Endless Options for your Rifles from Boyds Gunstocks – Review

Slap a Boyds Gunstock on even a lowly airgun like the Marauder on the bottom and it immediately is a cool looking gun. Much less how it will dress up your Ruger 10/22.
Slap a Boyds Gunstock on even a lowly airgun like the Marauder on the bottom and it immediately is a cool looking gun. Much less how it will dress up your Ruger 10/22.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- I think that I’m a pretty plain jane type of guy. I don’t spend money on frivolous things. In fact, my wife calls me the eternal tightwad. I tell her I’m not a tightwad, I’m just thrifty. She informs me that I’ve taken it to a new level. Ok, there may be a trace element of truth to what she says. I had to semi agree when she told me that I was no longer a kid on a paper route budget but was a grown man with a real job. Ok, maybe I had gone overboard. I’m semi trying to loosen up a little.

So with all of the above said, for not much money you can go 1st class and really upgrade the looks of your ordinary rifle by mounting it on a Boyds Gunstock. I can’t tell you how cool they are. I’m not real flamboyant but I do love what Boyds Gunstocks has to offer.

So far I’ve only put a Boyds Gunstock on some of my 10/22’s and an air rifle. I can’t tell you how cool that they are. They can take a Plain Jane Ruger 10/22 and make it into the envy of any gun owner at the range.

There are a million options/colors to choose from. In fact, when I asked Dustin how many options they actually did offer he shrugged his shoulders and said to tell you the truth, I don’t know.

So why would you want to take a perfectly good stock off of your current rifle and replace it? I see three reasons.

  1. Boyds Stocks claims that their stocks actually help reduce recoil. I can’t attest to this one way or another since I have just used them on airguns and .22’s.
  2. They help your accuracy. Here’s why I say this. They are the most comfortable stock that I have ever used. I’m a big believer that once you decide to take a shot that you should only focus on two things: a) Your breathing. b) Your squeeze. Anything else that demands attention is evil. Such as shooting from an uncomfortable position, the eye relief on your scope is set wrong so you have to hold the rifle awkwardly for a shot or just, in general, the rifle is awkward to hold due to an ill-fitting stock.
    I don’t want to sound like that I am getting intimate with my rifle or something weird but every Boyds Gunstock that I own fits me like a glove. I spend zero energy twisting to get comfortable when making a shot. I can’t tell you how comfortable they are to hold which in turn gives me one less thing to focus on while shooting. So that’s why I say they will help your accuracy.
  3. Ok, the vain factor. They are just flat out cool looking. All my buddies try to steal my rifles that have Boyds Gunstocks on them. Even my girls try to steal the 10/22 with the pink stock.

Like alluded to above, picking which style and color will be a hard choice. I remember once I had a project to trick out a 10/22. I got a cool greenish/brown laminated stock and a scope company made me a custom scope and painted it to match the stock. That’s a cool combination when the scope matches the stock. Well, I can point you where to buy a cool stock from but which color to buy? Whew, you’re on.

So the hardest decision for me is trying to decide which stock to pick. As you can tell by the picture, I like the wild ones. To start off though you might want to consider their new Spike Camp. When you say spike camp most of us automatically think about leaving the luxuries of a decent elk camp and getting dropped off on top of a mountains with only the bare necessities for a few days so you can start hunting right at daylight and hunt until the last glimpse of daylight and then stumble over to your spike camp, whip out a freeze-dried meal and then jump into your sleeping bag.

In your spike camp it is only the bare essentials and that is exactly what the Spike Camp rifle stock is. It only weighs 2.2 lbs. and yet is cool looking. If you’re wanting a wood stock on your mountain rifle then you might want to check out the Spike Camp.

Prices vary according to which model you choose but the MSRP on the Spike Camp starts off at $99.99 and according to the options you choose it goes up from there. Below are the Specs on the Spike Camp.

  • LENGTH OF PULL 13.5-Inches
  • FOREARM LENGTH 8.5-11-Inches depending on the rifle
  • WEIGHT approximately 2.5 lbs.

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Wild Bill

Please, please tell me that they are made in America.