Just an FYI to Democrat Politicians On Gun Control


Democrat's War on Guns
Just an FYI to Democrat Politicians On Gun Control

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- In a nation divided it is important to remember that the 120,000,00 gun owners vote as a block only when they feel threatened, and Democrats, you’re doing a pretty good job of that.

The “solutions” you offer does more harm than good and are often seen by those 120,000,000 as fear-mongering. What you find positive to rally your base just pisses off ½ the registered voters in the US and drives up OUR voter participation. The extreme views you use to win a primary doom you in the national elections.

So let me open your eyes.

Four thousand children die every year from texting while driving. That’s 12 times the number of people who die from all types of rifles nationally. (Only ½ of those deaths are by ARs) Banning cellphones is not a solution. But that is exactly what you are proposing for guns. For the ½ of the country that does not own a gun, it seems like a great idea. To your hard-core leftist, it seems like a great idea, but to the rest of the nation, you’re idiots.

In the age of Facebook and Instagram, you cannot unring a bell. Once you open your mouth and call for a gun ban your committed and forever tagged. Just ask Mitt Romney.

  • Gun Control cost Hillary the 2016 Election. The facts are her weakness here showed up in the primary when she lost Michigan to Bernie.
  • The 1994 gun ban cost you the house for almost 30 years.
  • Al Gore lost due to his call for a handgun ban.

What seems like a good idea to the looney left that drives your party is not so acceptable to everyone else.

No, things haven’t changed. Bill Clinton did not run on an assault weapons ban, and neither did Obama; Hillary or Al Gore. There is a lesson there for you. (don’t tell people what you are planning until after you’re elected!) The left spent 30 plus years lying to themselves that gun bans win elections. It’s just not true.

One last thing, only 30% of the electorate are Republicans, out of 200,000,000 people that is about 60 million voters. So another 40% or so of the 140,00,000-gun owners are DEMOCRATS! They own guns too, and they feel cowed, silenced, and unwelcome in their own party. The lion’s share of them will NOT VOTE for a candidate that supports gun confiscation. They make up 40% of the NRA, and they are tired of being shouted down by the leftist in your party. They account for the major growth in people registering independent.

We, the 120,000,000 gun owners, are diverse and not your enemy. We are not terrorist or mass murders, stop treating us like ones. No one wants mass shooting, but you do not offer solutions you offer scorched earth policies.

We can have a meaningful dialogue on this, and we have real solution. But to you, Gun Control is nothing more than a way to scare voters in the primary, that puts you in a position to lose in 2020.

Thank you for your time in reading this article.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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I was correct….there were NO American flags at the anti-America activist communist democrat presidential debate.
KNOW your enemy by their actions. Democrats DEMAND a communist America.


Let’s get one thing straight. There is no longer a Democrat party. It is now a communist party under the guise of liberalism/progressivism and whatever the hell else you want to label it. They are communists through and through. it is a war between Good & evil now.


By the way, look at the democrat debates tonight and SEE if there are any American flags present.
I cannot recall the last time I saw a democrat get together and there was an American flag present.
The red, white & blue, stripes saying CNN or NBC don’t count. Neither does a television with a fake flag on it. I am talking a REAL flag. The SYMBOL of the United States.

We see President Trump hug the American flag.
I DEFY any of you to name a time ANY democrat hugged the American flag.

Wild Bill

The democrat debate? You mean to say that Wonky donkey, Bonky donkey, and Honky donkey together in one place is a debate?


Yes, the communist america-hating get together.
There were NO American flags on stage tonight at the anti-America activist communist democrat debate.


True. I could swear they are all wearing communist Chinese flag pins.


Hey, Don McDougall, you missed the point: The communist democrat’s call for gun bans HAS NOTHING to do with crime, it has to do with the communist democrats controlling EVERY American and creating the communist America they so desperately desire. In 2016, only 43% of conservatives voted. 57% of conservatives were too busy, lazy or apathetic to vote for freedom. In 2018, only 37% of conservatives voted. 63% of conservatives were busy with the beer & Cheetos rather than voting for freedom. If the anti-America-activist communist democrats get their way and guns are banned, you will have no one to… Read more »

jack mac

tetejaun, sadly some firearms and parts have been banned by cities and states violating the constitution and federal courts say it is legal. The federal congress has denied an ever increasing number of free citizens the legal right to firearms. It would most helpful if all who believe that no anti-firearm law should exist to vote. It would be good if these people were also against denying free people rights to firearms. A free society will not survive by allowing though law a de facto underclass to exist. The existence of the last legal underclass lead to civil war. The… Read more »


Stop warning them !! The French aristocracy didn’t see it coming either. I’m looking forward to working as a guillotine operator.


Hello Don McDougall, why on Earth would you warn enemies of their error. Who’s side are you on anyway?

Will Flatt

He’s using reverse psychology. We all know that if conservatives suggest a course of action, the Left will immediately run to the opposite action JUST BECAUSE. So, by offering a winning strategy, we trick the Left into doing the exact thing that will make them LOSE.

However, I think we can all agree this is a moot discussion since the Leftist leadership of the Commiecrat Party would NEVER read Ammoland.


The only thing that I agree with Karl Marx on is his stance on guns: “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”

If you actually believe in Marx’s ideas, than you should agree with his stance on arms. It is just about the only good idea he espoused.


Except, Marx expected the workers to take over by revolution.
In OUR case, the communist democrats will disarm Americans (if they are feeling lucky) and then murder us. Communists always murder their opposition after they take control.
Too many Americans are screaming yellow cowards and will kneel and lick the hand of the tyrant as they hand in their guns. I know a lot of these people talk tough, but I feel only veterans will actually oppose, with hot lead, the communist democrats.


Here is what these companies should do, stop whining about tariffs and start bringing these jobs back to the USA, then guess what you don’t have to pay any tariffs and you don’t have to pay to ship large amounts of your product back to the USA, and you get to create jobs here at home where they are needed. Yes it might cost a bit more to make stuff here, but honestly I don’t know to many people that won’t spend a bit more money so long as it’s reasonable for goods manufactured here in the USA. Just look… Read more »


Good write up
The Demonrats are my enemy and will be until they unradicalize their party and go main stream all I see are nuts looking for a job not a one of them would pass a background check

Autsin Miller III

As I understand it, those who identify with the Democratic party represent somewhere between 40 and 47 percent of the registered voters in the country. What I want to know is what do THEY see as the pressing issues (rather than the issues as presented by the media?) Does the rank and file democrat truly value social issues above constitutional rights? How representative of the Democratic party are the Robert Francis type and the Kamala Harris type? I know a number of fine folk who vote democrat and by and large they tend toward liberal issues, finding purchase in social… Read more »


We are not the enemy, yet, however you Democrats are very quickly working to make us your enemy. You Democrats are too blind to see what will, not can, but will happen if you destroy the 2nd Amendment entirely or even continue to degrade it any more than you already have done. I know the majority of the Democrat base is urban and the urban centers control the majority of all states when it comes to elections even though the majority of residents live in small towns and rural communities. If and/or when you manage to push through confiscation, and… Read more »


Actually, WE ARE the enemy in that sometime before the end of WWII Roosevelt altered the “Trading With the Enemy Act” to include all American citizens. He made a clear distinction between the 10-mile square known as Washington, DC and the rest of the 50 States and those who reside in the States. We became the enemy through chicanery and manipulation of words. Study Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition to learn the precise, legal meaning of words. what we commonly believe to be the accepted, commonly used meaning of a word is often NOT what it means in legalese. Now,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Truth, You did not specify which word you wanted us to look up.
As to where we got our training, first in class the professor will make you take one side of an issue. Then when you are done. He makes you take the other side. Thus forcing one to look at both points of view, in the same minute.
So you advocate Shakespears recommendation “First, we kill all the lawyers!” Now, right away … defend their role in society!


“No one wants mass shooting, ”
Oh yes THEY do!


Good call! But it’s too late for any one of them to go even a little bit flacid on their stance. To do so would alienate them from their useful zombies.

If any of them were to win in 2020 it would be the beginning of the end for this country. We are far too polarized to reconcile our differences. Barring a miracle, we are headed for the Big Divorce.


Well Said Don McDougall!


Feel free to delete this comment but here are the problems:

2016 Election. The facts are her weakness here showed up in the primary when she lost Michigan to Bernie.

neither did Obama; Hillary or Al Gore

shouted down by the leftist in your party.

We are not terrorist or mass murders

you do not offer solutions you offer scorched earth policies

We can have a meaningful dialogue on this, and we have real solution.


The more the Demolibcommies keep ranting about taking guns, that brings in more gun owners who might be on the fence to vote against them. And as long as the Loons are concentrating on the NRA they leave the other pro-gun groups alone so they can continue their work with little challenge.


“Stop treating us as ones” Really?
How about stop treating us as “such”?


Sorry Don. I’m sure you wrote this in the early morning before your coffee, but It’s so filled with grammatical and syntax errors that to any anti 2A readers it makes us all Look ridiculous. It reads Like it was spewed out by some foreign engrish bot. Please proofread it when you’re neither sleepy or excessively angry. Aside from that… …some damn fine thoughts.