Moms Demand Action Publicly Criticized for INACCURATE Testimony

Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director

Shannon Guse Moms Demand Action
Ms. Shannon Guse, speaking on behalf of Moms Demand Action, made patently false statements in her testimony about HB-403.

Florida – -( On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, two bills supported by NRA & USF were heard and overwhelmingly passed in the House Criminal Justice Committee.

  • HB-403 Property & Guns Rights of Churches by Rep. Erin Grall (R) is a bill to restore the private property rights of religious institutions. It restores the right of churches to allow the licensed carrying of firearms on church property for safety and security of church members and guests. The bill passed the House Criminal Justice Committee by a vote of 12-2.
  • HB-6005 Guns/Vehicles in Parking Lots of Schools by Rep Cord Byrd (R) Stops School Districts from overriding the law and the Constitution and restores the right of adults to have guns securely stored in their cars in school parking lots. This bill passed by a vote of 10-3.

Ms. Shannon Guse, speaking on behalf of Moms Demand Action, made patently false statements in her testimony about HB-403. But she didn't get away with it. Democrat Ranking Committee Member, Rep. Michael Grieco, called her out in front of the Committee for her inaccurate testimony.

Rep. Michael Grieco told Shannon Guse, “I have concerns when there are statements made that are just blatantly inaccurate.” He also said statements about guns going into jails and prisons are completely inaccurate… that's not what's happening ma'am. I have worked with you folks for several years now, I'm with you, but when you come in here, you've got to be accurate.”

Prior to Rep. Greico's reprimand of Moms Demand Action's Shannon Guse, Rep. Byron Donalds (R) told Committee Members that the intent of the bill is clear and “the other thing that's clear, given the public testimony [of opponents], is that I'm not sure if they actually read the bill.”

This is certainly not the first time speakers on behalf Moms Demand Action have given inaccurate testimony but it is the first time Committee members (both Democrat and Republican) have taken them to task for inaccurate testimony.

Rep. Michael Greico (D) and Rep. Byron Donalds (R) are to be commended for insisting on accuracy.

You can watch the hearing on both bills by clicking on the link below to The Florida Channel's video of the hearing.

The beginning of testimony on HB-403 starts at 50 minutes into the hearing. Move the time button at the bottom of video to 50 minutes. HB-6005 testimony immediately follows HB-403.

ROLL CALL VOTES on HB-403: FOR: Reps. James Bush (D), Byron Donalds (R), Dane Eagle (R), Juan Fernandez-Barquin (R), Heather Fitzenhagen (R), James Grant (R), Michael Grieco (D), Stan McClain (R), Spencer Roach (R), William Robinson (R), Anthony Sabatini (R), David Santiago (R), AGAINST: Reps. Michael Gottlieb (D), Adam Hattersley (D).

ROLL CALL VOTES on HB-6005: FOR: Byron Donalds (R), Dane Eagle (R), Juan Fernandez-Barquin (R), Heather Fitzenhagen (R), James Grant (R), Stan McClain (R), Spencer Roach (R), William Robinson (R), Anthony Sabatini (R), David Santiago (R), AGAINST: Reps. James Bush (D), Reps. Michael Gottlieb (D), Adam Hattersley (D).

  • 30 thoughts on “Moms Demand Action Publicly Criticized for INACCURATE Testimony

    1. Always challenge their anti-gun lies and they’ll show their true anti-gun agenda every time. Once these liars get called out they get nastier. Basically shut them up with the truth.

    2. Those may be baby steps but congratulations to Fla. for passing some positive gun laws. As far as Mommies are concerned, they are just saying what has been fed to them and what they get paid for. It is a more honorable profession than standing on a street corner, but not much.

    3. When you see them, please ask for them to name 10 gun laws out of the thousands on the books. They couldn’t if their lives depended on it. Then ask why they are involved in something they know nothing about.

    4. Feminism is the root cause of so many of the problems we have in this society today. Men should be men and women should be women, that is basic physiology and it can’t be changed by law, by social engineering or even by surgery. There are things men do better than women and there are things women do better than men, that’s just a fact. Women are not supposed to be equal to men, they are supposed to be better than men by doing the things men cannot do.

    5. Mommies who need some action lie all the time. It’s all they have. They lie about legislation, crowd size, “membership” and the gun lobby.

      It’s good to see SOMEONE take them to task besides us.

    6. The sad part is that the woman probably believed what she said along with all the other moms that have been drinking the Kool-aid. They will not do any research, only regurgitate whats been fed to them.

    7. When the facts don’t support your position, just make up new “facts”.

      “Why shouldn’t truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction. after all has to make sense.” Mark Twain

    8. The Demonrat committee member calling out the commie-mommy was engaging in preemptive damage control. He knew her statement would be attacked on the Right almost instantly, because everyone KNOWS it was a LIE. By calling it “blatantly inaccurate”, he’s covering her lie in another lie.

      People like these ought to be prohibited by law from having ANYTHING to do with public policy, either as ‘stakeholders’, (whatever that is), lobbyists, voters, or worst of all, as ‘policy makers’. These are the domestic enemies of our Constitution.

      1. Will Flatt, I had exactly the same thought when I read this. The DimmycRAT only called her out, with a softpedal rebuke, because it was a blatant lie. Had he not, it’s possible all the DimmycRATS would be exposed as the liars they are. “Inaccurate” my butt!

      1. the mozzies have a word for that behaviour, and I rather like it:


        lying is OK if it advances your agenda.

        Back when some hack state senator in Washington State was trying to float an “assault weapons ban” law in a kneejerk reaction to a recent high profile mass pubilc shooting… where the shooter was a convicted felon in violation of his parole, and under indictment on two other felony matters, he was illegally supplied with a HANDGUN and murdered four policemen having a pre-shift get togther in a local coffeehouse. And THAT was why this clown senator from Seattle (Adam Kline) demanded we pass an “assault weapons ban” in the state. Yeah, right…. anyway Josh SUgarman was the vile mouthpiece for the anti-gun group (Brady? This was pre Scammy Crooks, so no Mad Mommies yet) and I watched him deliberatly and knowingly LIE in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee…. the committee killed the bill, and Kline tried to bring it to a floor vote at session’s end. That failed too.

        HOW IS IT that out of state money can come in and fund campaigns for bills that affect the entire state but do not affect anything back where the money came from? And WHY IS IT that people can get up and testify in these hearings, lie, and face no consequences? Isn’t that perjury? Or do those testifying not have to take an oath to testify accurately and honestly? If not, that needs to change. Anyone caught giving false tstimony in front of a hearing for a bill should be punished. Until THAT happens, any monkey can get up and spew anything and walk away clean. Not right.

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