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Donald J Trump surprised to see conservative thinkers like James Woods banned from Twitter, and Paul Watson banned from Facebook retweeted a tweet by Paul Joseph Watson.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)-  Thank you, Mr. President. Very cool. But while tweets are nice. We need action. A handful of giant corporations have seized control of the new public square and are digitally disappearing dissidents.

The first rule of Facebook is don’t talk about anyone who Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like. Otherwise, you’ll be banned by Facebook. This isn’t a joke. It’s literally their new policy. They’re not just banning people they’re dictating the opinions that everyone on the platform is allowed to have. Merely appearing in a photo or a video with someone who Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like is now enough to get you banned. This is virtually identical to the communist Chinese social credit score system. But instead, it’s controlled by giant corporations with more power than some countries accept at least in China it’s written down, so you know how to stay in compliance.

Tucker Carlson reports “How dangerous is Infowars. Well Facebook believes it’s so dangerous that you can be banned from using the platform, Facebook, just for sharing its content unless you simultaneously denounce it. But let that penetrate for just one moment think about it just for a second. Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions he’s prescribing which political opinions you’re allowed to have. Which conversations all of us in this country can have about America. Keep in mind that nobody voted for Mark Zuckerberg. He’s 34 years old. He’s completely cut off from reality. He’s worth 72 billion dollars and yet he can single-handedly make our First Amendment irrelevant after 250 years.”

I mean how tragic is it that Snoop Dogg who encouraged his 32 million followers to float Facebook and Instagram with Lewis Farrakhan videos has a better grasp of the principle of freedom of speech than 90 percent of journalists. The same journalists who whine about Trump targeting the media then pop champagne corks when anyone on the right gets silence. This has nothing to do with hate. Whatever that means. This is about you beginning to lose the argument culturally and politically. So instead of trying to engage on a level playing field and I don’t know actually doing some work you merely silence the dissent. This is classic authoritarianism.

“I want them shut down I want them silenced I want them muted” screeched Ana Navarro recently on ABC’s the View.

I want them to shut down; I want them silenced.

This is the rhetoric of authoritarian tyrants, yet we are the dangerous ones. Really. This isn’t a private company and enforcing it’s arbitrary and ever-changing rules. Virtually every prominent online personality who helped get Trump elected has now been banned on some or all social media platforms. Do you think that’s a coincidence or is it a political purge? Oh and isn’t it great how Facebook has banned all these dangerous extremists while still leaving people free to surf Hamas and Hezbollah pages. Facebook is the establishment and knows popular dissent is keeping establishment candidates out of office. 2016 was the turning point and showed that an anti-establishment figure like Trump could win. So they are silencing populist voices ahead of the 2020 [election]. Here’s what needs to happen. Platform access should be a civil right for all citizens in all countries.

Digital Bill Of Rights

Digital Bill Of Rights
Digital Bill Of Rights

We need a digital bill of rights. Social media is the digital public square. The only circumstance for banning someone from the digital public square should be if they abuse that public square to post something criminal or an immediate incitement to violence. In coordination with this Facebook and every other big tech firm which fails to live up to this new standard should have its legal immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Act stripped. Facebook no longer acts as a platform. It acts as a publisher. If Facebook wants to be a publisher, it can be a publisher. Which would mean that Facebook would be personally and legally liable for everything posted on their website. Facebook is clearly putting themselves on one side of the political debate. They’re entitled to do that as a private company, but if they do want to do that, then they need to be regulated as a political actor. If you ban a bunch of people for partisan reasons in the midst of a presidential campaign season that is election meddling.

I’m sorry I forgot. We’re only supposed to care about election meddling when a few Russians buy some Facebook ads. And please just shut up with the “no, a private company can do what it likes” crap. When people start losing their bank accounts and credit cards because they had the wrong political opinions, which is already happening when people cannot buy and sell because they have the wrong political opinions. Sorry. Your Amazon smart refrigerator has denied you access to your groceries due to you visiting Infowars.com. When people are homeless and destitute because they can’t get mortgages and they can’t get loans because they have the wrong political opinions are you still going to gleefully repeat the mantra “oh there a private company”. How about medical care. That’s a private practice. Should we deny people medical care because they have the wrong political opinions? It was wrong for black people to be denied services by businesses and it’s wrong for everyone to be denied service by social media companies under the law. Businesses don’t have the right to discriminate against people’s political views. They don’t have the right to deny service. As the ACLU points out once the business decides to advertise its services to the public at large, it gives up the prerogative to pick and choose which customers to serve. Even when that commercial service involves some form of speech or expression. That’s already the law. So why is it not being applied to Silicon Valley giants?

As Wilt Chamberlain writes. “When private companies violate civil rights we pass laws to stop them from doing so.”

So while the tweets are nice and the support has been incredible, we need action. And it really does seem like this is our last chance

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About Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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Farcebook . . . . . Never used it. Never will. Mark Zuckerberg is a sickening piece of left over douche nugget that somehow gained life ( Such as it is ). This F___k-muppet never ceases to amaze me with his socialist/communistic style of business.
It strikes me odd that if he existed in a world that he desires, such as russia or china, his mouthy a$$ would have been “REMOVED” shortly after he started farcebook.
“Moderate this, ammoland!”


BDS FaceBook, Schmuckerlips is a POS Schmuck !!! His anti-American, anti-Constitutionist underpants are showing, with all the skid marks you could expect from A Khazarian Mafia Capo as he himself is. He is another dirtbag who is waging war against the Constitution, just like his mates Feinberg, Schumer, Whiningberg, Soros, LautenBerg, Bloomberg, etc etc etc !!!!! IMHO, each and everyone of them should be deported. BTW, rumor has it that Lucky Larry Silverstein (speaking of Khazarian Mafia Capo’s), is lawyering up in the face of the 50 pages submitted to the SPECIAL FEDERAL GRAND JURY investigating why his newly acquired… Read more »


Facebook has never been on my computer and never will be. Google gets enough of my personal info without adding Suckberger. I do read some twitter things including James Woods and GOA. It is a shame they took Woods off because he is a real patriot with a lot of sense. He had been poking the bear some by making fun of twitter and their sensor policies, so I am not surprised. Afterall, these commiefornia companies can’t have anyone speaking for our rights (west coast) so they have to silence them. I think a large earth quake could cure some… Read more »

Michael J

Social media has become a propaganda platform using censorship to control their narrative. Public addiction keeps them in business and only way to reel these bullies in is to legislate them into submission. Of course there are some in government who are counting on this censorship to further their own agendas. Who could that be?


I am glad that people reading Ammoland see that more government is just trading one kind of tyranny for another. PJW is right about the problem but not the solution.


Censoring anyone is against laws we already have! We do not need any more laws. Fewer laws would be better!
Face Book and Twitter, both are traded on the stock market unless I miss my guess. And if they are traded on the stock market, that makes them a public company and I don’t care if Mark Suckassberg owns 51% or more of Face Book. He made it a public company when he decided to sell stock in Face Book on a public exchange!
Can’t have it both ways!


Just stop using these tyrants platforms! I am so glad to have never connected to these “social media” platforms and opened myself up to the untamed authoritarian rule that comes with. The world and its people have been around, and thriving, for a loooong time before “social media” and will be around a loopong time after. The only way to stop their overreaching, unconstitutional, immorality is for us all to… Just. Stop. Using. Them. Period!


We do not need a “digital” bill of rights, we simply need to follow the actual Bill of Rights that we have. We could also try not letting our government give immunity from lawsuits to companies that SAY they are a “neutral platform,” but then don’t ACT like a neutral platform. Not that such a thing was within the authority of the federal government to begin with.


Digital Bill of Rights? WHY? Just like a dog who pee’s on a tree, theirs always some Dog who wants to leave their mark. Opinions are like aholes, everyone has one.
As for the the rest of us Patriots, we will follow the “One and Only Paper “Bill of Rights” clear & to the point.

Richard L

George, “aholes, and there are some who use them for sex organs. Must be a real crappy way to go.


That would be a sh!tty situation.


Poop cycles, anyone ?


Every time we add something else to the original Bill of Rights, we subtract from the original intent.