Weatherby Manufacturing Establishes Wyoming Residency March 1, 2019

Weatherby Manufacturing Establishes Wyoming Residency March 1, 2019
Weatherby Manufacturing Establishes Wyoming Residency March 1, 2019

Sheridan, WY-( Weatherby, Inc is nearing the final steps in the move to Sheridan, WY from Paso Robles, CA. Weatherby manufacturing will be establishing residency in new Sheridan, Wyoming facility March 1, 2019.

“When you see the words ‘Sheridan, WY’ stamped in the side of a Mark V action, it just looks right. We are excited to see the beginning of our manufacturing in Sheridan, Wyoming.”, says Adam Weatherby.

The first firearms that will be built in the new facility in Sheridan will be the new Wyoming Commemorative rifles. There will be two versions of the Wyoming Commemorative rifles, the Gold and the Silver. Both versions will be chambered in the world-famous .300 Weatherby Mag and will feature the widely recognizable “Bucking Horse and Rider” beautifully engraved on the floor plate. The Gold version will feature highly figured exhibition grade walnut and the Silver version will feature beautiful AAA walnut. Both Gold and Silver stocks will feature a custom designed mountain scene integrated into the classic fine line checkering. The receivers are highly decorated with beautiful engravings. The Gold version will also have gold and silver barrel bands and will include a custom felt lined leather case.

Weatherby Manufacturing Establishes Wyoming Residency March 1, 2019. First Rifles Built in Sheridan Facility are On Schedule.
Weatherby Manufacturing Establishes Wyoming Residency
March 1, 2019. First Rifles Built in Sheridan Facility are On Schedule.

The Gold Commemorative has an MSRP of $10,000.00 with serial numbers starting at WY000001. The Silver Commemorative has an MSRP at $6,500.00 with serial numbers starting at WY000501.

For more information on the new Sheridan, Wyoming facility navigate to Weatherby, Inc. social media channels for full video walk-through and discussion of the facility.

For purchasing information about the new Wyoming Commemorative visit .

About WeatherbyWeatherby

Founded in 1945, Weatherby, Inc. is a family-owned company that continues to fuel the passion of hunters and shooters around the globe by building some of the world’s finest firearms. With a legacy of setting new standards in ballistics and performance, the company is committed to redefining excellence on the range and in the field. The Weatherby line features the legendary Mark V® rifles (production and custom), popular Vanguard® rifles, and shotguns like the Orion®, Element® and SA-08™. Weatherby’s premium ammunition and shooting accessories are also the choice for discerning shooters worldwide. The company is based in Sheridan, WY and invites all hunters and shooters to visit their social media communities. The latest Weatherby films can be viewed at For more information, go to .

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Patriot guy

I have vacationed in wyoming many times. I remember back in the 1980’s Weatherby was talking about relocating to another area, I wrote to them and suggested Wyoming. Well, they finally did. Thats great! Now other gun manufacturing companies from the east coast should move there too. Today its easy to ship products with UPS and FedEx. Good luck Weatherby in Wyoming!


Decades ago Sacramento was designated the political pigsty of the Western World. It still is.


That should be “the entire state of CA. political pigsty”…..

Ralph G.

My wife and I left the Peoples Republik of California last year to settle into rural Texas. We have been and will remain tea party members since its founding a decade ago, are “ever-Trumpers” and I am NRA Patron Life. We certainly did not bring any unwelcome political sentiments to conservative Texas and most CA ex-pats I have met, and there are many, are politically conservative. It is the failure of socialism, not economic advantage, that drove us from California.

I just received my Texas Concealed Handgun License, something few Californians (other than politicians) can ever have.


Congratulations on your move to a State, which will appreciate and defend you in the future. I wish you the very nest of luck and hope that your transition is seamless and that The Great State Of Wyoming enjoys increased employment and benefits from your move.


It seems like these companies moving out of commie high tax states could lower the retail price of their products since their overhead is going to be less. Those costs are pass throughs to the purchasers.

Michael Krowski

Wyoming rocks with Weatherby !!! I travel to California a lot more and more, I’m getting to think how dangerous and healthy the Golden State has become!!! As a 5 generation native of the Cowboy State welcome!!! To Wyoming!!!
Peace !!! And everyone stand for our rights to own and bare arms !!!! The 2nd Amendment!! Stands for The United States!!

willy d

blockheadbiker: The problem is that the mush heads are moving into other states and trying to make them just like Calif, their mindset doesn’t seem to change when they move, we have to find a cure for this virus and soon. It has affected Maine Mass Conn RI NY NJ Md Del DC WA Or Calif, and is spreading into Vt Pa and Nev, it is a case that we may have to call in an exterminator to stop this BUG!!!!!!!!


Tax benefits are awesome for personal and corporate in good ole Wyo!

dava golino

every gun company in the east coast needs to do this.


To the Bolshevik State of Calizuela: ALFA, MIKE-FOXTROT!!!

John from Michigan

Weatherby and Wyoming. It just makes perfect sense. Long distance rifles for open country hunting and shooting. Wyoming is a state that has welcomed hunters to this very day.


Good for Weatherby! They, like other large companies have seen the light and are deserting the sinking ship that was once the great State of California! Good luck to you In Wyoming!


Sheridan is a long, long way from that store on Firestone Blvd. in South Gate. I drove by it regularly once upon a time.


I been to South Gate store on Firestone Blvd. Retired from L.A unified School District. Those were the glory days of California before it was ruined. You could go to Western Auto and buy a gun and just walk out with it. Most of the aviation for defense and private were in Southern California. It was Reagan country. Now it us a wasteland.

Dave in Fairfax

ALL the gun and ammo companies should move to free states and refuse to sell to government agencies in slave states. In the meantime, don’t buy from companies in slave states, it might just get their attention.


Smart move Weatherby. Sheridan= Great city .Wyoming =Great state.




ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST, how many is this now over 10,000 and a million residents have left califartia, pretty soon all that is going to be left in califartia is the communist movie morons that can’t even produce a good movie anymore all remakes of old movies. And of course the illegal what ever you want to call them GOOD LUCK CALIFARTIA!

Roger Ervine

Pretty sad to see an iconic company move from North County, Atascadero/Paso Robles. Not really surprised as the People’s Republik of Commiefornia seems to drive out gun friendly businesses left and right. Hogue grips? Rigby Rifles and Weatherby? Growing up in a gun shop family in SLO County I remember my grandfather collecting his Weatherby rifles and constantly complaining about CA until he finally had enough and moved to E. Oregon. I too made my escape to a better area far from the crazy leftists and associated politics. Fortunately not everyone from CA is a nutter however as I like… Read more »