Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, Squandering Time & Other Valuable Resources


Oregon Mental Health Days
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, Squandering Time & Other Valuable Resources

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Yet another anemic excuse for indolence and non-productivity:

The anti-gun state of OR will allow school students to take “mental health days” off, five every ninety days, but of course, that will quickly be expanded to include all days.

Apparently sitting idol at home, rather than actively participating in school activities, now represents a “cure” for what are claimed to be mental health issues.

What is little more than an aversion to work is being lauded by snowflakes as a “societal advance.”

You can bet other nations, far more serious about national survival, have scant tolerance for this kind of preposterous psycho-babble.

“Evolution is not ‘one-way.’

The USA, along with the rest of what used to be referred to as ‘Western Civilization,’ is rapidly descending to third-world level, only to dissolve into chaos soon after that!

This precipitous descent is due to our having implemented public policies that reverse ‘natural selection:’ ‘Survival of the fittest (the creative and capable, who produce and contribute).’

Instead, we now revile, denigrate, and penalize the productive and successful among us, job-creators and innovators, fearless entrepreneurs who courageously advance our civilization and create honest wealth. All while endlessly revering and artificially supporting (showering with all manner of special benefits and privileges) the willfully indolent whom nature at one time was compelled to stimulate into some form of minimal and reluctant productivity harshly, and still would but for our interference.

All done, of course, for the cynical purpose of promoting an ever-increasing percentage of our otherwise able-bodied population who are unchangeably unemployed, and indeed unemployable.

And, the one thing at which denizens of the resulting ever-expanding, willfully unproductive underclass excel, is reproduction (due mostly to perpetual idleness).

This is an inevitable result of our having attained a plateau of comfortable prosperity that has subsequently engendered the wide-spread delusion that an ecumenical, government-encouraged aversion to work is somehow self-sustainable, forever.

Traditional values, critical thinking, and common sense have been thus swept aside. We’ve deluded ourselves into believing we can continue to borrow and print our way to perpetual prosperity.

The result is politicians, representing themselves as Santa Claus, who appeal for votes exclusively from the permanently unproductive, criminals, and illegal aliens, while simultaneously recruiting violent mobs to attack and harm, and destroy the property of, all who dare oppose them.

We have probably passed the tipping point, beyond which the process can be reversed.

In the interim, our world will be become increasingly dangerous and violent. All we can do is be individually prepared to deal with it!


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cav2108 (@charles-valenzuela)
2 years ago

Idle at home, not idol at home. An idol at home would be like. . . . . a little statue of Buddha or something, in the corner, with candles around it.

Country Boy
Country Boy (@country-boy)
2 years ago


dg (@dg)
2 years ago

A recall effort is underway here. Long shot, but we are trying.

Rock (@rock)
2 years ago

THAT is one homely looking woman… Guaranteed SNORTS when she laughs, IF she was ever taught how to laugh. Yup, she was destined to be a whiny, nasal sounding, almost skeletonized, libtard, fun/gun hating, school nerd wallflower…
In HER mind………. She HAS more than succeeded. And I agree !

mlhtd51 (@tadpole278)
2 years ago
Reply to  Rock

Wikipedia, Calls her a Member of the Communist Party, Country Boy, dg, You Got It “Flushdownkatebrown”

Camotim (@camotim)
2 years ago

Too bad this gun stealing governor does not take a mental health day every day.

2 years ago

I’m no grammar Nazi, and I usually let errors slide. But since this whole story is about school education, and the sorry state that it is in in this Country, it should be pointed out that “idol” does NOT equal “Idle”.

Dumdfounded (@mk12mod1)
2 years ago
Reply to  Knute

Think about the use of the word ‘idol’ versus ‘idle’ in this situation….it could be construed as a double entrendre.
Sitting idle at home: Doing nothing
Sitting idol at home: a person of great importance
The second scenario is perfect definition for what the entitled left believes of themselves and what they are owed.

Tionico (@tionico)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dumdfounded

yup.. I caught that too. Sitting “idol” at home.. worshipping your own sorry self cause no one else will….