Wayne Lapierre, Retire as Our Hero


Wayne Lapierre Hero
Wayne Lapierre, Retire as Our Hero

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- Dear Wayne,

After my 1st open letter, I got several calls from friend and associates who know you personally. They all spoke that you are a fine man and dedicated to defending the 2nd Amendment and gun owners’ rights.

They point out all of the excellent work that you’ve done over the years. We all recognize that it is only because of your leadership that the NRA beat back the Clinton gun bans.

All of us very much appreciate those works, wins, and your effort and dedication. You made a massive difference in the lives of American gun owners while protecting our precious Second Amendment.

Rightly or wrongly when the leader of an organization becomes the only topic of conversation; when you and not the NRA are the issue then for the good and existence of the organization, you must step aside.

The mistakes that were made happened on your watch. While we all recognize the work you’re now doing to help right the NRA; the problem, of course, is that the initial decisions were yours. Leaders must own the responsibility.

So can you weather this storm? The answer is probably yes. But, at what cost? Is it worth 500,000 members leaving? Is it worth the loss of sponsorships and donations in the millions? Is it worth the loss of our legislative team & our political influence? More important is it worth the marginalization of the whole NRA organization?

With the 2020 elections just ahead we need a strong NRA, one that can function without distractions, and that is focused on building the shooting sports and protecting gun owners’ rights.

Your continuing in the position and with no apparent succession harms the image of the NRA and makes the NRA less effective. Perception is reality.

One associate of yours rightly stated that many of the anti-gun media only want your head. For much of what we read, this is true. That to them, the truth of their acquisition is less important than the shock value of their claims.

Imagine an NRA free of the negative press brought to by your media partners? Did the NRA advance the cause of the 2nd Amendment by having children’s toy trains dressed up as KKK members in a debate over gender?

So yes Wayne, I am asking you to do the loyal and right thing. You must fall on your sword for the good of the NRA.

Announce a managed plan for you to retire to an advisory role. The membership will wholeheartedly support you during the transition. Take that time to select an inspiring replacement with input from the entire board and then use that time to help rebuild the grassroots base of the NRA. For all the right reasons, gracefully step aside. Help us to get the focus back on the NRA and off of your good name.

Thank you, sir, for your decades of service. Thank you for defending the 2A. Thank you in advance for now doing the right thing. Few men can place their pride aside for the greater good.

Faithfully yours,

Don McDougall

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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No NRA donations until he and most of the current board are gone! Simple! I joined Gun Owners of America and will help them out. I have been an NRA member since 1979, and a Life Member close to that. I have been proud of my affiliation…until now. The NRA needs to be the leader as a GUN RIGHTS organization, in addition to being a gun safety organization. Right now, the anti-gun riff-raff is salivating and smiling over the NRA troubles. I can’t believe how many gun owners I hear say they quit the NRA because they got too many… Read more »


You sir, have lost the plot, as our cousins across the pond are wont to say. The sooner he’s’ gone the better. He has been nothing but a phony the entire time. The NRA has NEVER been the 2nd amendment defender as they claim. There hasn’t been a piece of anti gun legislation passed in 120 years that the NRA hasn’t been on board with.

Rob Pincus
Eddy B

OUTSTANDING !!! Well said no truer words have been said
Thank you …. Now Dapper Wayne. Get the paperwork going