LWRCI Releases SMG .45 Pistol Caliber Carbine Rolls Out

LWRCI Releases SMG .45 Pistol Caliber Carbine Rolls Out
LWRCI Releases SMG .45 Pistol Caliber Carbine Rolls Out

Cambridge, MD-(Ammoland.com)- One of the most exciting product releases in LWRCI company history is finally here. LWRCI announces the release of its first pistol-caliber carbine – the SMG-45. This highly-anticipated SMG model combines the company’s experience on the AR platform with an innovative delayed-blowback/short-recoil operating system to deliver a unique pistol-caliber carbine shooting experience.


“We listened closely to shooters, operators, and customers throughout the development of this exciting new platform for LWRCI,” says David Ridley, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The SMG is truly a ‘Step-Up’ pistol-caliber carbine that offers our customers innovative features and comfortable ergonomics in a compact package.”

Built from the ground up around US-manufactured UMP magazines, the SMG-45 is a completely new PCC in .45 ACP that features many of the same controls and performance attributes found in LWRCI™’s luxury gas-piston AR lineup. LWRCI™’s commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence is clearly evident in the SMG-45: the firearm delivers the high performance that discerning shooters demand alongside the quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from LWRCI.

Constructed of advanced aluminum and steel alloys and protected with hard-coat anodizing, ferritic nitrocarburization, and nickel-boron surface treatments, the SMG is built to last. Features on the SMG include a signature fully-ambidextrous lower receiver with AR-style controls for the safety and bolt catch/release, a paddle magazine release, the LWRCI™ Ultra Combat Grip™, and an LWRCI™ Enhanced Fire Control Group. The upper includes an 8.5” cold- hammer-forged CrMoV steel barrel, LWRCI’s familiar Modular Rail System with LWRCI™ Rail Panels and Hand Stop installed at 3/6/9 o’clock, Magpul MBUS Pro sights, and more.

The launch configuration for the SMG-45 is a pistol equipped with the SB Tactical SBTi folding subgun brace. The SMG-45 ships with two 25-round magazines.

SMG-45 is a pistol equipped with the SB Tactical SBTi folding subgun brace
LWRCI SMG-45 is a pistol equipped with the SB Tactical SBTi folding subgun brace
Reversible, non-reciprocating, folding charging handle
Reversible, non-reciprocating, folding charging handle

The first shipment of the LWRCI SMG-45 Pistol+Brace production models shipped this week to an authorized LWRCI Wholesale Distributor or Premier Dealer with the highly anticipated models showing up at retail starting as early as next week.

In honor of Independence Day -the first run of LWRCI SMG .45's shipped this week from LWRC International's Cambridge, Maryland facility. Consumers can expect to start seeing the highly anticipated firearm showing up at local dealers in the next few weeks.

Consumers can expect to start seeing the highly anticipated firearm showing up at local dealers in the next few weeks.
Consumers can expect to start seeing the highly anticipated firearm showing up at local dealers in the next few weeks.


  • Fully Ambidextrous lower controls: AR Selector, bolt catch, grip and hammer/trigger allows easy operation for right or left handed shooters
  • Innovative Paddle Style Mag release makes for easy load and magazine change. Fully ambidextrous.
  • Initial offering configuration will come with an SB Tactical Folding Subgun Brace with LWRCI™ Adapter. The SMG is incredibly compact – folds down to a mere 15.3″
  • 8.5” Cold Hammer-Forged Chromoly steel barrel
  • User-Configurable rail system – including Picatinny segments, sling adapters, polymer rail panels, offset mount
  • LWRCI™ Rail Panels at 3, 6, and 9 with a hand stop on the 6 o'clock rail.
  • Ambidextrous Paddle Style Magazine release for easy load and magazine changes.
  • New & Improved LWRCI™ Advanced Fire Control Group
  • US-manufactured UMP magazines; SMG ships with two
    25-round mags.
  • Lower capacity magazines are available to comply with state or local jurisdictions.
  • LWRCI™ Ultra Combat Grip for ultimate grip comfort LWRCI™ Advanced Trigger Guard
  • Magpul® MBUS Pro Back Up Sights
  • Reversible, non-reciprocating, folding charging handle
  • Shoots suppressed using a booster/Neilson device
LWRCI™ SMG introduced new packaging with custom fit foam inserts and 2- 25 Round UMP Magazines. Magazines are US Manufactured and available in lesser round configurations for state or local compliance.
LWRCI™ SMG introduced new packaging with custom fit foam inserts and 2- 25 Round UMP Magazines. Magazines are US Manufactured and available in lesser round configurations for state or local compliance.

About LWRC InternationalLWRC International Logo

Based in Cambridge, Maryland, LWRC International designs and builds high performance firearms. Its mission is to deliver absolute reliability, consistent accuracy and extreme durability in its products. Through innovative design, engineering excellence, and cutting edge manufacturing processes and materials technologies, LWRCI products are built to perform and to exceed end user expectations. Visit www.lwrci.com or call 410-901-1348 for more information on LWRCI products.

  • 48 thoughts on “LWRCI Releases SMG .45 Pistol Caliber Carbine Rolls Out

    1. Why would you build a gun that literally everyone and their effing brother would buy, then price yourself right out of the market? This seems like more of a publicity stunt than an actual product.

    2. Sounds like Jr high school in here. 3k is a lot of money to pay for something that whatever job it would fulfill could be done with something less expensive. On the other hand, Damn a gun company is coming out with a new gun that many people can legally own. There is about 85 other countries where dudes are looking at it going wow that will look cool as an airsoft…..

      1. My first thought was “can a Marylander own this?
        Then I ponder how many brace guns will be sold before they get”re-classified” as short barrel rifles? If we’re going to do this we need to trash the nfa,but I dream

    3. If they are publicizing their smg-45 nerf gun. Imagine how bad ass a 10mm version would be? A much better “patrol carbine”, with a 100 yatd reach.

    4. I guess it’ll look cool in the next John Wick movie or in the office armory of Triple Canopy or Xi…but what need does it fill, at 3K, if for $300, you could add a .300 blk upper to your AR pistol and rock out with a harder hitting caliber? Leave the pistol calibers in your sidearm. I love my .45 pistols but I’d fight my way to an AR in any conflict.

    5. Looks like an awesome weapon!
      Kriss Vector 45 ACP Enhanced 6.5” with SBA3 pistol brace!
      26 round magazines! Can’t beat it! I’ll stick with that for now!
      It’s great to have so many options out there! We’re living in the golden age of firearms!

    6. I enjoy reading about new releases, but being on a fixed income means I will not own any of them if the price point is over $600.
      I supposed my Century Arms C39 V2 with a folding stock could identify as a pistol.

            1. I third his remark -400 dollars a month for a 30 percent VA disability is a bad joke that could almost deprive a former 12 bravo combat engineer of many weapons now -I did say almost. My Kimber 45acp master carry custom will provide all I will ever need. After 30 years of 3o percent -last year I got 4 Hugh titanium bolts screw my sacrum to my ilium at a 27 grand cost. Pain free first time in 30 years.. You gotta keep after the bastards or they will never help us if they can steal the money for themselves. Shoot the trolls. Steven the troll. Oh yeah my Kimber cost 1600 with crimson trace laser LOVE IT.

          1. Paul S, I hear you, brother. Living on a fixed income and depending on the VA is tough. Most of my guns are gone too, including my 03s, M1 Carbines, and M1 Garands. That hurt.

      1. Yea, you’re right! Would make a reasonable $400. Gun. Maybe $425. In 10 mm. But no more! Their asking price says they have 10 too many middlemen between the actual manufacturer, and the buyer.

    7. Well, I see that the Arrogant, narcissistic, elitists, based in Maryland, one of the most anti-gun states in the Union, have done it again!

      They’ve offered up a state-of-the-art weapon that cost 3 times what it should, and they’re trying to sell it to us by saying you can’t find this quality anywhere else.

      Newsflash LWRC morons: “quality” as defined by 95% of the population who are not “operators”, badges, government agents, or anyone else with “Superior” constitutional rights to the rest of us, is an operational weapon that we can rely upon when required to so do, and it costs less than $1,000, hopefully less than $600.

      The fact that you are putting out a weapon that 95% of us cannot own, either financially or legally, and that you are based in an anti-gun State and won’t remove yourselves from that state, tell the 95% of us who actually believe in the second amendment, that you are not a company we should support.

      The Ruger in 9 mm will do fine, until they can come up with a 45 ACP. For that matter the Hi-Point carbine for about three hundred and fifty bucks will do quite nicely as well as it’s already in 45 ACP and 40 S&W!

      I’m tired of elitists. I’m tired of high-dollar narcissists telling me what I need, why I need it, and that if I don’t buy it from them, I’m the moron!

      High-dollar elitist luxury items are mostly for those who have way too much money and too little sense!

      Cheers from the Oil Patch in Central Wyoming!

      1. Yeah it’s expensive but so are a lot of things. I have several LWRC rifles, have used them hard and never had a problem. If 3K is too much for you then this is not the gun for you. As for me I’ll work some overtime and buy one.

      2. Don’t recall seeing anyone call you a moron for not buying this or even telling you that you have to buy it. If you don’t want it don’t buy it that simple. Don’t cry because you really want it but can’t afford it. That’s a personal problem not eveyone else. Im tired of of people attacking elitist just becasue you are jealous of what they have. Life is what you make of it, no one is going to just give you hand outs becasue you feel they should. There are a lot of thing I cannot afford but I don’t blame the person that can or expect them to give me something just becasue they have more than me. It makes me want to work harder and achieve it for myself.

    8. Bring out a semi auto version in some real power – like in 45 Win. Mag., 475 Willdey, and 50 Action. Make a great hog, deer and black bear gun. Use advertising showing people hunting with it.

      1. What’s sad? That you’d rather buy something nice for your wife? No one have to buy an overpriced UMP knockoff. Really.

        Or even react to its existence. This thing will become “oh, yeah, you remember that whatever it was few years back” deal soon enough and a handful of die hards will have them in their gunsafe never to be shot.

        Oh, and to the gentleman who had an issue with Maryland… You really think the politicians care there (or anywhere) about real people / life? They spew whatever their analyzed voter base wants to hear and then in the background give businesses incentives to stay in the state even if that grossly conflicts each other.

        It’s called win-win.

        For the politicians that is.

        Yeah, and this UMP knockoff doesn’t tickle my pickle. At all.

    9. That is out of reach for most middle class family’s
      With the price tag

      You can get a hi point carbine in 4 different
      Caliber so including now the 10mm

      1. right and so are a lot of other things. Thats the way the world works… I don’t hear people whining about the cost of a .50 cal rifle that range 5-10k.

        Also, the amount of people that keep suggesting Hi Point truly amazes me. Those are the biggest pieces of crap and the price reflects it. Anyone that would seriously consider using a Hi-Point as a primary weapon should refrain from commenting. “you can get a hi point carbine in 4 different calibers, including 10mm” is like saying I can get 4 Kias for the price of that Ferrari. You can compare the two, it’s apples and oranges.

        Yes the LWRCI SMG 45 is a little pricey and should really be in the 1500-2k price range. However, I’m sure its a fantastic weapon and well worth the price, if it turns out to be a POS then so be it. There is something for everyone and just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean its not a good weapon, overpriced, or LWRCI being elitist. Im sure they had tons of R&D in this product and they are in business to make money. If you don’t want it dont buy it. This item is not a necessity it’s a luxury.

    10. This is something I have been waiting for. Unfortunately, they have priced it out of my reach. I agree with Brian Forde that Ruger needs to make their PCC in .45ACP. That I would buy in a heartbeat!

      Phil in TX

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