Swarming Area 51 & Perhaps Not Surviving ~ VIDEO


USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- As a young 2nd Lieutenant, police officer / Security Policeman (SP) in the US Air Force, I was quietly advised by my fellow commissioned officers that should I ever actually fire my weapon while on duty, at either someone or something, I could pretty much kiss my Air Force career goodbye.

There were the stories about Security Police in the missile fields of Montana and North Dakota using deadly force that was authorized to defend and protect nuclear weapons, only to suffer under the Uniform Code of Military Justice after the fact.

Now if Security Policemen had lost a nuke on their watch because they did not fire their weapons, those poor bastards would still be in prison.

My big Air Force/AF is really easy about applying the concept of deadly-force-authorized, to defend non-living assets, but they get most distressed when some young Air Force cop takes the leadership up on their prearranged instructions and actually makes the decision to shoot at bad guys.

There is an alleged “war story” about an AF cop / SP responding to a bar fight in Osan, Korea one night. This SP found himself alone in an alley with about 10-12 very drunk off-duty Army and Air Force members. Drinking was a way of life for the US military stationed in Korea. They were discussing the merits and tactics of beating the crap out of the cop. He knew it was going to be a painful reality. In those days an Air Force cop only carried a 38 special revolver, 18 extra rounds of ammo and a set of handcuffs.

There was no pepper spray or a non-lethal night-stick. Of course, Tasers were not even around back in the day. The young SP officer was going to get his butt beat most severely. That is when he decided he had a revolver on his hip for a reason and pulled it out. The SP even put an extra six rounds of ammo in his left hand. Figuring once he started firing, he was going to win real quick or they all would charge him en masse, and he needed to reload for the “Last Stand at Osan.

Do you know what the first thing that comes out of the mouth of one of those drunk idiots was, “Hey, you’re not allowed to use that gun?” The drunk was advised he was going to be the first one shot. The drunk laughed but seemed to slip away into the steamy hot Korea summer night, leaving one less target of opportunity for the cornered SP.

Surprisingly there was an inebriated pilot standing in the crowd, egging his fellow drunks on to attack the SP. When the SP told him he was going to enjoy shooting him in the kneecap and making sure he never passed a flight physical again, the drunk pilot did not think that was funny. At some point, the drunks realized the Air Force cop, with his back literally to the wall and no avenue of escape was really going to shoot some of them, so the crowd drifted away.

The next day the cop was order to see some Lt. Colonel (flying-type) who owned the drunk pilot and explain who the hell the SP thought he was threatening to shoot one of his pilots’ just for having a good time out on the town. Attempts were made to explain the situation, but it was not working. Then, the now sober pilot comes in, and the Lt. Colonel advised the SP he owed the pilot an apology. There was concern beforehand this was going to happen, and preparations were made.

A spent 38 special shell case was handed to the pilot. The cop advised him he was lucky he had not been on the receiving end of that round of ammo. The two pilots just stood there as the cop left and nothing was heard again about that drunken night at Osan.

Now if our SP had actually pulled the trigger that night in Osan, there is a pretty good chance he would have never been able to stay in the Air Force long enough to collect his retirement check. Even if legally he was in the right, they could have gotten rid of him. He would have received bad evaluations, never got promoted, and been forced to leave early in his career.

Incidents like the once-upon-a-time tale of a drunken night at Osan, Korea happens on occasion around the world with Air Force cops and unruly Airmen. In most cases, a shot is never fired, and the incident does not make it to international cable news.

And then there is Groom Lake.

So, these alien-hunting civilians want to swarm the Air Force classified location at Groom Lake, which is north of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert. This base is also the “famous” Area 51.

Please keep in mind the US government owns a very large chunk of the state of Nevada, to include the land that the Nevada Test and Training Range is on. If the Feds say you cannot be on their land they mean it and they back it up with guns. Groom Lake is on Federal land.

My last assignment in the Air Force prior to retiring as an AF cop from active duty was at Nellis Air Force Base, in Las Vegas. Nellis AFB was the support base for the Groom Lake operation. We had unclassified maps that had Groom Lake on them. There was no secret where Area 51 was located. Even with my increased security clearances, I was never officially told what was going on at Groom Lake and to tell you the truth I did not want to know.

The unofficial rumors had the physical security of Groom Lake structured in three rings of defense. Inside the wire of Groom Lake, there were allegedly Air Force, Security Policemen guarding the cantonment area. Outside the wire was the second ring of protection that was performed by private contract security. Then the first line of defense was another ring of contract security. This information is all alleged and for me hearsay. I do not know if it was true back then or how they are doing security now.

What I do understand is if these ground raiders actually show up, some Air Force careers are going to be ruined over what will happen. The Air Force does not even have to shoot any of the raiders. All the Air Force has to do is fail to have medical support, water stations and port-a-johns set up for the raiders. All it will take for international news to cry foul is a poor heat prostrated raider laying in the desert sand crying for his mommy.

Now if deadly force is actually used that day, the world will be in mourning for the misunderstood raiders who only wanted to find those pesky aliens.

As their blood is soaking into the sand, the phone calls will go out for the heads of the Air Force cops who dared to defend Area 51 the way they were instructed and trained to react. Cop leadership will be called to senior pilot leadership offices and threatened with the ruination of their military careers and prison time.

There will be video footage out there forever of the injured as they try to retrograde back to Las Vegas and of course the politicians demanding answers. Years later, the paper/money trail will finally come out as to what hostile foreign powers and what domestic terrorists were contributing money and support to the raider’s cause.

A suggestion to my fellow Air Force Security Forces cops, who will be on duty that day, be prepared to survive literally and politically. At the time of the writing of this column, there were already 1.2 million people who have declared their intent to attack Groom Lake. If Groom Lake is swarmed with even a fraction of the 1.2 million alleged raiders, there will be no stopping them, and if they get to you personally, you are their target.

They will not all be Americans out for a good time in the desert. The foreign operatives will be the ones looking for blood to embarrass the US government. They will just be dressed like all the rest of the raiders.

The talking heads on the cable news channels are all laughing at the idea of raiders attacking Groom Lake. I see none of this as funny. When that Airman cop has his back against the wall at Groom Lake and challenged by screaming raiders the way the drunks threatened that SP those many years ago one night in Osan, the reaction to use deadly force will arise.
Now if the three rings of security are how they conduct business at Groom Lake, and if the raiders successfully breach the first two rings to confront actual Air Force cops then, there will already have been a lot of shooting.

There is a history of individuals being killed trying to force their way into Groom Lake, but again that too is hearsay.

It is not funny. If the Federal government has established such elaborate interlocking security to protect Groom Lake, they are taking this serious, deadly serious.

So, the question to the raiders is, “do you feel lucky”? To the Air Force cops who will be on duty that day, watch your back and your fellow cops’ back but do not expect your big Air Force to side-you when this is all over. You might have an empty 5.56 shell case in your hand as you ask for a lawyer. Sad but true.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.

Major Van Harl USAF RetAbout Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force, was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]

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The Air Force will never need to deal with these freaks. This is one reason they use private security. The guys in those companies are all ex US military special ops guys. The idea of foriegn players being part of that is no joke. They need to be kept out at all costs and the “public perception” of what happens does not mean anything compared to our national security. If there are some morons who really want to test the resolve of the security force, they will pay for that dearly, maybe with their lives. I for one will not… Read more »


The dumb ass in the video has a whole lot of growing up to do. He may be 20 chronologically but about 4 in reality. Outrun the bullets, yea I understand. Unfortunately, he is more than likely a democrat supporter and don’t know if he was punched or bored. This is not fun business and it would turn into their most vivid nightmare.


As a veteran AF SP, the Major speaks the truth. If you’re an SP, find the funds to obtain a civilian attorney with military experience. Line him up in advance. Defend yourself on the field and in the court. The AF will roll you under the bus.


Tear gas. Sonic crowd control weapons. Heat weapons. Perimeter defenses and electrified/razor wire fences. Fire hoses and water cannons. Blunt force rounds. Flashbangs. Choppers stirring up sandstorms. Minefield signs. EW jamming electronics to thwart coordination. Night vision to sustain defenses 24×7. Drone-based video intel on group movements. There is virtually NO, NONE, NADA reason to use deadly force to convince these would-be attackers and invaders to change direction. Unlike our porous southern border, this is a defensible installation that will rapidly become unappetizing as a siege target for the merely curious. This is not the storming of the Bastille.


Absolutely. It is just no good any more to tell people, “Don’t do this, or you will suffer severe consequences. Vile behavior must always be countered by whipping with a wet noodle. That way, everyone will know that rules are made to be broken, and no one is ever really serious. Great advice.

Wild Bill

, I thought that sonic weaps were still classified. No?

Ej harbet

Google VMADS, lol
All the a10 jokes are just that,jokes! You wont get past vmads unless you are a real hardcore space alien.
Hope they post the video on youtube

jack mac

What is worth protecting in area 51? Why the concern over military police shooting? If the event actually occurs, leave it up to the FBI and their ATF buddies. They have no problem in shooting citizens and have always gotten away with.


The best suggestion I’ve seen so far in regard to this “Swarm Area 51” nonsense is to wait until the government’s attention is completely on Area 51 . . . and then the rest of us will swarm Fort Knox!

jack mac

There most likely nothing worth protecting in Area 51 nor Fort Knox anymore.

Will Flatt

The Area 51 facility is a strategic national security asset with TS/SCI classification. As such, it MUST be protected with the promise (no bluffing, boys) that deadly force WILL BE USED against ANY AND ALL who try to penetrate security! Now if all you ‘Naruto Runners’ out there think you can outrun, and Matrix-bullet-time dodge live ammunition, don’t cry mommy when a Spooky suddenly shows up and drops an ‘Afghani Tornado’ of hot lead on your dumb azz. If people are actually stupid enough to show up for this, they deserve to have their gene pool authorization ticket punched with… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

The media keeps showing that sign for the Nellis Bombing and Artillery Range which is NOWHERE NEAR AREA 51!
The Bombing range is 30 Miles Northwest of Area 51.

Wild Bill

, Thirty miles out into the hot desert would be a great place for young libtards to go and practice their resistance. And then they could only blame the media, and of course, their own spoiled brat mentality.

Wild Bill

From where does the US government think that it gets the authority to kill someone for trespass or even theft that is not combined with an element of deadly force. In other words, even the US government and its agents are subject to the law of self defense. If they are not defending themselves from deadly force, then they can not use deadly force.

Wild Bill

The greatest danger is that the US government and its agents might come to think that they do have the authority to kill us, even though we do not threaten immediate deadly force, and obviously have the means to carry out that threat.


SP’s are trained to use the least amount of force to accomplish their mission, up to and including deadly force ” if” and “when” warranted, same as any other cop. You don’t know what is in Area 51, it’s very likely they don’t either. But what ever is there or they are working on, just like guarding nukes, letting it fall into the wrong hands is something serious to contemplate. With that in mind, they will use the least amount of force necessary to protect deadly assets, but before you go charging in, take time to think again that they… Read more »


You POG. Military bases have security measures for a reason. It is to protect the weaponry, infrastructure, other hard\software, and whatever else is deemed important. This is not some national park, private property, or other public land. This is a US Air Force base and for you imbeciles to think you can crash the “gates” without consequences (includes deadly force) is incredibly naïve! Clearly, you have never served because anyone who has and with a lick of sense knows that bases are made secure for a reason(s). You cannot just drive onto a base as a civilian unless you are… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Sapper, POG!!? My feelings are hurt. I began as a 12B and progressed to a 11B. Yes, security is necessary, but the government’s agents can not kill unless utilizing the law of self defense; war; civil war; or warrant of execution.
It would be vastly dangerous to let the government believe that it could authorize its agents to kill absent the law of self defense.
Sierra 7 bravo 06, out.

Dave C

Keep convincing the earth muffins they won’t get hurt, and you MAYl be responsible for anything that happens! Someone may get more than their feelings hurt. Libbies, this is NOT A GUN FREE ZONE!

Wild Bill

C, See here Dave, me? Morally responsible for earth “muffoons” getting themselves hurt? Yep, I’m OK with that!


They do have the authority. It’s the same authority for protecting WMDs and other things we cannot allow in to the hands of terrorists.

1776 Patriot

Depending on politicians, bureaucrats and courts to have your back is foolish. Ergo, I don’t understand how we keep as many “good” cops on the payroll as we do. As the socialist PC culture completes its takeover of our society, the ratio of bad cops to good cops will gradually move to the darl side.


This “Swarm” crap is one of the most stupid things I’ve heard lately and the fact that it is getting air time and being discussed by anyone is ridiculous. If some idiots decide to do this, then we can read about it after they load the body bags, if it happens, and then I’ll chalk it up to natural selection at its finest and congratulate the USAF troops for their fine marksmanship.


First, I doubt that the AF has a million plus rounds of ammo at that site. Second, killing some without killing all of them my provoke a rather precipitate reaction from the survivors.

If a mob of amillion Americans want to go somewhere, there are not going to be stopped.


I would bet they DO have at LEAST a million plus rounds VERY EASILY. With the technology, firepower and the numbers there to use them, stopping “a mob of a million Americans” (or ANY other nationality) would be ZERO problem. Wide open area, sensors and cameras everywhere, these thrill seekers looking for T.V. time are at a HUGE disadvantage that could easily cost them their lives. You aren’t in the city anymore Dorothy…. Is your life worth that cheap tee shirt that says “I STORMED AREA 51” ? Uhhh, NO ! I believe the military (ANY branch) would back the… Read more »


If a mob that needs safe spaces because of words shows up with a means to fight using guns, knives, clubs, whatever and whether the SP’s have the capability to stop them with a million rounds or not, they do have all the assets of the AF at Nellis and other AFB’s nearby to back them up. Mobs, including Antifa have one thing in common, anonymity. It gives them a false courage Mommy and Daddy won’t know or find out, makes them the most dangerous, thinking they can do what they want, when they want, they will get away with… Read more »

Ej harbet

Most including myself belive its a facility that develops the weapons that will defeat our enemies in wars fought years from now.if these jokers swarm over the hill and you hear and see strange sounds and lights and the idiots are never heard from again i will neither be surprised or give a single”eff”!


My cousin Michael (now deceased) was an SP stationed at one of the AFB in Washington state in the early `80’s (I don’t remember which one). He was posted at an entry gate, which was approached by a knife wielding nut job. He repeatedly ordered the man to halt and drop his knife. The man ignored him and kept coming…at which point my cousin fired his service weapon and killed him. I don’t know any other details, except he was out of the Air Force shortly thereafter, and never quite right after that. Probably what we would now call PTSD.… Read more »