USCCA Minute: True Stories of Responsibly Armed Women: Dawn’s Story ~ VIDEO

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USA – -( I want to tell you a little bit about a friend of mine named Dawn and her story.

Now, Dawn’s Story begins in 2006 when out of the blue, a guy that she used to date started calling her and blowing up her phone over and over and over to the point of harassment. Dawn wasn’t quite sure what was going on or what to do with the situation.

And unfortunately for her, it became a nightmare. Six years of relentless stalking by this man. And for Dawn, this was not a time when she was involved with firearms. In fact, her method of operation was hiding. I think a lot of women can relate to that. To try to get away from her stalker instead of standing up to him or getting self-defense training. She chose to basically close the doors and hideaway.

Unfortunately, the stalking was so bad that she lost her job and lost those full six years of her life. Thankfully, he was put away, finally, for two felony counts of aggravated stalking. He wasn’t supposed to get out of jail until 2017.

After he went to jail, Dawn was basically a new woman, still scarred by the event, but challenged by it as well. Knowing that she never wanted to experience this kind of trauma again. So what did she do? She got training and she went out and bought her very first firearm. Fast forward to just two years ago. Dawn gets a call out of the blue from a detective warning her that her stalker was released two years early with no warning.

Now, Dawn had a choice she could have gone back to her mode of operation from years ago. She could have gone back to hiding. But instead, she chose to live her life with her firearm on her side. Now, I would like to share a couple of quotes directly from Dawn so you can really feel and relate to all that she was going through and how she feels now.

“Women are becoming their own heroes and are refusing to be victims. And we’re seeing the number of women getting concealed carry permits growing substantially. This is a strange and amazing confidence that comes with knowing you got this. No matter what you got, this might be not to mention the average response. Time for law enforcement is seven minutes. And a lot can happen in seven minutes. With me, it was time to put my money where my mouth was. I will not live like that again. I will continue to talk about it and live out loud and if need be. I will be my own hero.”

Now, Dawn’s story is definitely one of resilience and triumph.

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Glad she got her permission slip, but she like others shouldn’t need a permission slip from our tyrants to defend ourselves or against tyrants.

This Is something every person in America should be fighting for. Don’t understand why it isn’t.

What if the tyrant / govt decided she had no real reason not to carry and not to allow it like they do in CA, IL, MA, and NY everyday?

We need to fight for a National Constitutional Carry. Why we have to do this is crazy to begin with. But here we are.


agreed, the Constitution and Bill of Rights preempts state’s rights and it should be a no brainer. does any state put limits on the First, Fourth or Fifth Amendment? but because of the no brainers in state legislatures and courts, that right has become a permissible act most places and not at all in others. that is changing. the power lies with the people, and we need to hold accountable those who violate their oath of office and vote their asses out. get out and talk with people, write letters to the editor and VOTE. do not simply follow illegal… Read more »


But then, every responsible gun owner in America is “law abiding,” even to the point where we now accept anti-Constitutional laws as the norm. Give them this inch, and they will come for that mile.


I obey laws that ARE laws. Others need not apply . . . .

Ej harbet

Going to figure you as a fellow missourian. Hope you’re contacting your rep,sen,and gov parsons about the red flag confiscation bill! The time to fight is now and not when 2 cops knock on your door at 0530 and blow you away because you got feisty.

Ej harbet

Thought this was going to be a happy ending story about a stalker becoming worm chow