Lawton OK Bans Sale Of Guns & Ammo Closes Academy Sports

U.S.A. -( Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association recently released a video recapping OK2A’s efforts to defeat recent encroachments on the Second Amendment Rights of Oklahoma citizens. In the video, Don recounts how he has challenged efforts of Lawton, OK government officials to shut down the local Academy Sports because it sells guns and ammunition. This was done by Lawton government officials as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak, but according to Mr. Spencer, runs afoul of state law.

Don’s efforts weren’t in vain, and he managed to overturn the closure and reopen Academy as well as other guns and ammo stores in the region. In the meantime, the OK2A president is reportedly tracing down other gun shop closures in the state. The full press release is below.

When the mayor and city council decided to close Academy Sports in Lawton, OK during a State of Emergency, who does Academy Sports turn to for help? OK2A!…
The State’s Leading Advocate For Second Amendment Rights
The organization YOU are part of. The same organization who is fighting for your rights even when the Oklahoma legislative session has been halted.

So, again, what do you get for your annual OK2A membership dues?
Liberty!… The freedom to buy guns & ammo during a State of Emergency! Pro-active ‘little’ bills, signed into law that protects you and produces victorious major results during a State of Emergency.

If OK2A were not there to lay the groundwork, to make a stand for and protect your 2A rights, who else would fill the gap?

Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A), recaps the details of the FAILED attempt to shut down the Academy Sports in Lawton, OK during this State of Emergency in this YouTube video.

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About Oklahoma Second Amendment Association
OK2A seeks to defend our Second Amendment rights and remove the infringements placed on it by our government. Visit:

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Will Flatt

It’s times like these where tyrants make themselves known. Patriots, take down names, numbers and addresses. Let these enemies of liberty know that they cannot suspend the Bill of Rights just because of a perceived emergency. We outnumber them 1000 to 1.

Carry on and exercise your rights. If we all act prudently and keep on with our freedom, they can’t lock us all up. Then remove the tyrants at the next designated election.


Thank you Don Spencer!

Matt in Oklahoma

We passed laws specifically against this. There’s going to be a ton of lawsuits when this whole thing is over and they will lose.


I wonder why Texas and Oklahoma, both normally associated with freedom, seem to have so many public officials and cops who love doing the overreach thing.

While I think the closing of ANY store for this reason is stupid, I bet their efforts are in vain. If the Academy there is anything like the ones where I am, there probably isn’t much of guns or ammo to be found in it at the current time. 😀

Wild Bill

@G, there will always be a small percentage of Barney Fifes.


How long until the communist democrats start painting “Juden” on our homes?


My best friend’s son is a park security ranger in Wyoming. He is an ex-Marine…badazz. He was checking locked gates to remote camping sites, closed because of lack of rangers and poor roads due to weather. Deep snow stays on the land into June and July in many places in Wyoming. He found a gate open and deep ruts. Following the ruts he found a Texas family who, because of SHEER TERROR of Covid-19, spurred by the lying communist democrat media fear mongers, sold everything and bought a small RV and headed to the furthest reaches of Wyoming. He pulled… Read more »


“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” While not 100% correct, it is true enough.


Thank you Don Spencer! You are a true American Patriot.


While I don’t agree with their attempt to shut “gun stores” in Lawton, as a resident of this state for 44 years I understand it. I am just glad that Lawton is a fair piece down the road from me.


Roy D . . . They “powers that be”, a.k.a. Communist Democraps will get to you even if Lawton “. . . is a fair piece down the road . . .”!


You don’t seem familiar with the demographic makeup of Oklahoma. “Communist Democraps” aren’t going to get anything here; except maybe a boot in their collective arses.


As a man who grew up in SW Oklahoma and a current resident of Cleveland county, all 2nd A supporters should determine which elected officials prompted this
(If true) and vote them out of office. It is our duty. I am more then happy to help out in any way necessary. It is anti-American, and we cannot stand for his BS.


Way to gp MY OK Brother to my North.
Boomer Sooner…..kick ass.


USA) OK, governor. So…. more like mid-level then? 🙂


I sure would. Not much happening yet in Montana. Just a flock of sheep looking for TP 🙂
The only gloves and masks are on the people counting at the door of the stores to make sure that no more than 20 people can get in at once. When they try to take their masks off, the managers come out and yell at them to “be safe”. That’s a hoot! 🙂 Other than that, not much else.


USA) So, IOWs, just another low-level government functionary? 🙂


Gun control liberals in Oklahoma? Obviously the liberal left are everywhere. This pandemic is like turning the lights on and exposing the roaches. Used to be, we 2nd Amendment folks had to worry about the Feds, the state, but now it’s the county and city democrats who are even worse.
Who do these vipers think they are?


You selling tin-foil hats, too?

Ej harbet

Gotta use Reynolds wrap! Store brands are made in china and have high levels of cadmium 😀


I cannot believe the GOVERNOR of Oklahoma would allow such STUPIDITY.


Doszap . . . BELIEVE IT!!!


50 years ago Lawton was a-wide-open town. Downtown was nothing but go-go girls and bars. (Man I miss those days!!). Anyway, hard to believe it had turned to this warm and cuddly place, protecting the poor snowflakes. Sad, very sad.


Please post true and correct information. This article is plain lies. At no time did Lawton ban the sale of guns and ammo. Academy sports Is open only for the sale of guns and ammo. Is this CNN?


Kim, I guess you could read this part of a news story:
“Booker’s actions also are allowing some businesses to reopen or remain open, when they were not part of the original list of businesses deemed essential.
Those include allowing appliance and furniture stores, and sporting goods stores to reopen, to help ease crowds at big box stores that were allowed to remain open, thereby attracting larger crowds.” This is part of this news story:


Address the Author he is the one that’s supposed to Vet the stories.

Ej harbet

Even in supposedly free states we have these little tyrants! I wish the freedom minded best of luck crushing them!


Voters, take note of all the tyrants, write it down and share it. Compile your own list of A-F candidates for the next election. Actions speak louder than words and politicians will say anything to get elected then turn their backs on you.


This won’t last a week.


Sounds like time Lawton votes in NEW OFFICIALS NO DISEASE should stop anyone’s 2A RIGHTS, sue their ignorant arses. Take a copy of USC code down and tell them obey this or face the consequences 18 U.S. Code § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law • U.S. Code • Notes prev | next Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to… Read more »


At the same time politicians are releasing hordes of criminals from jail as a virus prevention measure, they are closing gun outlets to make in more difficult for citizens to defend themselves against criminals.


Typical COMMIES, that = more crimes and what they LOVE the most HOMICIDES to try and continue to disarm Americans……Not going to work.


Lawton, OK. This is sad BS. Good job OK2A! Article VI the governor out!


Why? The governor had nothing to do with it. The city of Lawton did it on their own. The governor is very pro 2A. One of the first things he did after winning the election was sign constitutional carry into law.