New Hampshire’s House Advances Demcorat’s Anti-Gun Bills

By John Crump

New Hampshire Live Free or Die
New Hampshire Moto Live Free or Die, If New Hampshire House Democrats get their way, then that will soon change.

Concord, New Hampshire-( state with the motto “Live Free or Die” and in 2017 instituted constitutional carry has advanced more gun control bills through the legislature.

New Hampshire is known for being a libertarian-leaning haven. Being libertarian also includes some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country.

If New Hampshire House Democrats get their way, then that will soon change. On Tuesday, the bill known as HB514 passed the Democrat-controlled legislative body by a vote of 199-147. The proposed law would instate a seven-day waiting period on gun purchases.

The passage of the bill comes on the hills of the New Hampshire House passing a red flag law last week. Democrats plan on pushing through more gun bills in the coming days.

Supporters of the waiting period bill claim that the proposed law would save lives in the Granite State.

“Waiting periods can and do save lives by preventing impulsive acts of violence and suicide,” House Majority Leader Doug Ley said at a press conference after signing the bill. “Our most important job as legislators is to protect and preserve the health and safety of all New Hampshire citizens, and I am pleased that the House voted today to do just that. It is imperative that New Hampshire join the ranks of states that take this important action to avoid violent tragedy.”

Rep Lay claims that the suicide rate in the state has increased by 50% since 1999. He ties these increased rates of suicide to not having a waiting period for guns. New Hampshire has currently ranked 32nd for suicides the country. New Jersey sits as number one.

Groups like the New Hampshire Firearm Safety Coalition and the Brady Campaign have pushed for these waiting periods. Democrats have worked closely with anti-gun groups to restrict the rights of New Hampshire citizens.

The NRA and other gun rights groups have vowed to fight back against the proposed law. They call it an assault on the New Hampshire State resident's Second Amendment rights. They call the mandatory waiting period on purchasing firearms a way to ban private sales since the bill would require a waiting period on those sales as well.

Gun rights advocates also point the tragic death of Carol Bowne as proof as for why gun waiting periods are a terrible idea. In that case, the New Jersey resident took out a restraining order against her violent ex-boyfriend.

Knowing that wasn’t going to stop him, Browne filed with the Berlin Township Police for a pistol permit. While she was still waiting for the permit, her ex-boyfriend showed up and murdered her by repeatedly slabbing Browne.

House Democrats also introduced and passed HB109 by a margin of 203-148. Democrats say that the bill would require a background check on “commercial sales” of firearms as well as a seven-day waiting period for guns. That makes it sound like a business to a business deal.

Reading the text of the bill reveals that House Democrats consider private gun sales at a gun show a commercial deal. Republicans see this as another way of banning private gun sales. Gun shows have long been a target of the anti-gun groups.

Both bills will now advance to the Democrat-controlled New Hampshire Senate where both proposed laws are expected to pass.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who ran on “no new gun laws,” is expected to veto the two bills.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

  • 33 thoughts on “New Hampshire’s House Advances Demcorat’s Anti-Gun Bills

    1. There has never been a single instance that can be proven that a waiting period of any duration has prevented a single wounding or killing of a human being with a handgun or any other firearms, not one. NH.for a short time after the passing of the Brady act had A 7 day waiting period. It didn’t stop any such incidents. NH through the DOS determines if any NH residents are prohibited from purchasing a handgun from any licensed dealer. They do the criminal record check and procedie delay or denie the transfer of A handgun to the purchaser. The State has up to 7 days to issue a allow or stop the sale if A delay is issued during the original sale attempt. A: Most murders committed with any firearms have been owned years prior to the act. B: It is common knowledge that if any person is planning a homicide and the weapon of choice is a firearm in a State that has a waiting period of any duration they factor that into thire plans. C: 98% of all impulse or passionate murders are committed with what ever weapon is available, knife, blunt instrument, hands. Their are thousands of verified instances where the leagl delays on a citizen to purchase a firearm has ended costing them their lives. The example quoted in this article is obvious. The 2A in both the Federal Bill of Rights and the N.H.Constitution is there for just that reason. No citizen has the right or expectations of personal protection from any lawenforcement officer unless specifically graentied or promised by the Chief of Police. You are on your own. It’s your life, it’s your responsibility to protect it. A restraining order is only a piece of paper. Unless there is a cop or bodyguard standing next to you it isn’t worth the paper it printed on. In NH where I live the fast majority of firearms injuries are accidents or suicide. Waiting periods won’t obviously prevent this. You can’t fix stupid or stop any person that has decided to end thire life. The number of people felonious injured or killed each year is very small. More NH residents die each day by heroin and other drug use each day than do in a 10 year period with firearms. Any such anti gun law is an example of the Camels nose under the tent. We all know how that ended.

    2. More than 20,000 gun laws on the book, how many needed? Bunch of liberal thugs trying to disarm and enslave people nothing more! New Hampshire just fine, these extremists and b’s views need to leave New Hampshire! Some of these gun bills sure to pass, far as I know they don’t have bullet proof veto?

    3. I’ve heard that time heals all wounds, but can someone explain how the waiting period can cure depression permanently, thus stopping suicides? Which medical study did this concept come from? With chuckle headed liberals, maybe the state motto should be “Live free, or not.”

    4. The slogan “live free or die” has become just a slogan. The stat of NH is caving to the spreading cancerous democrats.
      Is the reason for this turn from conservative being fueled by the voters not being concerned and patriotic enough to be involved? If that is the reason then it is time for a wake-up call before all is lost. Once it is lost there will be no getting it back and it won’t be fun.

    5. Has anyone ever found a document that has detailed how many illegal shootings have occurred within 7 days of a person purchasing and bringing home a firearm?

    6. This what happens when Democrats run our Education in our country. Just Face it North East you people are doomed to live under the Iron fist of the Democrat Party.

    7. I dont know if 7 days is going to stop the suicide thing.
      Lately a lot of famous people have hung themselves. Might want to put 7 day wait on rope? Heroin? Any opioid? Cars and trucks? Buildings over 2 floors? Cliffs over 4 feet? Hell I don’t know, maybe we should start helping our mentally ill people first?

    8. This is what I have been saying for some time, this Virus from the Demo-Rats and Libs is what they want, they have most of the North East under their control, now they are moving inland, Vermont and Pa are the next targets, just get a copy of what the Demo-Rats are trying to pass in Pa now, it is totally out of control, it is just like the West Coast, it has moved into Nevada, who is next??????? These fools move from states that they have destroyed, tax and restrict, then move to another state but don’t leave their mentality behind and then spreads it to the state that they move into!!!!!!!!!!! Talk About Brain-Farts they have shown how dumb that they can be over and over!!!!!

      1. Gen Patton observed that “Wars are not won by dying for your country. Wars are won by making the other poor son-of-a-bitch die for his.” (paraphrased)

    9. Political Criminals could care less about Constitutional rights. They have written off one of the greatest documents ever created, and apparently are proud of all they are trying to do to get rid of it. Disgraceful…..

    10. The North Est is a freedom dead zone. The liberal cancer is spreading and seemingly cannot be stopped. For those who used to enjoy the freedoms and protection of the Constitution, remember this is what you get when you buy into the “everything for free”, and the “it’s for your own good”, bulls**t. In the end, yoouare responsible for what they will do to you!

    11. These “control” gun servants (and groups) (both dems and pubs) slice away, death by a thousands cuts, throw the frog (People) in cold water as they won’t jump out before it is too late and boil! Do they hate the 2nd Amendment more than they love America? Does their hate blind them from seeing if they ever accomplished their goal, total confiscation of firearms, America would fall under attack?

      With 99% of the population unarmed, the military made up of 1% would have no backup. It is “We The People”, an armed citizenry, which discourages foreign countries from attacking us, not our military!. Disarm the citizenry, the Republic of America is doomed.

      If the above is true, then are not these “control” gun servants and groups guilty of 18 USC 115?

    12. Hmmm a 7 day waiting period for all gun purchases ?! So let’s say you already own a 357,45, 454, and then you have to wait 7 days to buy a 22 !? Idiotic in itself !! If they truly want to make so called common sense laws and have a waiting period USE common sense !!
      Have a 7 day wait for the purchase of the 1st gun!! Anything after that would just be ( redumbdant ) or redundancies !! That are totally unnecessary after the first purchase, it’s like buying a Ford F-350 dual wheel, driving it for a year then being made to wait 7 days to purchase a Kia Sorento while they check out your good driving record!!

      Common sense is very uncommon among politicians and democrats lately

    13. NH is in the top 5 safest places to live in the US
      Gun control shouldn’t even be on the radar. It is hard to vote the idiots out when they keep moving here from non free states, and bring their dictator way of living to free states

      1. Not “…you…people” but “I.” What am I going to do? Why strive to teach people what they never learned or have forgotten: that “…shall not be infringed” means what it says or that the Constitution means nothing, which would eliminate the rights of those who encourage and carry out infringements.

    14. It is amazing how quickly and willingly free people line up to have their teeth removed and their chains re-installed.
      Liberty has the same number of letters as Bondage, too bad words don’t mean anything anymore.

    15. First it was Vermont,now B-Loon-Berg’s Leftist loons are targeting my next door neighbors in New Hampshire.
      The N. H. woman’s defense league were kind enough to lend us morel support at our hearing,pearl necklaces and all,classy ladies,Thanks.

    16. Sooo…. In order to deter some preventable crimes…. You will allow stalkers and rapists a 7 day window before their victim has a chance to defend themselves.

      Suicide and impulsive violent action can most times be deterred by peers and family. Sure intent of committing violent action usually can be attributed to a history of committing violent actions (and criminal history), which can be preventable given proper background checks. But the Dems don’t want certain agencies to report certain people. So it’s obvious that they are only fueling tragedy to help further their agenda.

    17. If people want to kill or commit suicide they will always find a way to get guns off the streets, These laws are only being implemented to take our guns away so they can take us over and control easier . Wake up America !!!!!

    18. With our technology we have today, a seven day waiting periods serves only to frustrate. Good to learn that ERPOs’ are becoming the norm all across our nation as well as should be.

      1. “As well as should be”?!?! Please tell me you simply neglected the (sarcasm) annotation, after such a defiantly proud plug in support of despicable and blatantly obvious unconstitutional infringements to our inherently God given rights, via Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws?!?! I mean there cant possibly be another explanation, right?! Unless your some kind of trolling shill fudd, with an inclination to offer up not only your rights, but apparently the rights of others as well, for what is precisely and undeniably an attack on individual liberties and freedoms! And for nothing more than yet another “feel good” punishment of the law abiding due to a criminals actions, that will do less than nothing to address the “crisis” it is intended to. How about I report you for hacking government infrastructure, based on my, and ONLY my, unsubstantiated suspicions, due to differing Red Flag/E.R.P.O law opinions, and have your access to the internet and computer technology revoked?! Have your home and place of business raided in the middle of the night, you’re put on a secret list, then made to prove your innocence to get all your phones, computers, smart tv’s, gaming consoles, and anything else with internet capability, returned through court proceedings, provided, of course, you have the time and means necessary to do so, that is? No? Dont like that proposition? GOOD! Its exactly what you encourage with supporting Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws! What makes you think that once the government is given this kind of route around due process that they will stop at just firearms on some sort of ideological principal?! This is the “slippery slope” Feinstein and Pelosi advocate for and you are absolutely HELPING them implement it when you support Red Flag/E.R.P.O laws!

        1. Please, You have my permission to have the goons of our government hover over my house with a big fishing net. Nothing to hide, nothing for me to fret about. As for the boogie men, yes they should fear ERPOs

    19. At least NH has a “firewall” in Gov. Sununu. Here in Kommiecticut we are always SCREWED by single party rule.

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