What “Unsigning” the Arms Trade Treaty Means for American Gun Owners ~ VIDEO


Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- Last Friday, President Trump took the historic step of ordering the “unsigning” of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty during his address to the NRA-ILA’s Leadership Forum. President Trump’s action effectively withdraws the United States from the most comprehensive effort towards international gun control.

Much of the intervening coverage on the ATT has focused on how the treaty did or did not constrain U.S. arms sales abroad, but many average law-abiding gun owners may be questioning how the treaty could or couldn’t have affected them.

NRA’s complaints regarding the treaty have always been based on its potential effect on law-abiding American gun owners. Those complaints have focused on the treaty’s requirements for end use verification, its sometimes-unintelligible vagueness, its ability to be amended without the consensus of all parties, and its proponents repeated refusals to clarify that it has no effect on the possession of small arms by civilians in the United States.

The treaty urges record keeping of end users, directing importing countries to provide information to an exporting country regarding arms transfers, including “end use or end user documentation” for a “minimum of ten years.” Each country is to “take measures, pursuant to its national laws, to regulate brokering taking place under its jurisdiction for conventional arms.” Data kept on the end users of imported firearms is a de-facto registry of law-abiding firearms owners, which is a violation of federal law. Even worse, the ATT could be construed to require such a registry to be made available to foreign governments.

The vagueness of the treaty and its ease of being “amended” is best exemplified by actions that took place at a conference on the treaty last year. At that conference, proponents of the treaty “welcome[ed]” several living documents into the ATT. While seemingly innocuous on its face, this change incorporated the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) into the ATT.

Falsely described as established “international standards” or “international norms” that “provide clear, practical and comprehensive guidance to practitioners and policymakers on fundamental aspects of small arms and light weapons control”, the ISACS are in reality a series of six standards developed by the UN for states to use in implementing their global disarmament agenda. Series 3 – Legislative and Regulatory – and its Module 3.30, “National Regulation of Civilian Access to Small Arms and Light Weapons,” is the most alarming of all the ISACS.

Purporting to set the standards for “National Regulation of Civilian Access to Small Arms and Light Weapons,” Module 3.30 creates a means to almost entirely limit civilian access to small arms under the guise of International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, and Gender Based Violence. Highlights include, but are not limited to; a ban on civilian possession of “military” style arms – no automatic weapons or magazines with over a 10 round capacity, ballistic recordings, different risk classifications on types of firearms (i.e. calibers over .45 are an intolerable risk to public safety and semi-auto handguns and rifles are high risk), licensing and registration of all firearms, training and storage restrictions, waiting periods, 20-year record retention requirements of sellers, age limits and requiring a demonstrated need to possess a firearm, with self-defense not being one of them.

While incorporation by reference of the ISACS into the ATT was alarming, it was also not entirely unpredictable. As with every anti-firearm UN initiative, concern must never lie entirely with what is in it now, but with what it will become and how it will be used by a future U.S. administration, especially one seeking international justification for a gun control agenda.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand the future danger the ATT posed to U.S. gun owners is the complete refusal by proponents of the treaty to limit its application to civilian arms.

NRA and other opponents of the treaty repeatedly asked for a carve-out in the treaty, yet those requests were flatly denied. If the treaty’s proponents had no intention of limiting American gun ownership, why resist such a limitation to the text of the treaty?

Instead, the treaty included language in its preamble that treaty parties be “mindful of the legitimate trade and lawful ownership, and use of certain conventional arms for recreational, cultural, historical, and sporting activities, where such trade, ownership and use are permitted or protected by law.” A careful read will show that the use of arms for individual and collective defense is notably missing from this statement, and the statement creates no limitation and is really only an aspirational provision.

Please join us in thanking President Trump for protecting our firearms freedoms by removing any obligation of the United States to be bound by the “object and purpose” of the Arms Trade Treaty.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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      1. @Paul K, It was a BATFE rule making exercise. It is in court, now. If it was an executive order we could all just ignore it. We do not have to obey executive orders because we do not work for the Executive.

    1. What all too many forget is “Regardless of the constitution”, States, Cities, and the federal government often pass and enforce laws that are contrary to the constitution.

      When it comes to the individual, the onus is on the individual, to raise the substantial money (Possibly millions) required to take the fight through the court system. A system that is becoming politicized. Look at the far left leaning 9th district court as an example.

      There are far more examples than there is room to list here!

    2. I wish we’d get out of the UN altogether. Then kick them out of the country. They have represented U.S. citizens best interests. Leftism is a disease that must be eradicated.

    3. I agree with your comment. “john kerry” is the TRAITOR that signed this “agreement” with the “blessings” of the DNC/DemocRATic Nationalist Committee APPOINTED anti-American muslem, 0b0z0. It was NEVER RATIFIED by Congress. Thus it was NEVER a “treaty”.
      Just like 0bamaDON’Tcare was SUPPOSED to lead into GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED SINGLE PAYER INSURANCE COVERAGE which has/had the DEATH DEPARTMENT who decided who would get CARE or NO CARE.
      This “gun control agreement” was SUPPOSED to guide America into a SOCIALISTIC GUN FREE SOCIETY such as Venezuela or many other COMMUNIST COUNTRIES.

    4. Anybody on here think that they would be better off with Hildebeast as president? Which one of the demoRats that are running for president in 2020 are you going to vote for that will protect your second amendment rights? President Trump is doing the job that we elected him to do. He has appointed two SCOTUS judges that will be on our side. He will appoint more in the future when the time comes.

        1. Exactly!
          I just wish Alot more people were Informed of this Violation of Our 2nd Amendment Rights by the U.N…!!
          If people would only do some Very basic research on “Gun Rights Violations”, they would, see for themselves just exactly what the United Nations has been trying to do for a Very Long time & Who & Why this became a United Nations “Cause”, to begin with!

        2. Trump might look foolish to many, But he certainly Has Big Balls. The UNITED STATES of AMERICA had Big balls once, That is is the only reason we all have it as good as we Currently do! The U.S. didn’t get to where we are with Fucking Pussy Men and Women back in 1st, 2nd, World Wars. If we lose WW3, it is only due to the fact of the Limiting parties dictating… that Have Absolutely, No Balls…

          Some things just need to be said!! If you Do Not Agree, Then you are definitely the issue.


        3. You better thank God for whoever keeps him from undermining our rights, how quick did he jump on the bumpstock bandwagon? Is he better than hillary, of course but he’s still a new yorker and that should’ve set off some warning lights…

          1. When the current Trumpstock lawsuit gets the ban rescinded due to it’s unconstitutional administrative law nature what precedent will be set?
            What other unconstitutional administrative laws stand to be ruled against once this precedence is set?
            “Political Theater”, enjoy the show.

    5. Why is every article on here today from the f*ing NRA-ILA? IF ammo land turns into an nra circle **** i won’t keep coming here for news on gun rights.

      1. Why do you have to be a “JerkOff”….?!?!
        Obviously, someone or someone’s have to Pay for the “Right to keep & Bear Arm’s”….!! ( Thank God the NRA has been helping W/This for Decades! ! ) Have you….??? I think Not!
        So you want to enjoy the Freedoms of the 2nd.Amendment but not have to sacrifice or help in anyway. ..?!? Sounds about right for someone of your “Voiced Comments”
        So, unless you don’t have good things to say about this GROUND BREAKING NEW Development , since, Obviously, your a Gun Owner, why say anything like what you said @ all…!!!!

          1. Paul, surely you jest. The NRA has been the longest-standing, outspoken, ongoing organization to speak up and legislatively defend gun owners rights. Gun Owners of America, GOA, has been in the forefront as well, since 1975. Please so some research online and read about the comprehensive efforts they’ve made on behalf of ALL gun owners in the USA, not just those who are members of the NRA organization. All other organizations pale in comparison. And remember, NRA is composed of lawful, gun owning, American citizens who love their country and her freedoms. Protecting them is the primary concern, Enjoying them is second.

            1. Correct it is not 1968. It is also not 1986 when Ronald Reagan issued his infamous executive order banning U.S. citizens from purchasing any more newly manufactured fully automatic weapons. As a former U.S. Army MAJ. I can attest that personal weapons are generally far more effective in semi auto as opposed to full auto due to the shooters ability to recover more quickly and get back on target faster with well aimed shots vs full auto. Generally, the SAW, M-60 and J.M.Brownings 50 cal. are light years more effective on full auto. There are a plethora of reasons for this BUT there are times when full auto on an M-16 or even burst on an M-4 are life saving.
              Before people scream this is the U.S. NOT Afghanistan or the Middle East I will leave you with two facts. First our founding fathers personal writings about the first proposed 12 Ammendments to the Constitution (of which ONLY ten were ratified) known as the Bill of Rights some were not entirely convinced the Constitution and their new nation would last like it has. Hence their personal writings are very clear regarding the right of citizens to own military grade weapons! They viewed it as the essential last ditch bulwark or fourth and final check on balancing a runaway tyrannical government from trampling life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of every individual. (Slavery was the one issue they could not solve and keep the country together after winning the War for Independence. Sadly, we still have a way to go on race relations as a country but I believe we will succeed.) People who claim we are too advanced and enlightened to need the 2nd Ammendment (completely unshackled like it is now) have not studied history, current events or human nature. In my military career the cities and states with the most restrictive firearms laws were/are the places with the worst crime. FBI statistics from the DOJ irrefutably demonstrate violent crime rates have dropped to the lowest levels over the past 25+ years in areas where citizens exercise their GOD given right to “Keep and bear arms”. Of all the states I was stationed in Alaska was the most polite. If you separate Native on Native crime from non-Alaskan natives, Alaska has one of the lowest crime rates. People, we are morally no more enlightened than our founding fathers (I would argue many people today are less enlightened) and this world is far more dangerous. If we DO NOT DO EVEN MORE I fear ours personal arms will eventually be taken (or at least they’ll try) and if that day ever comes, the planet will go dark without the last bright beacon of shining freedom—the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! I’ve seen what happens to defenseless populations at the hands of tyrannical governments. If we do not stop the unconstitutional removal of our GOD given rights and fight to get back what has been taken from us already FREEDOM IS ALREADY TERMINALLY ILL!

            2. MAJ. Gray nailed it in his posting. His quote of:
              – “Of all the states I was stationed in Alaska was the most polite. If you separate Native on Native crime from non-Alaskan natives, Alaska has one of the lowest crime rates. ”
              – I too served in Alaska, albeit way back in in 1978, and I agree 100%.
              Alaska was the most Polite, and still is to this very day.

    6. Never forget:-
      it was NRA leadership, Wayne and Chris. That suggested the BATFE should reclassify “bump” stocks. Before Trump said a word.
      All the NRA want is $$$$$$$$$ they don’t care about WE THE PEOPLE.

      Wish this place would focus more on the activities of GOA. Less self congratulation and MORE ACTION.

    7. What a bunch of bull. Keep in mind both Trump and the NRA approved the ban of bumpstocks, which made felons out of probably millions of law abiding citizens. And don’t forger it was Trump, not Obama, who said “take the guns first, due process later”. All this is is a half ass attempt to keep the Trump and the NRA to stop looking like the Funds they are. Trump and the NRA are bleeding supporters. We’re all getting exactly what we paid for

        1. Well in all honesty I never heard of this treaty, and it hasn’t had any affect on my ability to own firearms

          You know what I have heard of?
          Trump and the NRA calling for bumpstock bans
          Trump calling for violating due process for gun owners
          No initiative to pass national resaprosity
          No initiative to remove silencers from the NFA
          No initiative to remove the NFA
          No initiative to remove the 1986 gun control reform

          This is nothing but lip service. Pretending to care about our second amendment without making any actual progress

          1. You should read more. The treaty went after small arms ownership in all signing countries, registration, bans,etc. I believe Obama got us into that one.

            1. I agree with your comment. “john kerry” is the TRAITOR that signed this “agreement” with the “blessings” of the DNC/DemocRATic Nationalist Committee APPOINTED anti-American muslem, 0b0z0. It was NEVER RATIFIED by Congress. Thus it was NEVER a “treaty”.
              Just like 0bamaDON’Tcare was SUPPOSED to lead into GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED SINGLE PAYER INSURANCE COVERAGE which has/had the DEATH DEPARTMENT who decided who would get CARE or NO CARE.
              This “gun control agreement” was SUPPOSED to guide America into a SOCIALISTIC GUN FREE SOCIETY such as Venezuela or many other COMMUNIST COUNTRIES.

          2. And it is said he is not a politician.
            Trump Koolaid is a special flavor much like NRA Koolaid. A special blend of BS specially for armed suckers blended to that perfect high capacity tolerance. Trump got our Constitution in Colorado entirely wiped out with his demand for Red Flags. We blame Governor Polis though because Trump has that Jewish halo that you can’t speak out against because he is from God. Polis is Jewish also and he loves Muslims. This should raise large questions if your paying attention.

        1. No. You’re right Democrats wanted the ban. But it was Donald Trump that signed the order. He called for the ban. He signed the order. He did nothing to prevent out rights from being stripped from us

        2. No. You’re right Democrats wanted the ban. But it an executive order called for and signed by Donald Trump. He wasn’t forced into it. He is 100% responsible

        3. Thanks for clarifying that for all the people that don’t do simple research on there own & either believe their Friends, Co-Workers, Drinking buddies, ect, Instead of just doing a little bit of Investigative Research ( Like just looking up the “Biggest & Worst Possible” 2nd.Amendment Violation EVER ) !!

      1. OK Casey…How many felony arrests and/or convictions have been recorded in the last two years…About as many arrests for Excess magazine capacity in Conn.??? Willing to bet you keep your wallet zipped tight for all causes to support 2nd a causes. Convenient for you, no help to anyone!

    8. The UN is a one world order organization and it’s headquarters is located right here in the USA. They are run by the third world countries that would like to see us defeated. Signing off this piece of trash gun control was a wise move but not enough. We need to move them the hell off our soil and resign from participation. Maybe the idea of keep your friends close and your enemies closer is the plan but getting out of their grasp would be even better. Afterall, it is our money that is keeping them going because some of the other countries won’t contribute. It only makes good sense to rid ourselves of them

    9. I do thank President Trump for standing up for u.s. citizens right to bear arms which was set forth over 200 years ago by our founding fathers, in doing so they made sure that future Generations would be able to protect their home their family their property and themselves. I thank President Trump for taking a stand against all the people that are against the American people themselves. This world is a dangerous place, I for one will never give up my guns. I thank GOD for a President that sticks to his.

      1. Lip service I don’t believe Trump cares for the 2nd. No government likes the idea of armed citizens. Is a thread to their power over its people.

    10. Nothing that the UN does, or tries to do, should supersede our Constitution, and the most important “take-away” from this is that Americans have the RIGHT to own guns. That should NEVER be compromised in any way.

      1. Contained in Article VI, USC: ” . . and all treaties made, or shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.”

        1. @William Kuhn, your truncated version gives a false impression of the importance to treaties. The missing portion, when added back in, supplies the proper meaning g of Article VI, clause 2, to wit, and specifically:
          “This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made,or which shall be made under the Authority of the United States shall be the supreme Law of the land; and the Judges in every state shall rebound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”
          With the entirety of clause 2 presented, I think that it is abundantly clear that the portion regarding federal treaties is only clarifying that said treaties will be supreme to state laws, in the same manner as federal statutes. Article VI is not saying federal treaties will be equal to the Constitution or negate anything in the Constitution.
          The primacy of the Constitution has been a settled point since 1804.

    11. We were never part of this proposed treaty anyway. The unsigning is just fluff. Treaties are not valid unless given the consent of the Senate.

      1. True enough.. BUT, as hard as the kinyun tried to get it ratified by the then-sitting Senate, he could not. Today’s Senate would naver ratify it either.

        But how do we KNOW some hocus pocus in the future might not somehow manage to get it ratified? There is no time limit on ratification.

        Besides, there have been attempts by various of the One Worlders to impose the terms of the Arms Trade Tready upon us simply because our paid shill at the top put his isgnature on the treaty.

        I am glad it is being rescinded. Now we will be OUT< no question, and let the rest of the planet howl. Their problem, not ours.

            1. That is an absolute given at this point. Myself I’ll be at 3 trainings this month.

    12. This agreement was only set in place and approved by Obama so the US could end up in a world order government and this was one way to disarm our country. We would have subjected to outside world order government rule. The whole idea was to disarm America and know each individual who owned guns to confiscate them from.

    13. Some will claim TRUMP has personal motives for his decision; to that I say …”SO WHAT”! Someone has to have the guts to stand up and protect OUR SECOND AMENDMENT!!


      1. Guess you all forgot after the Parkland Event, Trump saying quote, “Take the guns first, then due process.”
        How do you think all the states now adopting all these ‘RED FLAG’ Laws???
        *How soon WE forget.
        Join the GOA, no compromise! The NRA is (((controlled opposition))), just like Trump and our less than 10% approval rated Congress. P.S. I voted for him, not his lies, like they all do.

    14. Ah hah, I see that gov Koolaid is no longer working. Right on!
      Get em folks, don’t let em bs you and DO NOT COMPLY.
      US Corporation has zero authority over guns. They’re a bunch of liars, thieves and straight up criminals. That’s why they’re here now on this site trying to derail us. You want to lure a tyrant just start claiming your rights because it works every time. Founding fathers knew this and is why they wrote 2A, to lure the tyrant out and look how well it worked. Heck they even took a break from producing their stupid cartoon American Dad to come here after us and their little honeypot 8 chan has been slow so they’re bored. Q posts aka operation white rabbit ran out of tea so they come to our site to put the psyop spin on us and their ears are burning. Lol.
      Pound em with the facts, they can’t survive them. Even Nancy says they don’t go by facts it ruins the illusion of Koolaid. False flag (Hagelian Dialectic) based facts are lies they thrive on.

      1. So many biased dumbshits on this forum. Ez to tell when u speak only one side of the argument. Read a fucking book, and then set yourself on fire because you just wasted that books fucking time. STOP acting like the Constitution is America’s Bible. It’s obvious we don’t fucking follow either these days. Just continue to amend away. Change is good! And if we wanted shit to be like “the good ole days” , we’d still be killing our brothers and sisters. I like the idea of earth coming together as one, as long as I get to keep my guns. Please do something useful. Can’t think of one? How about you go outside, find some littered garbage, clean it up, and discard it safely. Fucking twat americans.

        1. The US Constitution is even now, far and away, the most superior form of law and freedom to have ever existed. Americans will be glad when the EU starts committing genocide AGAIN against it’s own people so that they can finally figure it out.

          1. @DW, I don’t think he means to discuss anything. He is making outrageous comments to get responses, for which he is paid. He is not, however, a calculating fellow. He is full of the emotion commonly known as hate because his brain is subordinated to his emotions.

        2. Encro! Whats up bro? I see your still living in your parents basement and spend all day in your underwear doing nothing. Man you are really smart as anyone of us twats can tell. Please keep posting your brilliant ideas. You make everyone feel better about themselves!!

    15. My autistic teen is getting ready to start a regimen to include medical marijuana. He is highly aggressive and has been medicated by standard pharmaceuticals since the age of 4. This is a hail-Mary-pass, and I’m praying it will have a drastic effect on him. However, since he is a minor, I had to register as his “caregiver”. This prohibits me under federal law from buying, selling, transferring, or owning a firearm. Personally, I think this is absolutely BS. And if I attempt to buy a gun, I automatically open myself up to prosecution. If I lie on the form, it’s also grounds for prosecution. I’m not sure it was intended to be a way to take people’s guns, but it sure does feel like a way to take away that right. And I’m not going to lie; I absolutely and unequivocally resent it.

      1. I don’t understand how the care of your son has to do with your second amendment rights? Does it have something to do with the state you live in? To me, this has the potential to be more restrictive than red flag laws especially as or population grows older. Please , can you be more specific?

        1. If I have this right, it’s not the care of her son per se, it’s the issue of the devil weed marijuana being in the house which will predispose her and/or her son to commit horrible criminal acts under the cloud of wickedness and wretchedness that pot induces — so goes the archaic, superstitious reasoning and ignorance of the US federal government.

          1. @Schofield et al….Angie explained why when she said her son was “highly aggressive”, at times, I presume, and not all the time. I have a cousin who has the same type of disorder, and he is BIG, and strong. When he goes off on a tantrum, it takes 4 orderlies to control him and keep him from harming himself or others. For that reason, he must be institutionalized. It is just “common sense” that he is not allowed to even know where a firearm might be. There is no reason to have a law written, which can be abused, that makes a person follow “common sense”. Our ancestors used “common sense” when it came to who could or couldn’t keep and bear arms, without having to write laws about it. Miscreants were generally identified and weeded out when they did Militia training, and IMHO, all youth should be put through that training today. I am sure that Angie should have the ability to be armed to protect herself and family, but I do not think she would want her son to know where the firearm is hidden. That would be “common sense”, and no written laws are needed. As for the marijuana angle, the States and the Fed certainly do use that as an excuse to deprive a person of their rights, despite the fact that most Cannaboid products sold today in the stores, such as CBD oil, is totally devoid of the THC. It is very telling that there is no restriction for alcohol use most of the time.

        2. the 1934 ConrolledSubstances Act lists cannabis in all its forms as Schedule One Conrtoled Substance.. that means, in their imagination, HIGHLY addictive, AND of NO medical use whatever. This is one of the biggest lies and scandals ever perpetrated upon the Union.
          It is not “highl addictive” (not addicitve at all, in fact, no more than Diet Dr. Pepper) and the very fact it is being PRESCRIBED for her son is proof it DOES have medical use.

          When the gun control laws were enacted, it was decided that anyone using any controlled substance could not possess arms. Why, I dunno. But dat be de LAW.
          Until our COngress delists cannabis as Schedule One and removes it from the CSA OR the law adding anyone using cannabie to the Prohibited Persons list is rescinded, thus will remain in effect.

          BUT.. it does seem that SHE is not a “user””. of the substance, thus when she fills out the 4473 che can truthfully say she is not a “user” of a controlled substance. Her Son is the “user”. Does a doctor who prescribes fentanyl or Xanax to a patient lose HIS right to arms? I hardly think so.

    16. Department of State Publication 7277 was published in 1961. It was presented as a “possible” plan for disarmament of the U.S., with subsequent surrender to the communist U.N. Eisenhower’s wife mamie, who the communists had very obviously “gotten to” who was pro U.N., pro communism, and anti McCarthy. Was pushing Dwight to the left as hard as possible. Mamies successful push to the left of Dwight, and the rise of the deep state, resulted in JFK trying to right the cart, resulting in the cuban missile crisis. Results? One pissed off deep state, one debacle handled. The deep states right hand, the USDOS banged out “publication” 7277, which turned into official policy under Deep State President Johnson. And we are just now learning the truth about Kennedy’s death.

      1. And speaking of Eisenhauer, who everyone thought was a wonderful type of person, it seems he had a bit of hidden history that has been kept from us. Do you think the WW2 was over for the German citizens on May 7, 1945 ? Well, think again ! For the disarmed citizens, especially women from the ages of 8 to 80, the war was just beginning. HELLSTORM, a rather new documentary rather recently released, explains what happened to them. And the men, caged up in open air prisons, with no food, water, sanitation, being forced to drink their own urine to survive while a river ran wild a few yards beyond the barbed wire fences. Yes, it seems our illustrious Eisenhauer was a bit of a sadist, not to mention being a war criminal who should be burning in the hottest parts of hell. Over 1.5 million civilians were murdered by Eisenhauer in Germany after the war was officially over. And guess what he signed his West Point yearbook as ? Just guess ! You can google it up if you please.

        1. that’s not factual. hellstorm was before they declared peace & the war over. and it didn’t happen like that.
          please find more than one source before you pass on information that could be detrimental to the patriots of tomorrow.
          undercutting the u.s and it’s actions while claiming to be the true patriots is quite the oxymoron

          1. @Forever….I would suggest that you read the heavily documented HELLSTORM, and discover what the timeline was. Even though some occurrences, such as the totally unnecessary firebombing of Dresden did take place before the end of the war, most of the atrocities occurred AFTER, blessed and ordered by “The Terrible Swedish Jew”. He acted out of hate and revenge, against innocent civilians who had absolutely nothing to do with the war.

        2. TheHolyCrow, if you hate Jews, then say so instead of this wink-wink nudge-nudge bull crap. The only oddity I could find from Eisenhower’s West Point year book page was “the terrible Swedish-Jew”. Combined with your spelling of his name, I can only presume that you hate Jews. Maybe Eisenhower did evil, but it was not any Hebrew or other ancestry that made him do so. Individuals decide to do evil or good; not lineage or other categories.

          1. @Proctor…I’ll say whatever I feel is appropriate at the moment, thank you. Sometimes I like to make people do their own homework, which you obviously did, and now you know what Eisenhauer was. Now I would suggest you read John 8:44, and then go back and read all of John Chapter 8. It should take about 10 minutes. Let’s get this straight. It’s not “all Jews” that deserve contempt, just those who have the Mark of Cain, the ones who were descended from Cain’s line. Jesus Himself exposed them in John Chapter 8. Although they had Abraham as an ancestor also, those who have Cain as an ancestor are extremely dangerous and evil, because it was the Serpent himself who “beguiled” Eve in the Garden, producing Cain. And I also detest those Of Khazarian ancestry who lie to the world, saying that Abraham was their ancestor, and that’s what gives them the right to Palestine. They are myrderers, liars and thieves and cause nothing but trouble for the whole world. Search up “Ben Friedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel”. He was a Khazarian Jew who converted to Christianity, and he told the world in his speech what was really going on. The Eastern European Ashkenazi Khazars were complicit with Stalin and made up most of the Bolsheviks, who came straight out of New York City. It was their ilk who were the guards at the European Concentration Camps, and descended on the German girls and women AFTER WW2 was over, with Eisenhauer blessings. And, of course, that does not apply to all of them. There is Brother Nathaniel, for instance, who has many videos available in the web. He made it his lifetime mission to expose those devils in human form, and he knows because he was born into them and grew up with them. And the Torah True Rabbis of Netureia Karta (sp), otherwise known as Anti-Zionist Jews. They know the evil that makes up the Zionist soul. You should perhaps study up on the history of the Khazarian, the history that they have gone to great lengths to keep hidden. You might want to read “The 13th Tribe” by Kuntsler, for starters. And let’s not ever forget that it was Sephardic Jews who owned most every slave ship that brought blacks to the USA, ensuring that they would have a life of servitude. The Carnegie Institute had a display of 300 logs from slave ships a few years ago, all owned by Sephardic Jews.

    17. The ATT was never ratified by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate and is therefore not a treaty. Even if two-thirds of the Senate had ratified this blatant usurpation of Rights, it would not have been a treaty, for treaties must be made pursuant to the U.S. Constitution. Treaties made outside the parameters of the U.S. Constitution are null and void.

      Additionally, the NRA is wrong that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. The amendment merely enshrines in the U.S. Constitution the recognition of the right that free men inherently and indefeasibly possess to defend themselves, their property, and their liberty.

      If Trump were truly a swamp-drainer and a patriot who defended liberty, he would refund the U.S. support for the U.N. entirely.

      Alas, Trump is no friend of liberty or Gun Rights. Witness his and the NRA’s betrayal on bump stocks.

      1. Bump stock prohibition IS EASILY beaten into the ground; new products are available and more are ON THE WAY! No blame necessary ….. ALL IS FINE AT THE NRA!!

        1. The issue is not bump stocks – it is the unconstitutional taking of property without due process. It is making felons of law abiding citizens who engaged in legal commerce, then years later an alphabetic agency in the bureaucracy declares that very engagement now retroactively illegal and attaches criminal penalties. The precedent set by this concept if not overturned by the Supremes is, it matters not what other products are available (TacCon or Binary triggers) or future inventions, those to will suffer the same fate as bump stocks.

          A dangerous time when a product, legal to sell, to purchase, to possess and to use for a decade or more, then years later that very (not just future) engagement in commerce is declared illegal and criminal penalties attach.

          Taking this to the next intended consequence, those who vigorously oppose this draconian usurpation of authority and strenuously and unequivocally so state on social media their refusal to comply and intent to “fight” back, such speech becomes the low bar criteria to obtain a red flag warrant to seize not just the declared illegal product, but all firearms possessed by citizen.

          Nothing happens by accident in politics!

        1. So, Trump has not made bump stocks illegal by edict?

          So, Trump has stopped U.S. funding of the U.N.?

          So, Trump has stopped the disastrous wars of aggression that have morally and financially ruined America?

          So, Trump never uttered ,”They’re (the Clintons) good people. I don’t want to hurt them.”

          Banning bump stocks set the terrible precedent that any presidential tyrant can obliterate rights at whim. Imagine a President Kamala Harris by edict banning rifle scopes, magazine capacity above an arbitrary level, etc. This is the Pandora’s box this so-called 2A savior Trump has opened.

          He threw a sop to the NRA and gun rights supporters by what he did about the ATT just before the 2020 election.

          It is a sop the next globalist president can undo. That is not much in return for the support Trump has enjoyed from gun rights advocates and 2A supporters.

          Name one gun control law Trump has pushed to repeal in his tenure in office.

      2. Robert Frasconi, You say,
        The NRA is wrong that the 2nd. amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.
        Actually that is exactly what the 2nd amendment does, It is a constitutional guarantee that the right to keep and bear arms will not be taken by government. But that doesn’t mean anything to a power hungry government that wants and claims the right to control every aspect of our lives as if they are royalty and we are their subjects.
        What the Constitution and the 2nd. amendment does not do, it does not grant the right to keep and bear arms or any other right. Rights are given/endowed to us by God. Rights are not granted by government.
        Privileges are granted by governments and can be rescinded any time the gov’t wants for any reason they deem.
        One thing I have noticed lately is some in government are calling the right to keep and bear arms a privilege.
        They are calling it gun privileges and I think it is their plan to keep doing that but more of them and more often, in the same old lie that if you repeat the same lie often enough, it becomes truth. They want to brain wash the public and specially our children and grand children that it is a privilege and not a right.
        It is up to us the parents to teach our children the difference between rights and privileges, and that our rights are not under government power to take, ever, for any reason, and we all know that is their goal.

        1. You wrote:

          Robert Frasconi, You say,

          The NRA is wrong that the 2nd. amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.
          Actually that is exactly what the 2nd amendment does, It is a constitutional guarantee that the right to keep and bear arms will not be taken by government. But that doesn’t mean anything to a power hungry government that wants and claims the right to control every aspect of our lives as if they are royalty and we are their subjects.
          What the Constitution and the 2nd. amendment does not do, it does not grant the right to keep and bear arms or any other right. Rights are given/endowed to us by God. Rights are not granted by government.
          Privileges are granted by governments and can be rescinded any time the gov’t wants for any reason they deem.

          Your formulation is correct. With apologies to the NRA and the readers here, for some reason (brain freeze?), I conflated the word guarantee with grant. To be clear, the 2A does guarantee rights as do the other amendments in the Bill of Rights, the amendments do not grant rights. We inherently possess these rights because we are free men. These rights are not granted by government and cannot be taken away by government. Thanks for pointing out my mistake, Robert. And William, I do not hold your moron comment about my statement against you because of my error. However, overall, Trump is no friend to the 2A or to gun rights — his platitudes at his rallies notwithstanding.

          1. Actually that Second Article of Ammendment does not “guarantee” our right to arms. It names and recognises that right, then commands GOVERNMENT to guarantee us that right bu not allowing any limitatioins upon it. We HAVE the right, which is separate and independent of government, and predates any government, as it is given by God along with our right to life. It is a travesty that that very government chaged with PROTECTING oiur right to arms has goe way too far in infringing that right. (not to mention others….)

    18. The communist sourced treaty ATT was just another step down the slippery slope into communism, perpetrated by the democrats. See http://beaconoftruth.com/7277.htm A document/plan that was well hidden, even denied by the D.O.S. until rediscovered and published in 1995. The Clinton cartel did everything possible to cover it up, say it ain’t so, even lied about eliminating the treaty. So kudos to Team Trump for realigning the maga process.

      Read http://beaconoftruth.com/7277.htm and spread it far and wide. The termites will never stop drilling!

    19. Article states,

      “Data kept on the end users of imported firearms is a de-facto registry of law-abiding firearms owners, which is a violation of federal law.”

      Permits and registrations are also default gun registry for confiscation and now in Colorado can be used as evidence to confiscate guns under Red Flag law. When will people learn that if confiscation was not the intended purpose for what other purpose do papers serve? Founding Fathers are laughing at these gun owners who consent to confiscation by getting papers. These papers are now enough in Colorado to issue a search warrant for firearms confiscation so please do tell me who that is benefiting I can use a good laugh.

      The gov Koolaid is totally working gun owners over and it is toxic brew.

      1. Too true

        The Dems are always stumoing for “universal backgorund checks”. I say let them have them. Seriously.. BUT the condintion will be a radical change to Form 4473. Anyone who has purchased a firearm through an FFL will remember that form… I’ve no issue with the ifnormatioin requested on Page One, and most ot Two. But WHY do they put five lines asking the information on what it is I am purchaisng?
        A BACKGROUND CHECK is to see whether Charlie is a prohibited person, a citizen/legal resident, etc. Once HE is cleared, it does not matter one bit unde rthe law WHAT it is he is getting.. or how many. If the true and only purpose for the Background Check is to make sure he can legally possess arms as a precondidtion for getting another (or another pallet of them) The listing of whatever it is that Charlie is buying is NOT part of HIS “background check”.

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