Biden the Half Wit Dares Lecture the Public on the 2nd Amendment

U.S.A.-( The problem for Americans is that Joe Biden, the presumptive U.S. Presidential nominee of the Democrat Party, can feasibly become U.S. President. That fact makes Biden less amusing, and more frightening. Among those who are markedly incompetent to serve as U.S. President, we find Joe Biden. But, if he were at least affable, we could laugh at this clown, rather than frown.

Americans know when politicians come across as crass, insulting, and derisive. A person cannot effectively serve as the leader of the Nation if that person treats the general public as contemptible lowborn plebeians. That was a major failing of Hillary Clinton, among a litany of others. Something she could not hide. And, Biden’s low regard for the average American has also become clear. We saw Biden’s churlish behavior recently, during his exchange with a Detroit auto plant worker.

Fox News later interviewed the Detroit auto plant worker, Jerry Wayne, regarding what became “an apparent contentious argument with former Vice President Joe Biden about Biden’s position on gun rights.”

Jerry Wayne chatted with Fox & Friends and said Biden ‘could have easily said “I’m not taking questions” and I would have very respectfully walked away. But he wanted to listen to my question and I don’t think that he was ready for it.’ Wayne also noted that he tried to ask Biden questions about how he was going to improve the situations of union workers like himself in the future.

‘We bare [sic] arms and we like to do that. If he wants to give us work and take us [sic] guns, I don’t know how he will get the same vote,’ Wayne said. He also called it ‘disturbing’ when Fox & Friends asked for his reactions to a clip of Biden expressing his view that assault weapons should be confiscated.

‘Were you surprised that you asked a simple question and Joe Biden just went off the deep end on you?’ Steve Doocy [host of Fox & Friends] asked.

‘Yeah. I thought I was pretty articulate and respectful,’ said Wayne. ‘I didn’t try to raise any feathers. And he kind of went off the deep end. I saw he was digging a hole. I just kind of let him talk for a while to dig a hole.’”

Politicians love to equivocate, and Biden is no exception. But equivocation is hardly a talent of these people. And they love to talk about the Constitution, even when it appears they lack an understanding of Constitutional law and especially lack an understanding of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. That should prevent them from proselytizing to the American public about a matter they know very little if anything about. But, then, they lack humility as well—another disturbing and all too common failing among many politicians.

You would think a politician would be perspicacious enough to refrain from lecturing the public about matters that a politician knows little if anything about; let alone legislate over it, but a politician doesn’t refrain from lecturing the public or from legislating in ways catastrophic to the well-being of the Nation.

Politicians, especially those on the Radical Left and new Progressive Left of the political spectrum, proceed along their merry way, seemingly having not a care in the world, either oblivious to the fact, or, perhaps, all too mindful of it, that the actions they take as legislators, compromising the citizenry’s most sacred rights and liberties, diminishes them as Americans, undermines the Constitution, and creates a hell for the rest of us to live in.

Yet, there is no compromise (in the sense of negotiation), on a fundamental, immutable, inalienable, natural right; nor can there be compromise. The word ‘compromise,’ here, denotes outright capitulation. That, of course, is what the Democrats want, and the Detroit autoworker, Jerry Wayne, was doing the public a favor in bringing to light the irrationality of Biden’s remarks on the Second Amendment. Biden obviously wasn’t able to respond effectively to the irrationality of his own position. How could he? His position is self-contradictory.

One cannot claim rationally to support the Second Amendment, when one wishes to take steps to erase it. Biden may have realized the inconsistency inherent in his position on the Second Amendment when Jerry Wayne, the Detroit autoworker, had pointedly and demonstrably presented the inconsistency out to him. But, instead of admitting this, or otherwise doing what politicians are generally good at—disengaging and talking about something else when they do not wish to answer a question directly or cannot answer a pointed question directed to them—Biden lashed out, like a petulant child. This is a common failing of the Radical Left and Progressive Left elements of our society. They do not wish to debate; they would rather shout a person down. That is much easier for them.

Sincerity was never Biden’s long suit; nor is controlling his anger. Biden’s obvious disinclination to engage the public, despite his efforts to demonstrate the contrary, comes across plainly and painfully. His rancor and deceit, irascibility and dissembling, along with an inability or lack of desire to even try to control his temper should not be lost on anyone.

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Big George

OR?…’SFB’ (sh_t-for-brains), but ‘nitwit’ works too!


Biden revealed his true feelings for the average voter. How dare they question him, they will get an earful of oaths. Imagine how sensitive he is to other voters expressing other concerns.

Arizona Don

If Biden is the best the so called democrats have to offer for president, and it currently looks like he is, they are going to be out of that office for a very long time. Perhaps decades.


I think that their intent is NOT to have Biden BE President, but to get him in and then admit that he is completely incompetent so that they can replace him with a VP like Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi or some other rabid vermin.


If Biden got in and stepped down due to “health”, his running mate (Buttboy?) would become POTUS. The President Pro Tem, Sen Grassley (R-Iowa) would become VP.
After that, it falls to the constitutional order of succession.

You can bet the Democrats are looking at the possibilities….


Nah, it’s a ploy to get whoever is anointed for VP to become POTUS once Joe “Tug” Biden is institutionalized.

Green Mtn. Boy

Biden is lucky if he knows what day it is or where he is and that qualifies him to lecture Americans on the 2 nd. amendment, let alone be elected president.

He may in all probability be considered for the president of a facilities dementia ward. If elected as the Commiecrats nominee the debates between he and President Trump should make for great entertainment value, can you say must see tv.


About the only thing Creepy Joe IS aware of anymore is any female bottoms within fondling distance. He still has a pretty good sense for those!


Probably not dementia, but a result of his two brain aneurysms. I’m not a doctor, but after watching him attack a couple of voters and yell at them, and seeing him being so forgetful, I looked up some of the side effects. See if this describes creepy Uncle Joe: Can a brain aneurysm change your personality? After a Brain Aneurysm/AVM/Hemorrhagic Stroke, survivors and family members say one of the most difficult emotions to handle is anger and frustration. Most survivors would describe themselves as having a personality change or a lack of impulse control due to anger. Here is another… Read more »


It won’t be Warren; she didn’t bow to the DNC’s pressure to endorse Biden, and her ceiling turned out to be about 12-13%, and she came in third in her home state so she can’t even deliver it, and she’s white.

Green Mtn. Boy

She is one other thing ,much the same as Hillery,a unlikable witch.


Biden pledged to draft a minority woman as a running mate…can you say Stacy Abrams?

Big George

OMG!!…you’re right! Soros is probably drooling in his soup right now at that very thought! Maybe The White House saved the custom-made chair they had made for the Taft presidency!

Longhaired Redneck

Even if they did save the chair, it will still require significant modification in the form of widening, to accommodate the ample seat stuffer that follows Stacy around…

Arizona Don

He has no chance of being elected in the general.


I believe this is the plan, If something happens and Biden gets elected it will be his Vice President that will Destroy this Country. A lot of voters do not take much consideration in who the Vice President is. Especially Democrats who think being a Democrat is like routing for their team. That’s why the Democrats are not too concerned about letting the people see his mental problems. Deception is their game!

Greg K

“Joe the Plumber” 2.0.

All people had to know with the last jackwagon; “Joe the Plumber, Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayers.” Then the second go around all they had to know was that he was going to “Reward his friends; and punish his enemies,” or “I will have more room when I’m re-elected.”

Ej harbet

The tell vladmir ill be more flexable after the election business shouldve made him the first us president convicted of treason!


I see a contested convention in Biden’s future. He’s already trying to force Bernie out now. Riots in the streets of Milwaukee. After much brokering and deal making. He drops out for health reasons and wait for it. Andrew Cuomo steps up and accepts the nomination.


If New York Governor Andrew Cuomo steps into the Dem nominating ring without, as we know, running in the primaries, there will really be, as you say, “rioting in the streets”. The devoted followers of Bernie Sanders will not stand for it.


That’s been discussed among the DNC, legally I do not see how they can do it.
Not that it matters the Dems stand ZERO chance of knocking off POTUS.They are all Commie fags.


Exactly. The left has no viable candidates and they know it. Trying to bring Trump down by lying about his administration’s handling of this virus is the Dems Hail Mary pass, and desperation is setting in.

Wild Bill

, Let the Bernie Bros. riot and burn all of NYC to the ground. America should see them for what they really are. It might, also, be good for New Yorkers to see that Cuomo can not save them.


@WB – Utter destruction of NYC might be a good thing, we’re it not for escaping denizens fleeing – spreading their pestilence and politics far and wide.

Arizona Don

WB I was in the Army with a Cuomo and he also was an ignorant jerk. He had the name we gave all screw ups. A F___ up. I do not think Cuomo made many points with his praise of President Trump a week of so ago. Therefore, he may not be their choice after all.