sense. Armed 24/7.

      Believe it or not, at least here in Az., the police have no law that says they have to protect you. So here at least, we are ultimately responsible for our own safety. Out here we have a sure cure for terrorism, home invaders, murderers, rapists etc. –we shoot back. Arm up, carry on. I mean it. Is there any other way? Arm up, carry on.

    3. “TWA’s Flight 800 crashed likely due to a spark in the fuel tank.”

      Jet fuel is hard to ignite even when vaporized. Virtually impossible for the power available, allegedly frayed wires to a fuel pump, to cause a spark that could have ignited a fuel tank explosion. In actual testing it took the equivalent of an oxy/acetylene torch to ignite the vapor.

      1. TWA’s Flight 800 crashed likely due to a spark in the fuel tank.

        Don’t swallow the government blended KoolAde.

        The fuel tank spark insanity is bogus, a coverup/diversion which has been quit successful in diverting the attention of the vulnaraable pubilc. There IS plenty of evicendce, well cuppressed, that the cause of that crash was a missile fired from a naval vessel to the south of the flight path, hitting the aircraft during its climbout.

        Nearly ever car manufactured for the US market over the past twenty years has a high pressure fuel pump fitted INSIDE the fuel tank, and muliptiple wires carrying current, which wires are totally immersed in the fuel.. which in almost all cases is HIGHLY VOLATILE GASOLINE. Jet fuel is only a little lighter/more volatile than diesel fuel. It is also enough of an insulator that any spark that may occure can ONLY happen when the two poles of rhe ciurcuit are so close together the gap is so small it cannot generate sufficient heat to ignite even vapour, aid if the gap is large enough to develop the requried heat, the distance is too great for the spark to cross anyway.

        SO.. the intitial incident was covered up as to cause, then the FAA and CIA lied in disseminating the fuel tank theory, and the ensuing multi-billion dollar “retrofit” to “fix” a problem that never existed. Perhapes one of the more expensive coverup/diversion scams ever. Forensic examination of recovered aircraft parts does NOT reveal an internal to external explosioin pathway, it clearl exhibits external to internal force. further, residues of the exposive charge recovered from the airframe pieces is a match for what the type of missile deployed aboard that naval vessel used at the time. That does not even get near mentioning the multiple consistend independent eyewitness accouts from credible witnesses scattered over a wide range of territory in the area uder and near the flight path.

        DO a search for “TWA 800 Crash” or investigation.

        If that aircraaft was brought down by an internal fuel tank explosioin, I’ve got a chikkin can fly to the moon and badk all by herself in a week.

        Furthe,r consider the aircraft had just left the termiinal fully loaded for a transatlantic flight… ALL the fuel tanks would have been full or nearly so, the electrical equipment within the tanks is all secured at the bottom, so as to help keep it cool by being immersed in the liquuid. NONE of the tanks would have been full of vapour….

        Any government sponsored investigation of the Parklsnd School shooting would be aobut as reliable, trustworthy, and accirate, as was the scam TWA 800 “investigation” charade.

    4. Dog, I think that all jurisdictions have authority to arrest for terroristic threats. local LEOs to the FBI were aware of the threat and did not properly act. Once the Uber driver let the kid with the rifle case into the car he should have driven him to police station instead to school.

      Can not you even visualize the possible effects of ERPOs on everybody. Execution of the order does not require evidence. Any one can initiated execution anytime on anybody, meaning you, me, and them. This is a dangerous theat to our civil rights and a deadly threat to our lives.

      We are all involved one way or the other caring or not.

    5. The picture reveals a lot, too. See how the LEOs treat the non suspects? It is easier to bully the community, than go inside the school where the shooting was. The message is clear, the public better obey and demonstrate that they are not armed … for the rest of their lives.

      1. Good view and your description of a bigger picture. The firearms held by LEOs pointing in the direction of the children seem to be what the news call assault rifles. I wonder if the parents, anti-gun or not, take issue with that. It is surprising that the LEOs are not also carrying bull whips and cattle prods.

        By the way, has anyone yet asked the Uber driver why he drove a kid carrying a rifle case to school?

        1. Jack Mac, The Media calls the AR15 a assault weapon when it is in the hands of the public, but in the hands of the police the media calls the AR15 a semi auto rifle. I guess the same firearm is defined different depending on who’s hands it is in.
          As for the Parkland shooting, no one stated they saw that kid with a gun or said they saw him doing the shooting! And it has never been reported that they retrieved the weapon. The kid was carrying a back pack, not a gun case. Also, after the shooting started the kid was walking down the hallway with a girl that said to him, I thought this would be you doing the shooting. He looked at her and said, huh? The kids said there were two shooters, that they were shot at at one stairwell and ran to another and were shot at there too. Also a teacher stated that she saw the one of the shooters, and he was dressed in full body armor (as in swat gear) (and thought what are the police doing here so quick?) and was shot at grazing her arm while she was getting students into a classroom. All the while the police stayed outside letting the shooter(s) do as much damage as possible, and two swat officers (came to help) but never told anyone they were going there to help and never reported in when they got there, nor reported a time when they arrived!
          Then the cops arrested the scape goat, oh, sorry, I meant the kid, two miles away saying he still had loaded magazines in his pocket and the kid did not run or resist arrest.
          Then the gun control protests were scheduled and permits were issued before the shooting even happened.
          There is no way such big protests could be scheduled funded and put together so quickly. Unless of course they knew about it in advance.
          You figure it out if you can connect the dots!
          If this was not a Gov’t operation to gain public support for more gun control and gun bans I will kiss your ass in public!

    6. Yeah, and they promote ‘see something, say something’ to curb these kinds of attacks. The BCSO saw plenty, the high school admin saw plenty, the viewers of facebook saw plenty, security saw plenty. Nothing was done so the attack went on unabated. The only reason the shooting is controversial is that the authorities failed the citizens completely and they are busy trying to deflect the blame to the weapon used, or the NRA. You would think it was scripted.

      1. There is no question that it is scripted…. TONS of “signs” given, ALL ignored by ALL, including the after the act 15 seconds of fame “friends” ! It is NOT the gun, it IS the finger on the trigger of that gun tat kills. This was 100% completely preventable. Those around him failed, NOT the millions of law abiding citizens that didn’t know of him till the shooting.
        Those involved and whining for gun control….. You want a person or weapon that caused this to happened ?
        LOOK IN THE MIRROR !!!!!!!

    7. The media refuse to acknowledge that it was the Obama administration’s threatening letter to schools, making it clear they would fall under federal scrutiny if they disciplined minority students more than whites regardless of the actual offense rates of minorities and whites, that set the stage for the Parkland shooting. The shooter had been written up 30 times for behaviors that prior to Obama’s actions would have had him suspended or expelled and in many cases referred for criminal prosecution. But he was released back to victimize and torment his fellow students and the faculty again and again and again, because of Obama’s policies (which President Trump has revoked).

      The kid was a ticking time bomb, but no one was willing to defuse that bomb lest the Obama administration come after them for being “racist.”

      1. You point out the basic cause for the incident to occur. The gov’t really has no interest in protecting the youth of America other than to groom more democrat voters.

    8. Go to the Parkland shooting report on his internet activity and read very closely what he was searching and looking at. Ask yourself why Sheriff Gualtierez (sic) was put in charge of the state of Florida investigation and report and why they got hold of his computers and not the FBI. The Sheriff stopped or rather his agency stopped a massive school and community mass shooting and poisoning in Oct. 2017. If you look at what was posted by his department you will see the connection. Of interest I believe his department also arrested a young man whose parents turned over his cell phone due to the gun porn and threats he had made. The SO discovered some other interesting “Gun Porn” that was of much more legal interest that did not meet the innocence standard. Perhaps this was the same “Gun Porn” the Parkland shooter was said to be always trying to access at school.
      Study carefully what was revealed pretty much under duress about the shooter at the country music concert in Las Vegas and what his brother was arrested for receiving. The charges were dropped in July/August 2018. The question is why? Why is there a discrepancy abut the computers from what the local officers saw and what the FBI said. How was his guarded house broken into? Why has there not been a broken down internet search history for all the shooters? Why was it only done for the Parkland shooter? Who was in charge in all those?
      Now jump back to Adam Lanza and Newtown. If you knew what was on the net and what they said about him and what sites he visited it all falls into place with him and “them”. Lanza being investigated for trying to crack into the CIA is almost certainly bogus. He found their young purple orchids and they came and investigated him and decided he was an over sexed teen boy who couldn’t get some girl to do the TDYP. They inadvertently let him know or reinforced the idea of how special and valuable the children at Newtown were directing his anger at them? Never mind his anger at his mother and the fact she worked or volunteered there.
      A mere five months earlier you saw it in action again at the movie theatre in Aurora Co. The fact that he had no dates and he wrote evaluations of the prostitutes he bought because he could not get any girls again to do the TDYP
      Look at the video games they were playing accept the Las Vegas gunmen and he may have been but “they” will not say. If you really want to chase rabbits look at the video games that Brevick (sic) the shooter in Norway was playing and why he might have targeted all those teenagers at the summer camp.
      That which killed all these people also killed the primary school students in Dunblane (sic) Scottland and they flat out told you when it killed the kids at Stockton California in 1989.
      Still confused ask yourself why the Florida state legislature voting along party lines condemned violent pornography and strangely enough if you don’t know adopted the motto In God We Trust. Why did Congress finally get off it’s butt and outlaw sex trafficking advertisements about a week after Parkland. In 2018 in the SOTU speech when addressing the second amendment issue the President looked skyward and made a distinct statement with the then Speaker of the House making a symbolic gesture of agreement If you knew what was really going on that would make sense. Finally why during Thanksgiving Holiday in 2017 did You Tube get hammered with all the child exploitation imagery supposedly from Russia. What is on You Tube that is legal that is related to what “they” had out there that isn’t exactly innocent.
      What is the connection to the Russian who supposedly cracked Hillary Clinton’s server in 2012 and why had he been in prison in Russia and why was he back in prison when he apparently cracked the server? What was his connection to “them”. It would be interesting to see what the Russian student who shot up the technical school in Crimea this past Fall was looking at and playing on the net especially given the comments by the Russian Government.
      Was he looking at the young purple orchids as well.
      Anthony Wiener, Jarrod from Subway, and the guy from Sons of Guns would have really liked “their” material . Face Book pulled over 8 million images in the three months prior to Nov. of 2018 Still confused or lost check out the Mercy Hospital System SANE Study from 2017-18 and it will all make sense.

    9. The parkland incident should be a combination of remainders that the authorities have no obligation to protect you let alone stop a violent crime and the powers that be are to incompetent or corrupt to even do their jobs properly.

      There had been close to 40 times the the fbi, sheriff Israel and his corrupt broward sheriff’s department, broward school board and Florida social services had plenty of chances to stop Cruz and were fully warned and completely aware of his behaviour but did absolutely nothing to prevent it despite the resources they had.

      And with news and into coming out about the school, it’s staff and the sheriff’s office. One can’t help but wonder if the incident was intentionally allowed to happen.

    10. We need to focus whenever one post on social media such as Instagram. As Cruz stated: “I plan to shoot up the school.” This should not be ignored. I don’t care if it is called an ERPO, Red Flag Law, or this scenario: “Hello 911, there is a guy that said he has a bomb he got from aliens in outer space, and he has the timer set at 56 minutes”. We, as patriotic American citizens, need then to become involved. See It, Here It, Report it.

      1. @The Green Way I Dog, Extremely SPOT ON! These are the indicators that are supposed to turn us on to our duties as citizens of this country , to get involved, to rock that boat, to be the one that makes the noise, the squeaky wheel, enter into that uncomfortable, unknown realm to be the one to prevent this hell from happening to our fellow citizens!

      2. @ GRF Do you actually think a check of instagram would have caused Cruz any problems. It is a well known fact that the FBI and the Sheriff had well more than enough to do something. They were at his house thirty some times and if that wouldn’t produce something more than a stupid social media message would. You would just like to turn someone in. Read 1984, you would be opposite the good side and would cause a lot of people to get vaporized.

        1. Tomcat,
          To one who that needs their potty mouth washed out with a fresh bar of Lava Soap. The ones I have reported, have led to them being incarcerated. Lets please be respectful when responding! Thank you!
          The GWD.

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