Out of the Shadows: Global Elites Forced to Make Their Case for New World Order

Biden Obama NRA
Long-time anti-gunner, Joe Biden recently received Obama’s endorsement.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- The Radical Left Democrat Party Leadership and the seditious Press represent merely the outward manifestation of the dire threat posed to the sanctity of our Constitution and to the well-being of our Nation and its people. They are merely the mouthpiece for others: powerful, sinister, secretive elements, both here and abroad, intent on destroying the very social, political, economic, financial, and cultural fabric upon which Western Civilization has prevailed for hundreds of years: the independent sovereign nation-state.

These extraordinarily powerful, inordinately wealthy, abjectly ruthless, amoral, sinister forces that comprise a small cadre of Neo-liberal Global “Elites,” no longer attempt to hide their intentions from the mass of average, ordinary, law-abiding, morally upright people that make up the majority of the population of our Country; that make up the populations of Western Europe; including the populations of the major British Commonwealth Nations: New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

These global financiers and corporatist disrupters, along with their toadies in the Press, both here and abroad, in the governments of the EU, the U.S., and in the UK Commonwealth Countries, have come to the dawning realization—and for them a disturbing realization, that their goal for a one-world political, social, economic, financial, corporate system of governance, that had hitherto moved methodically, inexorably ahead, according to plan, gathering steam, especially, in the last decade of the Twentieth and for much of the first two decades of the Twenty-first Centuries had hit a confounding brick wall.

This brick wall they encountered included: the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President; the withdrawal of the UK from the EU (Brexit); and the growing nationalist fervor of Europe’s populations, who accurately observed, and who justifiably resented, the actions of the EU ruling “elites,” who had, since the inception of the EU, slowly eroded the culture and history of those nation-states and increasingly usurped the political, economic, financial and legal power and authority of Europe’s nation-states, concentrating that power in instrumentalities established in the Belgium Capital of Brussels.

The tacit aim of these “New World Order” (NWO) “elites” is to suffocate the life out of, and eventually to eradicate, the independence and sovereignty of the individual nations of the EU. The Neo-liberal Global “elites” are accomplishing this goal through centralization of power in Brussels, and through the deliberate infestation of tens of millions of unassimilable malcontents, terrorists, diseased, uneducated, and poverty-stricken people of Africa and of the Middle East to wreak havoc on the culture and core values of Europeans, introducing systemic violence and upheaval in Europe’s nations.

The EU institutions of oppression and suppression include inter alia: the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Central Bank (ECB), and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

The Global elites also exert control over nations of the EU, and over the British Commonwealth Nations, and over the U.S., too, through several international organizations—many tied directly to the UN.

The creation of secretive international agreements, pacts, treaties, and accords, have entwined Nations, and their unsuspecting citizenry, in intricate, elaborate economic, geopolitical, and military superstructures, difficult to disentangle and difficult for nations to extricate from; requiring the subordination of a nation’s own body of laws, constitution, and Court structure to nebulous international law and norms and to contractual arrangements established in those nefarious, abstruse and duplicitous agreements, pacts, treaties, and accords, to be enforced through supranational courts and tribunals.

The Neo-liberal Global Elites wanted their plans for world domination to remain hidden, slowly tightening the noose around the U.S., the nations of the EU, and the British Commonwealth nations, entrapping Western Civilization in a mammoth web of deceit and corruption. But faced with a concerted global backlash, they have come to realize they must come out from the shadows and admit to the world what their plans entail. They realize they have to make their design explicit and make their case directly to the peoples of the U.S., and to the peoples of the EU, and to the populace of the British Commonwealth Nations.

In our own Nation, the Neo-liberal Global “Elites,”—through the Democrat Party Leadership and other Radical Left Democrats in Congress, and through the mainstream seditious Press, and through Democrat State governments and legislatures across the Country, that comprise the mouthpieces of the Global “Elites”—are beginning to vocalize their case.

They are attempting to make their case for upending the U.S. Constitution; for constraining or erasing our fundamental, unalienable, and immutable rights and liberties, especially those pertaining to speech and to the right of the people to peaceably assemble; and to the right of the people to keep and bear arms; and to the right of the people to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

These Neo-liberal Global Elites dare openly and brazenly to thrust an entirely alien political, social, economic philosophy on Americans—one inconsistent with our core values; one that undermines our Judaeo-Christian heritage; one that demeans our forefathers; and that denies and denigrates our glorious history.

They desire to shame Americans; to compel an absurd, obsequious, repulsive, self-loathing and contrition upon Americans. And through it all, they are becoming increasingly emboldened, and flamboyant about their plans, self-righteously shouting down all detractors, all dissenting voices.

They intend to remake the face of America, distorting it into a horrific mask of self-reproach. And, if they succeed, Americans will have no will to fight back, no ability to prevent the coming ruin.

The floodgates will spring open. The decrepit, diseased leprous, zombie hordes will descend upon us—tens and perhaps hundreds of millions to overwhelm our Nation, our people, bringing the Nation to its knees.

Naturally, these Marxist, Socialist, Communist, and Anarchist Collectivists would remonstrate against and deride Trump’s Campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” (“MAGA”). They would do so because they have no desire to preserve a free Constitutional Republic. They have no desire to defend our Constitution, our Judaeo-Christian Ethic, our culture, our morality, our core values, our fundamental rights and liberties. They have no desire to preserve our history. Why would they exalt our Nation? They have only contempt for it.

They consider Trump’s Campaign slogan an outrage against the Collectivist vision of a one-world political, social, and economic system of governance, and they will not tolerate it or tolerate those Americans who choose to embrace it. Like Obama and the Clintons and the Bushes, they are apologists for our Nation.

It was no accident that New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo remarked, on August 13, 2018:

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great. We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.” See AQ article, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Says: “America Is Not Great.”

When these toadies for the Neo-liberal Global “Elites” say they wish to impose an entirely new vision on our Nation, they mean that literally. Recall, as reported in the Washington Times:

“The House Majority Whip [Representative James Clyburn (D-SC)] who almost single-handedly saved Joe Biden’s bacon in the Palmetto State’s primary, advised his fellow Democrats to see this as a ‘tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.’”

And, Recall, as reported in Breitbart, that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seeks to re-imagine what we (he) wants society to be:

“In his daily press briefings, [New York Governor Andrew] Cuomo [who] said he wants to use the task force to ‘re-imagine what we want society to be’ with a focus on ‘better’ public transportation, healthcare, housing, and public safety. ‘Let’s use this as a moment to really plan change that we could normally never do unless you had this situation,’ the governor told reporters about the plan.”

A “new vision” for the Nation? “Better public transportation, healthcare, housing, and public safety?” “Every American fully engaged?” How so, and for whom, exactly?

What is the nature of this vision, this plan that Clyburn and Cuomo mention, at the behest of the Global “elites,” their puppet masters? The blueprint is well-known; it is predicated on the precepts of Collectivism.

But the blueprint for our Nation is grounded not on the precepts of Collectivism but on the precepts of Individualism, set forth in the U.S. Constitution. The two social and political philosophies, Collectivism and Individualism, are wholly antithetical. The two cannot be reconciled. But then the Global elites never intended for the tenets of Collectivism to be squared with the tenets of Individualism.

The Arbalest Quarrel has laid out the basic precepts of each philosophy in a past article: The Modern American Civil War

Out of the frying pan, and into the fire. Is that where our Nation is headed?

Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

For more information, visit: www.arbalestquarrel.com.

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While this is possible, it requires more study than one post on Ammoland. I’m going to have to do some research. For one thing, people always resist major change and this would certainly be that. But, are there reasons for minor changes in the international order? If so, what could those be without destroying national integrity and security?


The terrorists are already here. A US based Sheik recently told his followers to buy firearms, for use against Christians and Trump supporters.(His words) The Socialists are here,also. They planned demonstrations for this May Day, including a ‘workers strike’. The Communist Party,USA has long supported Democrats. Well….we all had better get off the couch and start resisting. The hour is late.Those self called elites have several groups to do their bidding.Encouraging greed,jealousy,hatred,resentment,they attract followers. ” Sat Cong ” and the Arabic letter ‘N’, for Nazarene, is on my front bumper. They will both be on my tail gate,this weekend. A… Read more »


Peace to you and me is that nobody is fighting.
Peace to them is that you can’t fight them.

It’s time for a big ass kicking.

Capn Dad

I’m just hoping that whatever happens happens quick because I don’t want to grow too old and miss all the fun. And yeah I’m three times a combat vet so I know what its all about.


Cant say I enjoyed combat, but I did my job,and will again. That 'oath' had no expiration date. Even if it did,would not matter. This is My Country,Your Country,Our Country and its going to stay that way. .


Once again, Arbalest Quarrel gets it correct! Way to put your arrow (or quarrel… 🙂 ) straight into the heart of the beast AQ!


Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


We also have the right of self defense & the right to physically defend our country.I agree and firmly believe in the power of prayer. There`s also that thing about Faith with out works is dead. Israel fought for their right to exist,and we may well come to that point very soon. Again.




These Global Elitists are in for one rude awakening and that is, China wants to be dominate, and Islam believe they are supposed to rule the World, which means that either the true Communists will eventually lock THEM up or the Jihadis will just behead them.

COVID-19 has one silver lining and that is that THEY have exposed themselves. Democrats like Gov. Newsom and Whitmer are showing U. S. what we’re in for in Democrats take over.


WOW, there are so many good replies here. I just wish the rest of the Christian Community could read these replies and ARM UP AND CARRY ON!!!

I am ready and I have been doing all I can to educate people about what happens when the citizens are disarmed.


Or sit on their haunches and do nothing.


What a bunch of crap! Hard to tell if Arbalest Quarrel is a front for Russian infiltrators seeking to stir up paranoia and pit Americans against one another to bring about the downfall of the nation, or if they’re just a bunch of hateful, delusional, ultra-paranoid white nationalists who’ve graduated from cross-burning gatherings to a much broader public forum to spread their nonsense to like-minded idiots.

Okay you angry, paranoid, bull$hit-swallowing conspiracy nuts. You’re turn. Let me have it!


Have some icecream and watch the sitcoms.


hangemhigh, you misspoke for this venue…the writer did offer some good points that our history will support and what he failed to include in his article is that the NWO did make explicit their plan. It is the Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the recent Event 201, the various financial trail of the Gates Foundation, the WHO, the IMF, the WTO, etc. The downside of the article is that it was a verbal diatribe with no links or references that anyone could check and verify. Further, the writer went on to divide us into the right vs left paradigm and that… Read more »


New Left Progressives and Socialist/Communist parties from across the globe are watching things like Brexit, popular unrest in Communist China and now backlash in the US against progressive public policy and they are watching their globalist utopian dreams evaporate. They will not go away. Their DNA is fully infused with hubris and ideological blindness. They are so convinced that they have the answers for the “masses” that they will gladly reduce the masses by large proportions in order to preserve not life but their dreams. This is a clear and present danger. Right now. You must stand united in thought… Read more »




Look at America in ruins thanks to GLOBALISM.
What did it get us this far?, a dead middle class, reduced standard of living, COVID 19 from Wuhan, and 100% of our meds from same?.90% of all our MANUFACTURING capabilities GONE(and the jobs that went with it).
If a major super power war were to crank up we are screwed, we barely make aspirin here anymore.


But the MBA’s and corporate elites told us it would all be OK. The political classes and universities seconded that opinion. So let’s just follow the exert pipers off the end of the pier. Not!


Don`t forget the Public School indoctrination of our kids, starting in pre-school.


About thirty years ago, Soviet emigre and American political/cultural journalist. Lev Navrozov. maintained: “The aim of the Soviets and the Left is the establishment of a despotism of the elite, not a society based on utopian principles.” If one ponders Navrozov’s statement, one cannot help but draw the conclusion that there are a lot of suckers believing that socialism/communism will bring them a kind of salvation. In fact it’s, when you analyze it, the very epitome of a false religion.


New World Order is going to happen rather we like or not. And it will probably happen sooner than later especially if the dems get there president and control of the house and senate. NWO is prophesied in the bible. For Christians we probably will not see it, but for non-believers you will. I pray for those who read this will find and accept Jesus Christ before the rapture.


If the Dems win we have a 100% guaranteed REVOLUTION i the the streets,NO American Patriot will live under the GESTAPOS BOOT HEEL.


Doszap, are you not paying attention. We are total lockdown, a Constitutional Challenge of unprecedented proportion that has nothing to do with republicans or democrats. Stop buying into the right vs. left paradigm argument. Both are supporting the abrogation of our Constitution with the excuse of Medical Martial Law, which doesn’t exist in law. It is FASCISM on both Federal and State and Local levels of governance.

Greg K

Spot on!

Will Flatt

These people are TRAITORS and ENEMIES and they’re waging a silent war on us!

I dont know about y’all, but where I come from, there’s a quick, efficient and proper remedy for enemies of liberty who are aggressing against you.


The rope…..

Will Flatt

Not the only option, but it’s an option!! So are helicopters.

Deplorable Bill

What they are pushing America toward has nothing to do with peace or righteousness and the meaning of life as defined BIBLICALLY. To accomplish this we must be disarmed. That must never happen. If we disarm, we will lose all the other RIGHTS exactly like every other society has since the garden of Eden.

Arm up, carry on..


The writer makes valid points are americans ready to fight back at the polls and in there own homes. The young folks have been raised to accept the New World Order taught by liberal professor in schools everywhere. Families are divides in there own living rooms as the parents no longer have the tools to correct their own children. Their children were told to report to there schools teachers counselors and even the police if Mom Or Dad took a position that disagreed with the new curriculum taught in schools. Now the left has alexa which is the all seeing… Read more »


With over 50 million Americans under arms if only 10% say F U,HOW do they enforce anything?. I would rather be dead than LIVE under another Nazi State, except worse.


If five million armed Americans go third world on the Progressive New Left coffee house bolsheviks those clowns will not know what to do. In the end they are cowards. They talk a good game but have never been in a real fist fight much less a civil war.


@nringlee – Just how do you propose to identify the “left coffee house bolsheviks”? Will those 5 million simply kill the other ~350M americans? Given disparity in numbers, how will they coordinate to avoid friendly fire incidents? How do you both organize and maintain operational security? Will all 5M jump into action on the same day, or will some wait until they read online that the “action” has already started? If that is the case, what happens when TPTB shut off internet and officially censure all other media? Devil is in the details – sure with time, organization, supplies, and… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Finnky, it’s pretty clear you haven’t been preparing like some others of us.