Woman Removed from Gun Control Bill Hearing for Threatening to Shoot NRA Members

Woman Removed from Gun Control Bill Hearing for Threatening to Shoot NRA Members
Woman Removed from Gun Control Bill Hearing for Threatening to Shoot NRA Members

Connecticut – -(AmmoLand.com)- It is being reported that an as yet to be identified woman gun-control activist was removed from a Connecticut gun control hearing Monday after she was spotted sending a text threatening to shoot a Republican lawmaker and NRA members.

“If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson, and a large group of NRA,” a photo of the text message-in-progress reads, according to a tweet.

From the photo, the woman appeared to be directing her threats at Republican Connecticut state Sen. Rob Sampson, who is one of the few Constitutional conservatives in the state legislature and is a past NRA “Defender of Freedom Award” recipient.

Several gun control measures were set to be discussed in Hartford on Monday before the Judiciary Committee, including:

  • Mandatory Gun Storage Laws
  • A measure requiring anyone open-carrying a firearm to produce a permit if asked by police
  • A move to regulate “ghost guns” or 3-D printed firearms and components
  • A bill prohibiting cities and towns from enacting their own firearms laws

Why are the ones who are always calling for more gun control the same ones who seem to have the least personal self-control?

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    1. Hmm, I see a double standard here, she should have been arrested and charged for making a terroristic threats. She’s in need of a vacation at the nearest federal prison and placed on the watch list for the rest of her life..

    2. Perhaps a better question to close with would be, “why are the ones always calling for more gun control the same ones who seem to be constantly foaming at the mouth wanting a gun for the wrong reasons?”

    3. If the democrats get full control in the swamp your life or property won’t be worth a plug nickel. They will come for what you have, if they can use it and they will torture you for being conservative. Even having the house makes them come after our guns and our taxes so they can spend more on the illegals they need to defeat us. They aren’t Americans, they are borderless idiots that have been spoon fed the liberal, socialist bunk all their lives. When you listen to what AOC has to say, which is usually stupid, you can hear the raised on free bees in what she says. All these idiots would not survive if they had to fend for themselves and provide their own food.

      1. @Tcat, Next time a democrat national socialist gets elected POTUS, I am going to draw my money out of the banks a couple grand at a time, and keep it here in cash so that a libtard administration can not “nationalize” it.

    4. So, typical of Democrats and liberals, she wants to have a gun, but not have anyone else to have one, and she wants to commit murder with the gun. I bet she doesn’t want to be arrested after shooting people either. A perfect example of why it isn’t the guns that are the problem, but the deranged individuals using them. Note that Democrats are the ones responsible for all the school and church shootings and the vast majority of other mass shootings. The press and Congress conveniently has overlooked that fact.

    5. What would happen if the tables were turned, and a pro2a supporter was caught sending similar messages during a hearing, describing a proposed lethal gun attack upon a liberal politician and group of brain-dead snowflakes? THEY WOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES! How is it acceptable for one side to openly threaten lives using violence, while the other side is persecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

    6. Does this mean I need to take the NRA sticker off my truck before an anti gunner shoots me? Imagine if an NRA member threatened to do the same to an anti gun politician. Imagine the outrage on the media if that happened. Notice this has become a one way media circus against responsible gun owners. Guess I will case my guns, separate my ammo, and lock eberything up until I am on the firing line at my gun club due to our vigorous safety rules here in Newsome’s California. Hope an anti gunner doesn’t shoot at me since I am not allowed by law to carry my defensive side arm here. The laws and the media are being successful in their campaigns. We need better positioning in politics and mainstram media.

    7. She reminds me of college students that see a group of protestors marching by, then joins them just to be protesting against an issue they no nothing about. They suffer from “Contempt Prior To Investigation”.

    8. Time to hold all of these Anti-Second Amendment individuals accountable by suit cases for their SMEARING of LEGAL LAW ABIDING American CITIZENS.
      Those Anti-Second Amendment “representatives”, “speakers’ and “actors” MUST – – FIRST – – REFUSE all of the GUN TOTING SECURITY GUARDS they have around them for most of the day.
      Since these Second Amendment DENIERS must DISMISS all Police and ARMED Security guards at all LOANED GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS WHERE EVER THEY ARE.
      All weapons must be banned for 500 yards anywhere these ANTI-2nd Amendment people happen to be.

    9. If it were Twitter or YouTube or Facebook the post would have been censored. If were an anti gun tirade she would have been celebrated, but since she was anti NRA she just gets walked out.


        1. @HOPLITE….WHO CARES WHAT SIZE FONT HE USES ? It’s easier to see for some people. Who says it is SHOUTING ? That is just an extension of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS !

      1. @Jason….And look at the army of fighting aged men all bunched up at the border, waiting to invade OUR country. All along the way of their trek here, supplies of food, water, medical supplies, busses etc. all magically appeared in a very coordinated military type manner. What if the plan is that when they get in here, supplies of fully automatic machine guns,with copious ammo, magically appear for them to use against the US Citizen ? We citizens would be in a bit of trouble, what with most of our troops spread out overseas. Seems a bit too coincidental, don’t it ? And it seems odd that Trump had not called out the Militia yet. As for this woman, her face should be plastered all over just so we can keep an eye out for her.

    11. Simply inflict all of the proposed control measures on her and her social media accounts. Make her undergo a background check and 10 day waiting period before she can get a phone or computer. And create a very narrow, arbitrary list of authorized phones and computers from which she may choose. Then force her to keep it locked up unless it is during her authorized social media time and at a specified place. Have her give her user names and passwords on all accounts to the CT State Police so they can monitor her activities. Put a word blocker on each device and limit her ability to type to 33% of normal capacity. Maker her lock her devices up in the trunk while in a car. Let her try that on for a few years along with everyone else who supports the arbitrary infringement of a natural and enumerated right.

      1. Have the cops go to her house at 4am to confiscate any guns she may have hidden in her closet, or her attic, or cellar, or breadbox. Tear everything apart looking for them, and see how she likes it. After all, she did make a threat. Knowing how those creeps think, she is probably armed to the teeth.

    12. It’s called projection. These anti-gun supporters harbor violent, murderous tendencies of their own, and would carry them out if they had the means (weapons), so they believe everyone else must as well. On the other hand, 99.9% of legit gun owners are non-violent, and mostly quite polite
      The anti’s are actually quite mentally ill.

    13. She needs to be lectured with more than just a walk out of the building! I suggest an open investigation from A-Z on her past by law enforcement. Find those skeletons. A respectful sit down visit from three suited men and 2 suited women all in Ray Bans.

      1. I agree, It does seem that ‘certain’ people are exempt or excused from such things.
        Depending upon who is responsible for the post,,tweet etc. A lot of people
        would be given the riot act..at least.

        1. Yes, I would have called 911 if I was present at the meeting. Hopefully that was done and not reported to the media. The state of Connecticut was the 1st state to enact red flag laws. I would get all the facts and if her actions did indeed meet the requirements for an ERPO then expect charges to be filed.

    14. Very simple,Anti 2 nd. amendment/Anti Constitution/Un American types are emotional basket cases . They are ruled by feelings rather than thought and reason and assume that all Americans are the emotional basket cases they are,thus the irrational fear of arms in a free society of America.

    15. “If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson, and a large group of NRA”

      Soooo you don’t have a gun and you would use one to shoot people just because you disagree with them. But somehow we’re the problem…..gotcha!

      1. I am willing to wager that just like Bloomberg, and Feinstein, and all the other Bolshevik gun grabbers, she does have a gun and/or armed security. I am willing to wager that her agenda has nothing to do with “the safety of the children” but more for waging war against the Constitution and specifically the 2A, in furtherance of the Commie Bolshevik NWO agenda of conquering America. If you ask me, if she is a citizen, she is a TRAITOR, and I’ll bet she is also in favor of “hate crime ” laws. You people should investigate what the hate crime laws are in many European countries, and how many people have been put in jail for questioning the “official story”. You might want to find out about the hell these Bolsheviks have caused Ernst Zundel after bombing his house in Canada, and then after becoming a US citizen, he was kidnapped right out of his American house and taken to Germany, where he was subjected to solitary confinement and in humane treatment. His crime ? He didn’t agree with the “official story” that the Zio-Commie-Bolsheviks were pushing at the time. That was a decade or so ago, and now they have a 85 year old violin playing grandmother in their clutches, making g an example out of her. The last I heard, they took her violin away from her, just to be mean. The moral of this story is, these are the type of people who want your guns and your free speech, and your blind obedience. Once they get that power over you, they will be coming for your life and everything you own.

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