Decoding Firearms, a New Perspective on Basic Firearms Safety Out Now

Decoding Firearms, a New Perspective on Basic Firearms Safety
Decoding Firearms, a New Perspective on Basic Firearms Safety

New Jersey – -( The firearms world is flooded with different books, publications, digital media, classes, programs, etc. Decoding Firearms: An easy to read guide on basic gun safety & use is a fresh and new perspective on some of the same old information. The book covers a lot of the basic information new gunowners may need to get started in firearm use. Where topics such as the cardinal gun safety rules, use rules, how a firearm works, and introduction to the fundamentals of shooting are expressed, some of what makes Decoding Firearms unique is the author’s conversational approach.

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From the author, John Petrolino, an AmmoLand contributor:

“When I started to really get involved in learning more about firearms and shooting, I started to devour as much material I could. Magazines, videos, books…I found that a lot of the basic books felt stuffy. Sure, it’s difficult to make some of this information interesting, but I like to think that once you get past the dry stuff, Decoding Firearms really flows….”

“While the book’s main goal and focus is to help impart basic gun safety practices, and approaches the topic on as an elemental level as possible, Petrolino brings a deeper focus on subjects such as personal protective equipment, exposure to lead and chemicals, firearm storage, and stresses the importance of training. “The topic of referencing the manual for your specific firearm is mentioned over 40 times in the book…” Petrolino explains…

It may seem so basic and a no-brainer, but turning to the manuals for the firearms we are using is so pivotal to our success in using and maintaining them. The manual will get you up and going and at least lay down the groundwork for you to build on with other concepts. In 2020, with the internet, there is no excuse to not have access to the manual for any conventional, commercially available, firearm. Utilizing your gun’s manual and equally important is getting training. I tried to stress these points in the text.
Decoding Firearms was written to be as inclusive as possible. The book covers both handguns and long guns. Both shotguns and rifles. And everything is broken down by action type. It’s not an exhaustive reference for every single firearm on the market, but does go over many of the most commonly used firearms. The emphasis of the book’s intent, to get someone up and started in the world of firearms. The basics of basics.

Who is Decoding Firearms for?

New gun owners and those who are curious about firearms have a lot to gain by reading the book. People that are perhaps apprehensive about the topic of firearms…With over 250 pages of content, an extensive glossary, and over 150 illustrations, the book delivers on providing information. Experienced shooters and those looking to expose others to the shooting sports may also benefit.

“I thought that other books lacked some very important information within…” Petrolino says.

A lot of books cover topics like the need for hearing and eye protection. They also usually have a statement or two about guarding yourself against lead and chemicals. But, I did not feel that there was enough information out there, particularly for new shooters on these subjects. I set the book up so you can get the “okay, I need to wear glasses and muffs or plugs” information early on. As well as the “be careful of lead and chemicals” ideas. Then I reference the readers to chapters later in the book that break down to the nitty-gritty the ins and outs of hearing protection, safety glasses, and lead and chemical exposure. I would not say they are supplemental chapters, as much as they are a closer look into the subjects. Which, I’ll add…the topics I covered are difficult to make interesting and compelling. But, the information is in there for the reader to take in.

Decoding Firearms: An Easy to Read Guide on Basic Gun Safety & Use is available on The book comes as either a paperback, with black and white illustrations or Kindle e-book with color illustrations. The text was laid out to be best viewed as an e-book on a tablet, with the illustrations optimized that way. However, the paperback version is not lacking much with the monochrome images. Decoding Firearms would be a good addition to your collection.

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of Decoding Firearms this hyperlink will take you to the Amazon page. Instructors or 2nd Amendment advocacy groups that are interested in bulk orders or general inquires can direct their correspondence to Petrolino via his contact information in the book, via twitter @johnpetrolino, or through his homepage Retailers can get copies through large book distribution companies.

About John Petrolino:

John Petrolino is the author of Decoding Firearms: An Easy to Read Guide on Basic Gun Safety & Use, a US Merchant Marine Officer, writer, and NRA certified pistol, rifle and shotgun instructor living under and working to change New Jersey’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. You can find him online at his homepage and on twitter at @johnpetrolino

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