Firearm Laws: Volume 1 Federal Infringements by Gary B Wells, Available NOW!

Firearm Laws: Volume 1 Federal Infringements by Gary B Wells
Firearm Laws: Volume 1 Federal Infringements by Gary B Wells

USA – -( Gary B. Wells is announcing the publication of his third edition of “Firearm Laws: Volume 1: Federal Infringements” and his second edition of “Firearm Laws: Volume 2: Texas Infringements.”

Regardless of how the firearm laws are erroneously characterized (i.e., reasonable, common sense, minimally intrusive, etc.), they are infringements on the “right of the people to keep and bear arms.” So long as these infringements are being enforced, it is necessary to understand these laws to avoid getting into legal trouble and losing your firearm rights, whether as an individual or as a federal firearms licensee.

Often, the primary source for understanding firearms laws is based on well-intentioned, but erroneous information obtained from the Internet and fellow firearm enthusiasts. Even attorneys who practice primarily in unrelated areas of law have provided incorrect information on websites and legal seminars. There is no longer any excuse for relying on this information when the correct answers can be quickly obtained from easily-affordable books designed to provide accurate information about what the law prohibits, the procedures to obtain what you want, and the requirements to keep you out of trouble.

Firearm Laws Volume 1 Federal Infringements

Buy Now Gun DealsSeveral areas of firearm laws have been expanded in the updated federal book, included in these updates is new information about 1) the bogus grounds for the administrative bump-stock ban; 2) information explaining the differences and laws about 80%, 3-D printed, and plastic or undetectable firearms; 3) expanded information about the laws regarding prohibited persons; 4) the limited federal remedies for firearm prohibitions, including “as-applied” challenges; 5) the more expanded and potential state remedies for firearm prohibition; 6) continued problems with traveling with firearms despite federal laws; and 7) FFL procedures for aiding in the private transfer of firearms. The federal book continues to provide extensive details of the laws provided under the Gun Control Act, the National Firearms Act, and the Import/Export Act, including what is being regulated, prohibited persons, prohibited locations, transportation of firearms, transfers and background checks, and NFA firearms. Also included is extensive information about federal firearm license requirements (dealers, importers, manufacturers, and collectors), serializations and marking requirements, recordkeeping requirements, and inspections. Firearms laws regarding law enforcement officers and gun shows are also provided.

The book has been expanded from 599 pages in the first edition to 702 pages. The price is $60.00 (including 2-3 priority shipping).

Firearm Laws Volume 1 Federal Infringements and his second edition of Firearm Laws Volume 2 Texas Infringements
Firearm Laws Volume 1 Federal Infringements and his second edition of Firearm Laws Volume 2 Texas Infringements

Firearm Laws Volume 2 Texas Infringements

Buy Now Gun DealsVolume 2 on Texas laws has also been significantly expanded and updated to include recent legislation limiting restrictions and posting prohibition signs by municipalities, preventing home owner’s associations from prohibiting firearms possession, and limiting restrictions by those leasing or renting residential properties. Also included are the new laws providing a defense for those licensed to carry if they unknowingly enter property that has prohibition signs; expanding the rights to carry a firearm in emergencies; changes to the school marshal program; prohibiting restrictions on possessing firearms in private vehicles parked on school property, and correcting the inconsistency in the law that appeared to prohibit carrying in churches whether or not prohibition signs were posted. Businesses who choose not to post-prohibition signs are provided with civil liability protection. (Legislation should be passed holding businesses and other entities liable where they prohibit concealed and open carry, yet fail to provide adequate security on their own.) Significant additional information has been provided regarding the limited processes for removing firearms prohibitions, including pardons, expunction of records, and the restoration of firearm rights. These remedies remain significantly more limited for those convicted of non-violent felonies or where those felonies occurred decades previously than in other states and require further legislation.

The book provides Texas firearms law information about prohibited weapons, persons, and places; hunting and target shooting, transfers, concealed and open carry, firearm business requirements, shooting ranges, license to carry instructors, law enforcement, private security, institutions of higher education, and the notice requirements and other laws for non-firearms businesses and entities.

The book has been expanded to 508 pages and the price is $50.00 (including 2-3 priority shipping).

Further Information and Purchasing

Complete information about these books (including chapter lists and tables of contents) can be found at, where these books can also be purchased.

Gary B. Wells is an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas and California and has been an attorney for more than twenty-eight years. He provides legal services to businesses by helping them get started and remain in compliance with state and federal laws, with a particular focus on firearms businesses. He also works with individuals and business owners to meet their estate planning goals, including the preparation of their wills, trusts, gun trusts, powers of attorney, etc. He also helps clients with legal issues involving firearm transfer and possession issues and the restoration of firearm rights.

Gary is an advocate for firearm rights and enjoys discussing firearms issues, shooting and training, building his own firearms, and reloading his own ammunition.

Contact Info:
Gary B. Wells, Attorney at Law
9350 Hilltop Rd.
Argyle, TX 76226
[email protected]

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Sorry but $60 is a bit steep for that


Join the Texas Handgun Association and in the February newsletter you will be provided with a 20% discount code.


Only a fool needs to buy this POS book. If you are a law-abiding gun owner and know the Constitution, then you don’t need an attorney writing you a book to know your rights are being infringed. Even with the discount, $40, is bullshiit, and I damn sure wouldn’t give it to an attorney. You’re equivalent to a doctor who rights a book on how to cure your illness, taking advantage of people.


600-700 pages to tell you that the NFA and ATF are infringing on our God-given and Constitutional rights for $60, then another $60 for Texas and I’m sure he’ll eventually do every state separately. WHAT A F**KING LEECH!


When is someone going to write a book on how to avoid these laws instead of complying like sheep to down right Constitutional infringements?

How about a book what we need to do repeal these laws and throw the traitors out of office. I think we have lost our way how we stop the tyrants!


I fully agree we need to repeal almost all of these unconstitutional laws. To do so, however, we need to be both informed and active. For example, over the last few years firearm manufacturers have done an amazing job of understanding the infringements of the GCA and NFA and developed products that get around these arbitrary laws. In doing so, they have adeptly illustrated why these laws, particularly the NFA, are ineffective and apply to an era of firearms existing more than eight decades ago. In addition, experts like John Lott and Nikki Goeser continue to provide critical facts about… Read more »


Your duty as an gun owning American and attorney should be to provide this information in a web blog or newsletter, or maybe youtube videos without charge, instead of being just another money greedy attorney! All you’ve done is prove that the stereotype of attorneys is correct! We don’t need a printed book, a PDF file or other word file costs nothing to make but a little time. And as far as your comment about gun manufacturers, BS!!, several of the gun manufacturers have done the same thing as the NRA and compromised with the government. If silencers were not… Read more »


Why do I need a book to tell me that the government is infringing on my rights? We need a book that tells us how to throw the vipers who lied under oath in jail and ban them from anything government.


I’m glad to see someone else reposting what I keep posting. They are called NOT LAWS!

AND this information doesn’t cost $60!


Note by Author: Please note that the “Buy Now” selections on Amazon may or may not take you to the 2020 edition, particularly the Texas volume. While third-party sellers can obtain the book directly from the publisher, I cannot confirm the edition being sold by third-party sellers on Amazon. Without Amazon Prime, the books are less expensive if purchased directly from my website as the price includes 2-day shipping.

Wild Bill

@Attorney Wells, Do you practice criminal defense? It is always good to be aware of skilled defense attorneys … just in case.


Bill, Thank you for asking. I am no longer taking on criminal defense cases, but concentrate on working with businesses who have licensing issues and individuals who need help restoring their firearm rights, need legal advice about transferring their firearms (temporarily or permanently), and preparing firearms trusts to help prevent constructive possession issues and maximize the ability for others to use their NFA firearms. I also spend a lot of my time working to inform others about the legal problems with existing and proposed firearm laws (i.e., red flag laws) in hopes of getting these laws changed or prevent them… Read more »