TAC-9 – Modular Pistol Caliber Platform introduced by Sol Invictus Arms

TAC-9 - Modular Pistol Caliber Platform
TAC-9 – Modular Pistol Caliber Platform

Melbourne, FL.-(Ammoland.com)- SOL INVICTUS ARMS, a premier American firearms manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of its new TAC-9 – the ultimate modular pistol caliber platform. Introduced to the public for the first time at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana April of 2019 – the TAC-9 was purpose built with adaptability in mind to suit a customer’s needs.

The TAC-9 is an affordable modernized 9MM Sub gun feeding from Glock magazines. It offers a durable and accurate weapon system in a compact yet modular platform. It features a blowback operated system ensuring reliability for the most demanding conditions. It is not another AR – The entire action is housed in the upper receiver and there is no buffer tube needed.

The Sol Invictus Arms TAC-9 was developed for motorcycle patrol officers who are often the first responders to active shootings. Armed with only their sidearm, many officers expressed a need for a compact weapon system that could be stored in their saddlebag and deployed quickly. Using the same ammunition and magazines was a key requirement during the development of the firearm.

At the heart of the TAC-9 is an all steel bolt which works with a standard AR-15 fire control group. This offers superior reliability and maintains the same manual of arms that users are accustomed to, decreasing training time on the new platform.

TAC-9 - Modular Pistol Caliber Platform
TAC-9 – Modular Pistol Caliber Platform

The TAC-9 is also equipped with a modular quick disconnect barrel system. This enables the user to switch from a pistol configuration to a carbine in minutes and without the need for special tools.

In addition, the TAC-9 also includes an adaptable rear trunnion that allows the customer to use a folding stock or standard AR-15 buffer tube. This makes pistol and carbine brace/stock configurations endless.

The TAC-9 is chambered in 9MM and comes with a 5.5” or 8.5” 4150 Chrome Moly ordnance grade barrel. The barrel, bolt, and steel receiver all feature a Nitrided finish for excellent corrosion and wear resistance.


  • TAC-9 Pistol Configuration – $705
  • TAC-9 Pistol w/SBM4 Brace – $824

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Sol Invictus Arms specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative new firearms for Military, Law Enforcement, and discerning Civilians.

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      1. No police officers use the outdated beretta system, and not enough use the m&p for the gun to be as modular as it is, the name of the game is compact and modular, and glock is the gold point standard.

        1. @ Cameron,

          Last time I checked, the Beretta PX4 Storm is still one of the Premier sidearms currently being made, so quite frankly your highly subjective outdated slant is ridiculous!

          No, I do not own one, I own a CZ 85 Bravo, but I don’t denigrate other people sidearms just because I’m a fan of CZ!

          Try acquiring some objectivity!

          1. You don’t have to get so upset, what he said is true. If you cant see that Glock is one of the most popular pistols out there, then I don’t know what to tell you. I dont care who likes what or what you shoot, its just the truth. Which is why companies generally try to use their magazines.

            Being “objective” is great, being real despite emotions is another thing entirely.

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