Coumo’s Reproductive Health Act Of 2019 Now Sanctions Murder


Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

New York – -( Americans will remember Andrew Cuomo, the 56th Governor of New York, long after he leaves Office and longer still, once he has departed from this Earth. They will remember Andrew Cuomo, but not in a good way.

They will remember him for ramming through the State Government in Albany, two policy measures, both of which are antithetical to the core values, beliefs, and traditions of Americans, and both of which are inconsistent with the core tenets of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

Those two reprehensible New York policy measures go by the names: New York Safe Act and the Reproductive Health Act.

Governor Cuomo has championed both these policies; and with his political clout, he has forced both measures through the State Legislature, in Albany. Cuomo signed the former Act into law on February 15, 2013. He signed the latter Act into law, on January 22, 2019.

New York Safe Act Protest
New York Safe Act Protest

The descriptors employed for these two laws belie their purpose, as all awful laws invariably do. Cuomo tells New York’s residents that the salient purpose and goal of the NY Safe Act is to promote and enhance public safety. But Cuomo is lying. A perusal of the Act makes clear its true purpose and goal: disarming law-abiding members of the public, to defeat the right of the people to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

The NY Safe Act operates through a multitude of arcane New York laws that place extraordinary restrictions on firearms’ ownership and possession. The drafters of the NY Safe Act peppered the myriad regulations that comprise the Act, here and there, throughout the New York State Code. Even an attorney must spend considerable effort to locate them all in this behemoth compendium of laws that comprise the Consolidated laws of the State of New York. Once found, the meaning of many of these laws is difficult to discern and fathom as much of the verbiage is ambiguous and vague.

Whether due to unintentional poor draftsmanship or from a deliberate attempt to obscure and confound, Andrew Cuomo and other anti-gun zealots do intend to frustrate the American citizen, and, so, dissuade the citizen from obtaining and maintaining firearms within the jurisdiction of New York.

Governor Cuomo exclaims, disingenuously, that he is simply more desirous of promoting, enhancing, and securing public safety and less intent on defeating the citizen’s exercise of a fundamental, enumerated, unalienable right. Hardly true, but, one thing is true enough. The NY Safe Act only serves to make the public decidedly less, not more, safe, as law-abiding citizens who reside in New York become an easy target for armed predators who demonstrate regard neither for law nor for the sanctity of human life. Thus, one is left to draw the inescapable conclusion that the NY Safe Act has, ultimately, nothing tangible to do with promoting, securing, and enhancing public safety–which are mere mindless messaging–and the Act has everything to do with undermining the ideals of individual responsibility, autonomy, and inviolability, all intrinsic to the Second Amendment.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Andrew Cuomo would endorse a second measure—certainly a measure he undoubtedly had a hand in crafting and shaping like the first one—that is abhorrent as the earlier one, and, is horrific, as it amounts to legally sanctioned murder.

This policy measure has the decidedly false appellation of: “Reproductive Health Act of 2019.”

Regardless of protestations to the contrary; it is the individual—in this case, the most innocent among us, the unborn child.

The NY Safe Act of 2013 and the Reproductive Health Act of 2019 represent the power of and desire of Government to control the lives of individuals and to prescribe morality for society. This idea is manifest in those who ascribe to the ideologies of Socialism and Communism. Socialists and Communists concern themselves with what ostensibly benefits society as a whole. That concern for society as a whole comes at the expense of any concern for the individuals who comprise that society. Thus, what ostensibly benefits society is detrimental to the needs and concerns of the individual.

As with those who espouse the radical left-wing doctrines of Socialism and Communism, Cuomo is a ‘Collectivist.’ Collectivists concern themselves with society, in its entirety, not with the welfare and well-being of the individual in society. So, then, when Cuomo expresses concern for the health, well-being, safety, or welfare of the public, he uses the word, ‘public’ in the broadest sense, consistent with the precepts of Collectivism. He refers to the body politic in its entirety; not to the individuals who comprise it.

The ethical system Cuomo and other Collectivists embrace is called utilitarian consequentialism. This is an ethical system unconcerned with and therefore devoid of any reference to a person’s intentions and motivations. Utilitarian consequentialism derives ethical maxims from the results or effects of one’s actions on society, alone. And the individual's motives and intentions for acting fall out of the equation entirely. Motives and intentions are deemed essentially irrelevant. Hence, an action is deemed morally good or morally evil from the standpoint of consequences only. A morally good act is one that maximizes utility for the collective, the hive. A morally evil act or a morally neutral act is one that does not maximize utility for the collective.

The notion of ‘utility maximization’ is a nebulous and unsatisfactory concept upon which to build an ethical system. For ‘utility maximization,' means whatever the proponent of utilitarian consequentialism, says it means. It is therefore arbitrary and constantly subject to revision, as it is subject to the whim and caprice of the rulers of society who utilize it to dictate morality for the populace. Morality for Collectivists, these people, then, who espouse utilitarian consequentialism, perceive morality as a relative notion, not exact, not definitive, not concrete.

Utilitarian consequentialism, grounded on this notion of ‘utility maximization,’ is a bankrupt ethical system because, for the utilitarian consequentialist, good and evil, are relative to time, place and circumstance, and, above all, to the wiles of those who define the expression for everyone else.

A utilitarian consequentialism is a form of moral relativism, and moral relativism of any form, is hardly something upon which to establish a system for distinguishing good from bad conduct, as any act, however reprehensible, can be deemed morally permissible; and, in fact, it is this very moral relativism that allows for something like New York's obscene Reproductive Health Act to be enacted.

Like the New York Safe Act, the Reproductive Health Act betrays the sanctity and inviolability of the life. It betrays the welfare and well-being of the American citizen. The New York Safe Act has nothing to do with promoting and enhancing safety. And the Reproductive Health Act has nothing to do with promoting health. It is a Death Act, not a Life and Health Act.

Full Term Abortion New York
Full Term Abortion Loves New York

Most Americans do not share Andrew Cuomo’s beliefs and wish neither to adopt nor suffer his political, social, and bankrupt moral belief system; nor do they wish to adapt themselves to it. But they have no choice. Cuomo thrusts his beliefs and his bizarre belief system onto others anyway. Since Cuomo wields considerable power and influence in New York and shows no reluctance in exercising that power and outsize influence, those falling within the purview of his jurisdiction—namely the residents of the State of New York—are compelled to live in reality, a hell-world, he has created for them. Few can object as Cuomo seeks to control public discourse; he seeks to control all thought, and action; and, with the avid assistance of the mainstream media, he has become very successful at it.

The qualities of compassion, restraint, humility, and respect for the beliefs of other Americans simply don’t exist in Andrew Cuomo’s psychological makeup. Cuomo, like so many other Collectivists in the Democratic Party, both on the State and Federal level, demonstrates a callous disregard for the feelings and beliefs of others. Forcing his peculiar belief system onto millions of others, he does so with the conviction and certitude of a fanatic and sociopath, seemingly convinced of the infallibility of and superiority of his beliefs; oblivious to and, indeed, disdainful of the thoughts and feelings of others.

As a private citizen, Cuomo may, of course, hold to and cultivate any belief or belief system he wishes. That’s his right as an American citizen as guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That harms no one. But, as Governor, Cuomo can and does ordain his belief system for others, that harms everyone and cannot and ought not to be countenanced and ought to be roundly and soundly condemned and fought against.

Through the enactment of the NY Safe Act, Cuomo at once denied and denigrated a fundamental, natural, unalienable right—a right that is clearly, concisely, and categorically articulated in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He did this because he utterly detests the Second Amendment and he finds the right of the people to keep and bear arms to be repugnant to his own peculiar sensibilities. Cuomo operates as if the Second Amendment did not exist.

Similarly, through the enactment of the Reproductive Health Act, Andrew Cuomo operates as if the unborn child is a non-entity and may, therefore, be summarily and unceremoniously erased.

This is the new reality, the hellish cauldron of insanity and horror that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act has thrown all New York residents into and which, like the reprehensible New York Safe Act, he would unleash on the entire Country if he were but given the chance. Congressional Democrats are attempting to do just that.

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  • 19 thoughts on “Coumo’s Reproductive Health Act Of 2019 Now Sanctions Murder

    1. Cuomo is a danger to life. While I do not agree with late term abortion, it is NOT the governments place to rule on it.

      The un-safe act is a joke. I can’t have a 22 S&W 15 22 that holds 25 rounds?

      Cuomo just likes to tax everything which is why people leave this state. I am out when my daughter graduates from high school.

      1. If our government has no right to something so fundamental as protecting children from murder (AKA the right to life guaranteed in The Constitution), then it has no right to do anything.

    2. Saw a sign on the road in NY:


      Seems a “MOVEMENT” is gaining momentum in NY.
      I wonder what “TOOLS” would be used to ABORT this PROGRESSIVE CANCER from the womb of the statehouse?
      Make no mistake – repealing the Second Amendment – outlawing the rifles and magazines that ENABLE THE CAPABILITY intended in the Second Amendment that American Citizens are able to DEFEND THEIR FREEDOMS – has NOTHING to do with PUBLIC SAFETY and EVERYTHING to do with the safety of THE TOTALITARIAN PROGRESSIVE REGIME!

      NY SAFE Act compliance – 4%

    3. I saw the cutest real-life plush chubby bearded man wearing a T shirt that had 4 stick figures, each of a different color on them. On the top it said Same Crime. Under the blue one it said Paid Administrative Leave, under the white one it said 5 years. Under the yellow one it said 15 years, under the black one it said life. Perhaps we need to add 2 more of the liberal’s ‘public enemies’ to that chart. Embryo would say death, and pet dog would say death. Like Lancelot, we would prefer to fight to the death against a knight who is not your enemy, to pass an area you could have easily rode around. And while were on the subject of war I have a two word phrase from a poster to jog your memory. “And Babies.”

    4. Cuomo, Cuomo, Cuomo ! Rings a bell ! Didn’t he have a father who was a Senator in NY ? And didn’t the father senator own a string of nursing homes in NY ? And weren’t they under investigation for fraud, accused of ripping off Medicare ? And didn’t the accountants who investigated the books find millions and millions of dollars of fraud ? And then wasn’t all that evidence deep sixed by the Senators “friends in high places” ? Not sure if I have the right Cuomo, but perhaps the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Seems that investigation took place back in the 80’s sometime. Hmmmmm-ma !

      1. His father was the governor of NY in the 80’s . He was supposed to run for president however, he had too many bodies in his closet. A blowhard just like the son. He did not own nursing homes. However, like the son he was hooked up with people who did along with people in the carting business on Long Island. I used to live there. Fortunately, I escaped.

    5. Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t “come on lets kill em Cuomo” look and act like a mob boss? Abortion for a mother that is in serious risk to her own life is one thing but the murder of an innocent baby is another. This is obviously a convenience issue for the mother if the situation is anything other than the risk of the mother’s life. This is also a convenience issue for the father who doesn’t want the responsibility for the life he helped create. Life is precious. Life is a gift from the LORD. Now, the government is not only saying it’s ok to murder your baby before he/she is bourn, they are saying it’s ok to murder your baby AFTER he/she is bourn. The next question that would follow is “how long after your baby is bourn is it legal to murder your baby”? Legalized pre birth murder and post birth murder is a slippery slope. Retroactive abortion/murder of a teenager? A young adult? Adults? Old folks? How about if the baby is the wrong gender, has the wrong hair color or eye color etc? Sorry my new bourn baby but you cry too much and I hate changing diapers so….Sorry Johny, but you are too lazy, you are not doing well in school, don’t pull your weight and I’m tire of arguing with you so….Gee mom or dad, you are giving me too many chores to do, you won’t let me have the new car I want for my 16th birthday, I am tired of you using the belt when I run my mouth or disrespect your authority so…. or, sorry grandma, but it’s too expensive to put you in a “retirement home” and you eat too much and we need to make room, so….Sorry grandpa, but I want my inheritance now…. See what I mean? Where does it stop?

      You can see that there really IS a reason to be married before you un zip that zipper or part your knees. Maybe the instructions in “that book” are worth reading and following after all. Bad things happen to a society that murders their own children and you can bet the same will happen here if the legalized murder of children doesn’t stop–now. Germany, Russia, China etc. all murdered people out of convenience before and during the war. Many of the officials who ordered, orchestrated and carried out those murders were tried and hanged for it. They deserved it.

      In “that book” you will find ten (10) simple instructions for life. If you want to get technical about it, you can find some 640 different instructions for life in “that book”. If you really want to get down to the most important instructions in “that book” you will find just two. Someplace in “that book” you can read that it would be better to have a mill stone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to do harm to children. Can you imagine what the world would be like if the instructions in “that book” were followed? “That book” is the living WORD of GOD: the BIBLE, the foundation this nation is built upon. Disregard it at your own risk.

      How ironic it is to hear the socialist, communist, demoncratic powers to be tell us that gun control saves lives but it’s OK with them to allow the murder of MILLIONS of innocent people who’s only “crime” was the desire to live. Just as the legalized murder of babies is a convenience to the mother (and father) and is used as after the fact birth control and, likely enough, is population control aka: people control (see carbon foot print) so is “common sense” gun control also people control.

      Arm up and carry on.

    6. Get rid of this baby killer Cuomo and get the laws back to normal.
      He is sickening and disgusting and thinks he is the dictator of New York state. He has done so much harm to this state, its unbelievable.
      The most dangerous place for a baby to be now is in the womb with no protection from Andrew cuomo when a butcher invades the uterus with a knife or vacuum or forceps to literally tear apart this infant who has no where to hide and is helpless and defenseless and trapped while being hunted down by a horrific abortionist who is just killing for a lot of money.
      Cuomo should be ashamed of himself. He should go through the same “procedure” that is done on a innocent baby about to be have their first birthday.
      I really hope people wakeup in this state and get rid of this guy and see the evil in him

      1. Wait a minute. You guys are missing the point! The rapists, muggers, home invaders, and maniacal ex-boyfriends won’t be able to transport/carry their weapons either—IT’S AGAINST THE LAW NOW! Thank you Governor Coomo for making your state safer.

    7. Why is anyone surprised – the lefts platform: “Kill life in the womb, kill life outside the womb. Kill the young, kill the old. Gun control if it just saves one life.”

    8. The first abortion done at full term , Cuomo should be charged with MURDER and put in JAIL with key throw away!!!!!!! NEVER TO BE SEEN OR HEARD FROM AGAIN!!!!!!

        1. I see no reason for my tax dollars to support murder. Which is what it is. Como and our governor Brown here in Oregon should be hung in public.

      1. AT, full-term abortion. That is no longer the Leftists bleating about killing life that is not viable outside the womb. Oddly, those same people believe capital punishment for murderous, convicted felons is unethical because an innocent *might* be killed – state sanctioned murder. However, killing a full-term baby that is a viable life *is* 100% of the time killing an innocent life. Worse yet, Governor Northam (D) suggests that a doctor could kill a new-born baby – outside the womb – if the mother decides she doesn’t want it. Oddly, that same mother would face murder charges if she killed her new-born baby herself.

        One issue is that if a person, other than a doctor kills a life inside the womb, regardless of term, that person will also be prosecuted for murder. So according to pro-abortion people, killing life inside the womb is illegal, unless it is done by a doctor. A doctor is licensed by the state, therefore, abortion is state-sanctioned murder. How do you twist that to be ethically and morally just and right, but capital punishment is not?

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