Moms Demand Action Caught Red-Handed Breaking Multiple NJ Gun Laws


Moms Demand Action Caught Red-Handed Breaking Multiple NJ Gun Laws
Moms Demand Action Caught Red-Handed Breaking Multiple NJ Gun Laws: “large-capacity” magazines, unserialized 80% AR15 lower receivers.

New Jersey – -( On Saturday, October 19, 2019, the Michael Bloomberg funded Moms Demand Action, an organization that claims they advocate for “firearm safety” and “common-sense gun laws,” held a “Firearms 101 Presentation” with guest speaker Scott Pappalardo. Their website lists the event description ( as:

“Guest speaker Scott Pappalardo, a gun owner and volunteer leader in Moms Demand Action, presents firearms basics–how they work, how they are classified and how the permitting process works in NJ and in other states across the country. Our intention is to prepare non-gun owning volunteers to have knowledgeable conversations about gun violence prevention with gun owners they meet at tables or events…or in their everyday lives.”

Scott Pappalardo made national news in 2018 when he cut his AR-15 in half “if it would save the life of just one child.”

Scott Pappalardo displaying his AR-15 after cutting the barrel. Scott Pappalardo/Facebook
Scott Pappalardo displaying his AR-15 after cutting the barrel. Scott Pappalardo/Facebook

At the meeting, it appears that multiple New Jersey gun laws were violated. The Moms Demand Action speaker, Scott Pappalardo, possessed several “large-capacity” magazines, unserialized 80% AR15 lower receivers, and the parts and tools to complete the lower receivers to functioning AR-15 rifles, and possessed a large bayonet.

In June 2018, Moms Demand Action applauded the New Jersey legislature for passing laws that would ban “large-capacity” magazines that reduce a firearm ammunition magazine from 15 rounds down to 10 rounds and bans “ghost gun” parts and tools. New Jersey’s “large-capacity” magazine law 2C:39-3j, states:

“Any person who knowingly has in his possession a large capacity ammunition magazine is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree…”

“Large-capacity” magazines are defined by NJ law 2C:39-1y as:

“…a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm.”

The prohibition and ban of “large-capacity” magazines have been widely supported by gun-control organizations, such as Moms Demand Action.

By transporting a “large-capacity” magazine anywhere in New Jersey a person would violate New Jersey law 2C:39-9h that states:

“Any person who manufactures, causes to be manufactured, transports, ships, sells or disposes of a large capacity ammunition magazine which is intended to be used for any purpose other than for authorized military or law enforcement purposes by duly authorized military or law enforcement personnel is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.”

Pappalardo possessed unserialized AR15 lower receivers and explained how easy it is to produce a firearm at home.

Moms Demand Action and their members have supported the ban of these tools and parts to be able to create your own firearm. Their website applauded the passing of these bills by stating “…which would prohibit ghost guns, untraceable firearms that people can build themselves, avoiding background check requirements…”

New Jersey law 2C:39-9k states:

“Purchasing firearm parts to manufacture a firearm without a serial number. In addition to any other criminal penalties provided under law, a person who, with the purpose to manufacture or otherwise assemble a firearm and without being registered or licensed do so as provided in chapter 58 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes, purchases or otherwise obtains separately or as part of a kit a firearm frame or firearm receiver which is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer or any combination of parts from which a firearm without a serial number may be readily manufactured or otherwise assembled, but which does not have the capacity to function as a firearm unless manufactured or otherwise assembled is guilty of a crime of the third degree. Notwithstanding the provisions of N.J.S.2C:1-8 or any other law, a conviction under this subsection shall not merge with a conviction for any other criminal offense and the court shall impose separate sentences upon a violation of this subsection and any other criminal offense.”

Pappalardo also possessed a large bayonet which could be a violation of NJ 2C:39-5d which states:

Other weapons. Any person who knowingly has in his possession any other weapon under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses as it may have is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.

Live ammunition ranging from .50BMG to 5.56 AR15 ammunition was also possessed by Pappalardo. Pappalardo presented at the William G. Rohrer Memorial Library, which is situated between four local schools. It is unknown at this time if possessing ammunition in gun-free school zones is a violation of state or federal law. Giffords Law Center and Moms Demand Action have both supported stricter laws to prohibit ammunition possession in school zones.

Four local schools surrounding the library that Scott Pappalardo possessed live ammunition, “large-capacity” magazines, and ghost gun parts and tools
Four local schools surrounding the library that Scott Pappalardo possessed live ammunition, “large-capacity” magazines, and ghost gun parts and tools

The National Rifle Association (NRA), the nation’s largest firearm safety and education organization, strictly forbids live ammunition anywhere except during live-fire practices in the gun range.

A local NRA Instructor and Training Counselor from ScotShot LLC agreed. “Live ammunition is expressly forbidden in all NRA classroom activities. Every course slide deck has this clearly stated.”

Live ammunition is expressly forbidden in all NRA classroom activities. Every course slide deck has this clearly stated.
Live ammunition is expressly forbidden in all NRA classroom activities. Every course slide deck has this clearly stated.
  • Third-degree crimes are 3 to 5 years in State’s Prison and up to a $15,000 fine per offense.
  • Fourth-degree crimes are up to 18 months in State’s Prison and up to a $10,000 fine per offense.

The Attorney General’s office, Governor Murphy’s administration, and the Haddon Township police have not responded for comment.

This is a developing story. It will be updated.

About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

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How can a guy this ignorant of the laws in New Jersey give advice on guns,,,, oh wait it is MDA their business is ignorance.


So, Pappalardo was planning to shoot children with his rifle? So he cut it in half, so he wouldn’t be able to do that? Wow! Oh, wait! Maybe it wasn’t Pappalardo that was planning to shoot children, it was the RIFLE that was planning to shoot children . . . . Why didn’t he just lock that bad rifle up in a gun safe until he could get that bad rifle some psychiatric assistance? Was the bad rifle incurable? Who decided that? Did he even TRY to get that bad rifle some psychiatric help before cutting it in half? I… Read more »

Get Out

Hmm, hope they don’t give these buffoons a free pass for breaking their own stupid and unconstitutional laws, especially Pappalardo. Anyone in attendance that held, touched or fingered any prohibited part, parts or components should be charged with unlawful or illegal possession and should be prosecuted and sent to prison.
We’ll see if there’s a protected class for the gun control crowd or are they hypocrites exempt from the laws they helped pass?


Typical progressive hypocrisy What is good for thee is not required of me. Double standards. If Poppolardo was so intent on imposing his safety measures on the world the place he should have started was his inventory of standard capacity magazines, spare lowers and AR parts. Today one can become an “expert” by pulling a stunt on social media and then getting an agent. The days of “expertise” are over. We will win this war because truth is on our side. Hold firm to the truth and call out these frauds.


Cutting the barrel of an AR-15 does not “destroy” the gun. The barrel is a wear item and can be replaced. I believe this is a stunt in an attempt to have sheep follow his lead. While he installs a new barrel and gas tube, making his rifle whole again.


You are 100% correct, he probably IN REALITY wanted a new barrel (heavy, stainless, different length, etc) OR was going to change it to another caliber… In any case, he is FULL OF S**T ! Only the misinformed/illiterate Dems/guntards will fall for it.

Heed the Call-up

A closer look at the picture, it appears he did not cut the barrel off, but cut most of the barrel off. In doing so he manufactured an illegal SBR (short-barreled rifle), yet another felony he has committed. Will the NJ police arrest this man? Not likely because he is touting “gun control”. When you do that, firearm laws magically disappear.


How many children will that save? lol


Actually, cutting the barrel in half while it was mounted to the rifle makes it a feloniously illegal short-barrel rifle.


So when will these people be charged with crimes?


Bloomberg sent his goons to several states where they did actual straw purchases and BATFE did nothing. Well Bloomberg was told to stop.


You can just bet the NJSP will get right on this, right after they find bigfoot in the Pine Barrens.


They’re to busy busting some guy driving through NJ asleep in his car.


Papa Lardo didn’t destroy his AR. He cut the barrel in half – the barrel can be replaced. What he DID do is create a short barrelled rifle – a FELONY.


I remember a stunt back in 1968-70 where an author showed how easy it was to violate te 1968 GCA. Published in TIME or maybe LADIES HOME JOURNAL a gut bought a gun using his dog’s name and details.
Of course he violated many laws but because his purpose was “political;” the U.S. AG declined to prosecute. Maybe he should have robbed a bank to show that despite the law, banks could be robbed. There is nothing as dangerous as a legislator who doesn’t know the current law writing new laws


bought a gun using his dog’s name and details.

Uhmmm.. news flash. As late as 1982 I bought guns, cash on the countertop from a DEALER or store, no check, no one even knew my name, nor was it an issue that in at least one of those instancesI travelled across a state line with the express intent to buy a gun. None of that was illegal at the time.

SO I call bogus on this tale.

Green Mtn. Boy

Demanding Commie Mommy’s are special laws don’t pertain to them,or so they think.


Just another example of “there are rules for them and other rules for us.” From the Library’s own rules, “10. Soliciting of any kind, including petitioning, canvassing, conducting surveys, and distributing written materials for political, charitable, commercial or religious purposes, within the Library, within 10 feet of all entrances or in any way that interferes with the ability of library customers to enter and exit the premises.” This is from: Someone should attempt to hold an “informational forum” to better deal with anti-gun people they may encounter in their day to day life and see how well that is… Read more »


and they are not under arrest why? Can you say HYPOCRITES? the very next person they attempt to charge needs this to take it to court and ask for a dismissal….


Of course they are not going to prosecute one of their own. And the liberal courts are not going to hear anything on equal application of the law.


If theres several laws broken here, SAF and NRA should stop compromising our Rights away claiming theyre defending, and file a federal court action by enforcing the law, It’s called a counter offensive!…How many times have we heard the laws are not being enforced?, well heres their chance!


Theres at least 50x more chance his gun would have saved a life, was it worth destroying it?


Was this going to stop him from shooting a child? Cutting the barrel in half would that not be a NFA violation?


I’m guessing that since the feds gave him a pass for possessing an SBR without tax stamp, he figures he can break all firearms laws with impunity.
Got to wonder whether he’d get away with any of this in a 2A friendly state? Of course he’d have to break the laws of that state. Don’t see scale on the map showing the schools – but if close enough and either of the lowers is complete, Texas would probably prosecute. Would of course love to see that happen!


All which is legal in Oklahoma where I live.


One more day and a “wake-up” !!!


Time to do a RETURN ACTIVITY against these CONTROLLERS that are supported by ANTI-American COMMUNISTS.


Live ammo in a classroom is dangerous because guns are handled and “unloaded guns” often are not really unloaded. However, the NRA does not restrict carrying laded concealed or openly carried arms at gun shows and conventions. Often general admittance gun shows do advise no loaded guns because again, guns are handled and the skill and knowledge level of a crowd is unknown. Very often the paying customer’s guns will be examined and a sticker applied to show it was brought to the show and not purchased. It is often don’t by a sheriff deputy hired by the gun show… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Guns at gun shows are required to be unloaded, as you pointed out, due to the safety concern of possible handling of loaded firearms. Carry at NRA annual meetings is not only allowed, but encouraged – two totally different venues. Yes, there are exhibits at the NRA annual events, which do include firearms, but no purchasing of firearms is done at them, unlike at gun shows – and your carry arms should not be handled during the event, but remain holstered. As you stated, holstered firearms pose no danger, loaded or not.


Just like NBC News David Gregory, nothing will happen to this ‘gun owner’.


Awesome. Let’s start enforcing laws based on political beliefs. I mean, after all, the laws aren’t for everyone, right?


After reading this article and where its state that Moms Demand Action are using this to educate themselves to speak to gun owners about gun violence, It’s not the law abiding gun owners who commit what they and other anti gun groups and pols call gun violence. Groups like this and politicians never mention using the existing guns laws and there are plenty of them. to fight the illegal use, possession , or purchasing of a firearm by someone who by the current law or laws is prohibited from possessing any type of a weapon, let alone a firearm. .These… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Charges, not *if* warranted, since that involves LE discretion, which we already know will absolve him of any wrong doing and not arrest him, the examples of this are numerous and egregious, just as are the unwitting that are caught, prosecuted and imprisoned under their laws, while their intent was to follow the law, they were not arrested in the commission of a crime, but of carrying while in New Jersey.




I visit by the ATF is in order to determine where this firearm/magazines are now and how they where they transported. Under NJ law I say lock them up!

Wild Bill

@Vince, Why would the BATFE, a Federal agency, be trying to enforce a New Jersey state statute? Did you get a visit from BATFE or hear about this?




the left says….laws are for thee & not for me


I think we can all agree, Scott didn’t do anything malicious; it was all unintentional and without harm. If there was any intelligence to the anti-gun community, I would say, ‘let him go with a warning’. Reason: This clearly shows how law abiding citizens can become ‘criminals’ overnight because of ineffective gun laws. Scott clearly broke the law here, but in owning a firearm now, neither have I; fear so I will in the future. Even breaking the law, is Scott a risk to the community when he brought large-cap mags, live ammo, and a large bayonet to a library… Read more »

Get Out

@theonlything, Nope, no free pass. Do you think they would let a true gun owner off with a pat on the back for breaking their laws? Nope, burn’em and put them into prison because they broke their law and should be held accountable? Remeber this is Pappalardo’ second offense when he cut his AR barrel and made an illegal SBR (AKA a felony).

Wild Bill

@the, No, we can not agree. Bloomberg and Moms Demand Lunacy promulgate these laws. Pappalardo is their puppet. Pappalardo is betraying the Bill of Rights and his fellow citizens.
Let the NJ prosecutor institute criminal legal proceedings using the very unconstitutional statutes that they would destroy our freedom with. That prosecution would be supported by the evidence, appropriate, and poetic justice.


What you are demanding is a double standard, not the rule of law. Further, you are promoting abject hypocrisy stipulating something which is not found in the text of the laws pertaining to the violation of those laws by the Moms Demand Action puppet! Basically what you are doing with your argument is saying that the constitution does not matter if you have certain political beliefs, nor that the rule of law matters if you have certain political beliefs, so long as those political beliefs are in agreement was popular Contra constitutional worldviews views. The next logical step within your… Read more »


You are wrong from the start. We can not all agree with what you say. He did do something malicious He is using our 1st Amend. Rights to destroy our 2nd Amend. Rights. Not the way things are supposed to work. If you think he is doing nothing wrong, then you would have to agree it would be O.K. to destroy his free speech rights by using our 2nd Amend. rights. These amendments to the Constitution are supposed to work together, not oppose each other. Furthermore , if he is spreading lies that our rights are meaningless by “educating” others,… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

theonly, if you truly believe that, then there are numerous people in New Jersey prisons whose only “crime” was to have a firearm in their vehicle/on their person while traveling in or through New Jersey. They did not use their firearms in the commission of a crime, nor had any intent of committing a crime. However, the laws this man broke, some federal, such as manufacturing an illegal SBR when he cut/shortened the barrel, don’t involve “intent”, just as the carry laws those imprisoned don’t involve “intent”. As cited in the story, possession of the “high-capacity” magazine is a felony… Read more »