TrainShot Bluetooth Targets announces North American Distribution HQ

Trainshot Bluetooth Targets
Trainshot Bluetooth Targets

U.S.A.-( Trainshot S.R.O. is proud to announce its North American Distribution headquarters in Alcoa, TN. Located minutes from Knoxville, Trainshot USA will serve as the exclusive distribution hub for North America, Central America, and South America. “Due to the overwhelming demand we received at SHOT Show this year, we knew we had to open a distribution warehouse in the U.S.”, said Robert Schochmann, CEO of Trainshot S.R.O.

Trainshot is the revolutionary solution for shooting enthusiasts, shooting ranges, and Law Enforcement. The Trainshot system is a combination of patent pending reactive targets and a small Bluetooth unit, offering a digitalized scoring system through a target shooting application on your favorite smart device.


Trainshot kits enable people to shoot, train, and compete using off the shelf ammunition and without ever having to modify their firearm. Through Trainshot’s exclusive technology the target communicates via Bluetooth to an app on favorite smart device giving the shooter real-time hit vs no-hit, shot to shot recovery time, timed competitions and many other features.


The shooter selects a drill training mode from the application. According to the selected drill, the shooter is assigned various verbal commands while the LED lights indicate the hit zones on the target. When a bullet strikes the target, it detects the shot and sends the data into the smart device application which automatically records and evaluates the scores.

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    1. The concept is interesting and can definitely have some great value if it will do what it says. I’m curious to see how well it performs. With a little ingenuity and creativity in its usage, it could be a very valuable teaching tool.

      1. It’s not just about looking at a target…it’s about Shooting, Training, and Competing. With the app you can see split times on your shots track how quickly you can unholster your firearm and get the first shot off…and just have some fun hearing the sound of metal when you hit the target (in app controls that allow you to make it sound like shooting steel when you hit the target). It’s not for everyone, but the great thing about this is that everyone can use it and have fun.

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