Anthony Colandro Voted in as 76th NRA Board of Director for 2019 ~ VIDEO

Indianapolis – -( AmmoLand New’s endorsed candidate, Anthony Colandro has won a one year seat on the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. Anthony will be a great hard working addition to help defend the most 2A oppressed states and no BS representative for membership.

“Well I am your NRA 76th Director! I am truly humbled by all of the support. I will make you proud and fight hard! My spear just got sharper! H/T NJ2AVlogger. See you soon Guv’na Murphy! #nra #nraam #nraam2019 #tipofthespear #gunforhire” ~ Anthony Colandro.

This is another small but great step for freedom, but keep in mind that this is just a one year term and we need to keep up support for Anthony as he will need to run again at the end of this year for another full three-year term.

Anthony Colandro
Congratulations to Anthony Colandro on winning the 2019 76th NRA board seat.
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Jimmy Jenks

Another trickster. Sold memberships to his GFH range on the claim that an expansion would be open in 2018. No work has been done on the project in over 2 years. Has a big mouth which he shoots off all the time.

Dubi Loo

“Voted” in on Saturday and crapped in our soup on Monday. Yuge disappointment!

Charlie Foxtrot

Looks like Anthony Colandro voted party line today, just as he was hired by the NRA leadership to do so.

Mark Wilson

Anthony is not a suck up to anyone.
Stop running you mouth all hou haters

Royal Miller

Life member here have not given the NRA anything since 1986 I have been saying for years Wayne Lapeer and Company needs to go and until things change at the NRA I am very happy to support Gun Owners of America who are actually doing something for our second amendment rights


Nra is just a money pit that provides a false front.when shtf the high ups will scatter like a couvy of quail.sorta democrat voting conservitives uhh yes rhinos

E Jerry Parks III

I agree with you, there needs to be done, clean house. People don’t realized that the votes were mailed in and counted before all this came to light about all the under table
No more donations from this life member till we get the house cleaning gets done!


protect my “job” @ all costs so i can continue to live in luxury & fertilize on you peons @ will, same as government @ all levels

Tommy Thompson

Now, we wait to see what you will do. You have one year, I guess, to prove yourself.

E Jerry Parks III

I agree ☝️


Colandro got 61,191 votes in the voting for board members. There were five other candidates who received more votes, but not enough to make it on the board. The eight finishers that weren’t elected in the general election were on the ballot for Saturday. It’s odd that Colandro, a friend of Wayne LaPierre, should make such a big come from behind win in Saturday’s election.


Also telling is that NRA made noise about , ” We will now ”LISTEN ” to our members ” by ‘ allowing ‘ an outsider to even run for a seat at the table.

Not Buying what you’re selling.

E Jerry Parks III



Colandro is not outsider. He won because NRA wanted to keep Adam Kraut off the board. Kraut is the true outsider and had a plan to change the NRA board while Colandro just played the part of big mouth from NJ. His can bluster all he wants to at the end of the day he never came out against the NRA Bump Stock fiasco as Kraut did, nor did he offer a plan on how to improve NRA (e.g. cut the unwarranted salaries of its top management or reuce the nairds size to those who actually work.) Colandro is a… Read more »

Generic Name

The fix was obviously in, the virus within the NRA will likely continue


Very true. Colandro is Scott Bach’s puppet and Scott Bach is an establishment insider. Neither are the type of independent directors NRA now desperately needs. They are both “go along to get along” guys only that Colandro has a loud mouth and Bach is a suck up.


Mr. Colandro, if it is possible to sort thru the fetid meds at the NRA HQ, please do so sir. Do so rapidly as possible and let us know what the truth is. Thank you.


Congratulations Mr. Colandro. It is my sincere hope that we did not misplace our trust in you. As a brand new board member it should be your first responsibility to tell us exactly where you stand with internal conflicts going on in the NRA, and the request for Wayne Lapierre to step down. You owe us a very clear and straightforward statement on which side of this you reside. Did we elect someone who will stand up for gun owners and the Second Amendment or did we get another cowardly shill who will continue to turn a blind eye to… Read more »


You won’t get a response, Mike unless Scott Bach tells Colandro what he has to say! Colandro will never make a hard choice and stand up for what is right. He will go where he thinks the wind is blowing just like the other Garden State cesspool Director Scott Bach.

Colandro Anthony P

As many of you know, there is a lot of dissension in the NRA membership right now, and we need answers to our questions. As a board member I have received those answers and I can tell you we are still in very good hands! We do not trust the liberal media but yet we believe them when they attack the NRA! Remember where the majority of these “sources” come from. However, the fight to keep our civil rights is bigger than any one of our arguments with each other, or the complaints about the inner politics of the NRA.… Read more »


Congradulations Mr. Colandro,

Wishing you much success on the NRA BOD!!!!! A NJ Gun owner

Charlie Foxtrot
Dubi Loo

Monday morning your first order of business is to make a motion to fire WL & CC, otherwise it’s just more noise without substance. I wish you great success, but understand the BOD has not listened to it’s membership for decades and all the non-essential spending must end!

Charlie Foxtrot



Until Wayne , Cox , Hammers go ….. NOT ONE MORE DIME !!!!
Tone deaf to its members for decades, I expect no change.
A Lean , Mean , No Compromise Gun Owners of America , will serve us better.

The Revelator

“Amen!” ~ Compliments of the Johnson family of Rock Ridge.


Heck, why not have 100 board members, its a nice even number to split up the membership dues with.


You act like this is abnormal when the 76th member is voted on at NRAAM each year and there have been 76 board members for like 50 years. Talk out your ass much?

Charlie Foxtrot

The AARP is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization with a revenue that is four times larger than that of the NRA. The AARP has 12 members on its Board of Directors. The average size for a Board of Directors is 9. It is abnormal to have 76!

Michael Maus

And don’t forget AARP is one of the most antigun “things” out there!

Rocky Mountain

How much is he going to be paid?

Larry C Gilbert

Does anyone know how much the BOD get paid? Or for that matter, I have been looking for a salary list from the president on down and can’t find much at all except that Wayne LaPierre (275k paid for suits at NRA expense) and company are living the high life while complaining about being broke. As a life member, nothing more from me either!


Does anyone know how much the BOD get paid? Or for that matter, I have been looking for a salary list from the president on down and can’t find much at all except that Wayne LaPierre (275k paid for suits at NRA expense) and company are living the high life while complaining about being broke. As a life member, nothing more from me either!


Was he the only new director this year? No wonder we need some major housecleaning to occur…

Charlie Foxtrot

The NRA Board of Directors has 76 members. 25 of them get elected each year by a mailed ballot for a three-year term. Additionally, one member is elected for one year at the NRA Annual Meeting. Anthony Colandro has won that one year seat at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting. The NRA has recently changed the bylaws to make it more difficult for outsiders to run for the NRA Board of Directors by petition, which is what Adam Kraut did for the last 3 years. In each of these 3 years, he managed to get on the ballot, but failed… Read more »