ATF, NSSF $5,000 Reward for Info on Burglaries of Ruger’s Custom Guns & SafeShoot

ATF, NSSF $5,000 Reward for Info on Burglaries of Ruger’s Custom Guns & SafeShoot
ATF, NSSF $5,000 Reward for Info on Burglaries of Ruger’s Custom Guns & SafeShoot. Photo of male suspects wanted for FFL burglaries.

Ulster County, N. Y. – -( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) have offered a combined reward of up to $2,500. (up to $1,250 from ATF and up to $1,250 from NSSF) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the burglary of firearms from each federally licensed dealer.

On February 23, 2019, at about 1:30 am, two unknown individuals forcibly entered Ruger’s Custom Guns Inc., FFL located at 1050 Morton Blvd, Kingston, NY 12401 in the Town of Ulster and removed a long gun.

On February 27, 2019, at about 5:00 am, two unknown individuals forcibly entered SafeShoot LLC, FFL located at 10 Kieffer Lane, Kingston, NY 12402, in the Town of Ulster and removed two handguns and ammunition. Surveillance photos from the time of the incident are above. The same individuals may be connected to the burglary of a residence in the city of Kingston on February 22, 2019, where additional firearms were stolen.

The Ulster Police Department and Kingston Police Department are working in conjunction with the ATF Albany Field Office on the aforementioned investigations.

Anyone with information about either burglary or the stolen firearms should contact ATF at 188-ATF-GUNS (888-283-4867), the Ulster Police Department at (845) 382-1111, the Kingston Police Department at (845)331-1671 or email [email protected] or contact ATF through its website at Tips may also be submitted to the ATF through the Reportit® app, available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, or by visiting All tips will remain confidential.

ATF, along with our law enforcement partners, is committed to ensuring that our communities are safe and that those who violate federal laws are held accountable. ATF is the Federal Agency primarily responsible for administering and enforcing the criminal and regulatory provisions of the Federal laws pertaining to destructive devices, explosives and arson. More information about ATF and its programs is available at

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American Patriot

Looks like the Democraps hired more oppressed blacks to do the job.

Walter Goddard

There are some similar facts in this case, that point to the bits and pieces of the names, combined with the numbers. It’s mostly a mystery to me, but I see parts of a spiritual puzzle. For instance: Ammoland posted an article today about… … “Kiefer Police Department placed an order for the Watchman in its short-barrel rifle (SBR) configuration.” Now look at the address in this article: … ATF, NSSF $5,000 Reward for Info on Burglaries of Ruger’s Custom Guns & SafeShootSafeShoot LLC, FFL located at 10 Kieffer Lane, Kingston, NY 12402 in the Town of Ulster and removed… Read more »


goddam Lithuanians are at it again!!


If I was a thief NY is not the place I would chose to lift guns. Ny hates guns and now there are three more guns in the hands of the hood. The surveillance videos are pretty clear but then again how do you find a needle in a hay stack.


It could have been thieves of any color. Prejudice is not the issue. The weapons being in the wrong hands is an issue. Hope the guns are recovered and the guys put in the penn.

Scotty Gunn

Looks like the Amish are at it again. Always troublemakers, those Amish.

willy d

GMD: I don’t go with you on most things you say, but I will agree with you on gun placement, I myself carry on my person at all times, bed time is only time it is off,but is within reach at that time! Had an uncle years ago that you couldn’t sit in any chair without sitting on a gun, I asked him why and was told just wanted to have total access at any time, asked about when he went away and he said he just left them where they were, that was a mindset that I don’t carry… Read more »

Bart Gulley

To lazy to work, so they steal from the working man like me busting my a$$ for things I enjoy, collectible firearms. And why is it always afri-koons stealing, looting causing problems across our country. Once arrested and incarcerated for a few weeks they’ll be right back to there low life standards of stealing. If they’d start using 19th century laws again and hang these worthless p.o.s. then I’d think we’d eventually thin the trash out of our country. Like I said, we’ve got to impose hangings again, not just for stealing, rape, violent crimes or our elderly and my.list… Read more »


Proof that there is a reason that blacks outnumber Whites in prisons across the country 5 to 1. Not because of racism, because, like the whites in prison, they are criminals and deserve to be there.

James Elmer

GEE Fancy DAT. The dude is black wearing a hoodie. Just gotta be another Black Lives Matters thing. FKing idiots still can’t figure out why they always nahev the finger pointing at them.


Or maybe these businesses can do a better job of securing things.

Get Out

Articles don’t say how the weapons were secured prior to being stolen. Do you know if the weapons were in a safe or not?


thanks obama,,more and more everyday our country goes down the drain,because of feral thug lowlife minority scum

Witold Pilecki

How did I guess I would see what I saw in the the video stills? “Hoodlums” in hoodies!

The Green Watch Dog

As gun laws continue to be more restrictive across the country, look for more perps coming to get our guns. Lets not make it so easy for them as coming in the house and finding a six shooter under the cushions of a flowered couch.


If perps come into my house they will easily see the sixgun,in my Hand!