Walker Defense Fluid-dynamics Inspired Compensator Released for PCCs

NERO 9 Compendator White BG
The new fluid-dynamics inspired Nero 9 compensator from Walker Defense Research.

Mesa, AZ -(AmmoLand.com)- Walker Defense Research, LLC (www.walkerdr.com ), announces the immediate availability of the NERO 9 Compensator, a 9mm muzzle device engineered using fluid dynamics to counter the muzzle rise of blowback-operated pistol caliber carbines (PCCs) and submachine guns.

Walker Defense Research NERO 9 Compensator

While PCCs are often plagued by the muzzle rise inherent to their blowback operation, and while 9mm muzzle brakes and compensators aren’t typically regarded as being especially effective due to having limited pressure to work with, the NERO 9 has been designed specifically to maximize what can be done on a PCC. The NERO 9 was developed using fluid dynamics along with invaluable empirical testing and insight from competitive PCC shooter Hunter Marcuson to ensure the NERO 9 provides true effectiveness for competition use.

As a testament to the NERO 9s focus on performance, Kaiser US has selected it to be their muzzle device of choice for their upcoming, ultra-lightweight 9mm carbine.

“We designed the NERO 9 to raise the bar for what is expected of a pistol caliber carbine muzzle device,” said Drew Walker, owner of Walker Defense Research. “Not only is it effective for blowback-operated platforms like the AR-9, it is especially effective on submachine guns…and interestingly enough, has negligible lateral concussion.”

The initial NERO 9s are threaded 1/2×28 and is compatible with AR-platform 9mm carbines (AR-9), the CZ Scorpion, the Kalashnikov KR-9, the PTR 601, and the Heckler and Koch SP5 with Threaded Barrels.

Future NERO 9s will offer thread pitches in 1/2×36 and 13.5X1MM L/H. While the NERO 9s unorthodox appearance looks like something out of science fiction, the unique shape is all performance-based. Walker Defense Research uses an advanced form of additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing) called Direct Metal Laser Sintering, or DMLS for short, to manufacture the NERO 9s impossible-to-machine geometry from Inconel, a superalloy ideal for materials subject to high heat and pressure.

The NERO 9 is available immediately through Walker Defense Research and will be available shortly through OpticsPlanet.com.

Walker Defense Research LogoAbout Walker Defense Research

The core mission of Walker Defense Research is innovation in small arms technology. Defining the bleeding edge of tactical product development through using the most exotic manufacturing methods and materials available allows Walker Defense Research to supply the utmost in quality, capability, and performance for military, law enforcement, and competition shooters

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Some guy

Looks like an interesting design. I have to question the “impossible” geometry. Expensive to machine? Probably. Impossible? I doubt it. As to cost? 3D printing is slow, and the part needs a lot of expensive processing like HIP to be as good as a machined part. No need to use inconel either, overspec’ed. Background, 35 years metal manufacturing, currently involved with production of several commercial firearms parts.


Blinding in night/no light shooting scenario ? Nice looking piece though.


From the side profile it looks like a girl I once dated…..


Oh !! This is a really great article. Thank you for providing these details. I’m sad I didn’t even know about this. animal crossing

Ansel Hazen

WARNING 3 different articles, 3 new names never seen before. All with a strange link at the end of their comment. That’s suspicious enough for me to not click on anything like that.

Some guy

I brushed it with my finger, and it started to open what appears to be a game. Closed it immediately, so I didn’t see much. Hate how sensitive this screen is.