Oregon: Attorney General Releases “Certified” Ballot Title For Gun Lockdown Measure


Locked Chained Gun Firearms Ban
Oregon: Attorney General Releases “Certified” Ballot Title For Gun Lockdown Measure

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- Late Friday afternoon (11.08.19) the Secretary of State released a “certified” ballot title from the Attorney General for Ballot Measure 40, the “ban on self defense act “of 2020.

Under this measure, not only will you be required to render your self-defense firearms inaccessible and useless under most circumstances, but you will be punished if any are stolen and you will be responsible for the misuse of stolen guns.

The Attorney General did make some changes to the draft ballot title, some based on our objections. (See pages 3 and 4 of the certified ballot title.)

  • You can see the “draft” ballot title here and the “certified” ballot title here.
  • You can review the complete language of this very dangerous measure here.

While some changes have been made in the “certified” ballot title, it is still very misleading. The average voter will still have no idea how much jeopardy Oregonians will be put in by this measure.

Not only because they will generally not be able to lawfully have a firearm accessible to protect themselves and their families, but because they will be responsible for misuse of firearms stolen from them.

This measure even assumes that if you lawfully transfer a firearm, that the person you sold or gave it to will not remove the required trigger lock for four years.

Oregon voters who submitted timely comments on the draft ballot title are qualified to challenge the “certified” ballot title in court. If you did submit comments you should have received a notification of this from the Secretary of State. Information on filing a challenge is included in the Secretary of State’s notification of the “certified” ballot title.

The deadline for submitting a challenge is Nov 25 2018.

To all of you who took the time to submit comments pointing out how misleading the draft title was, we thank you for your commitment and activism.

Obviously the “certified” title is not much of an improvement.

Oregon Firearms FederationAbout Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

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Those same ignoramuses would be throwing screaming, hair-pulling hissy-fits if someone proposed that, when buying a car, one had to park it in the driveway and could not possess keys to it for four years. Driving (a PRIVILEGE) does far more harm (maiming injury and death) to society than owning, carrying and using firearms of any type (a RIGHT). I don’t think they’re looking at hings quite right. (Duh!!)


There is no freedoms left in the Evergreen state. It is apparent that the politic people can’t read or comprehend. They are on a power hungry trip that should take them directly to jail. Violation of the Constitution and BoR are not just fairy tails, this is serious stuff. Don’t comply it’s not legal.


Suppose someone steals you car and injures someone with it? Suppose someone steals your can of gas and uses it to light up a school? Suppose someone steals your toaster plugs it in and and throws it in someones bath? Suppose someone takes your insulin and shoots someone up with it? Suppose someone takes your ladder sells it and someone else uses it and breaks their neck, etc. etc. ad infinitum…… What makes firearms so special? Where’s the logic? Why are some people elected when they can’t think their way out of a paper bag? Sheeesh……


The universities that issued JD degrees should demand these legislature idiots turn their JD back and all of them should be disbarred.

Deplorable Bill

Didn’t the British try the very same thing on the colonies already? Didn’t that lead to the FIRST WAR FOR FREEDOM AND IMDEPENDENCE? Smells like the same oven is cooking the same meal.

If you are not armed and have LOTS of ammo and magazines already, I suggest you get that way asap. Sooner or later it’s going to start. Be ready, be prepared. Arm up, carry on.


DB —

During WWII, the door gunners on B-17’s had nine yards of .50 cal ammo available to them. They could have used more, but it was critical that the plane attain liftoff at the end of the runway. In a dogfight it was considered an honor to haven given those German bastards, “The whole nine yards.”

Arm up and carry on, indeed!


I read the entire “law.” It’s all about talking away your right to keep and bear arms by other means. It is blatantly anti-Constitutional, therefore illegal. It hides the fact that if you have a firearm, it must be rendered useless to the point that a golf club would make a better weapon. If you sell it, you have to sell it with an “approved” locking device that the buyer may not remove for fours after said purchase. If the gun is stolen, even if “lawfully secured,” and is used in the act of a crime, be it robbery or… Read more »


Good luck to my fellow patriots in Oregon to defeat this fascist decree.


Thank you Camo – we need all the help we can get. There are a lot of bat-shit crazy libtards living in a few areas here in Oregon (there are far more red counties here than blue). These people believe everything they hear on the Caliphate News Network.


Unconstitutional on all levels. Complete violation of Heller and Macdonald.


If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they were voting in California. The government passes a lot of laws that simply go ignored. Most laws appear to be reactionary because an actual crime must take place before anyone knows that a violation has occurred. Currently most guns are somewhat invisible and remains so unless recovered from a crime scene. Red flag laws circumvent that, now politicians and bureaucrats have the mechanism to go door to door. The information the government has on average citizens or the hearsay of an enformant can now be used to determine who they… Read more »


Folks, even though I totally agree with you all about the backwards-thinking libtarded majority of the Oregon legislature, this (measure 40) is a ballot initiative brought to us by a group if deplorable American citizens from Portland. They tried this 2 years ago and failed miserably, so here comes round 2. Patriotic Oregonians fought hard and won last time, and it looks like we will have to do it again now. The enemy lives among us, and we see them every day.


“The Republics” rule of law maintains that elected servants stay within the “Constraints of the Constitution” when making laws, so as to protect the rights of all people from the will of the majority. Rights are to be served by the state, not suppressed by it. Serve not rule…


Politicians and judges should be punished (held accountable) if their laws/judgments result in injury or death to anyone. It’s only fair if they are going to pass and enforce idiotic laws like the crap they’re doing in Oregon. If someone dies or is assaulted because they couldn’t get to the weapon in time, then the legislators and governor should be fined, removed from office permanently and possibly face jail time. It’s only fair; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


It appears that the INSANE are in power in Oregon and are pushing their INSANE agendas on the populace. Shouldn’t INSANE people be in a mental institution? Red flag all of these INSANE fools.