VA Governor Northam Condemned Peaceful Gun Rally but No Comment on Violent Left Riots

Opinion by Erich Pratt
Senior Vice President
Gun Owners of America, Inc.

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VA Governor Northam Condemned Peaceful Gun Rally, but No Comment on Violent Left Rioters

Virginia – -( Virginia Royal Governor Northam’s reaction to the rioting in Richmond, Manassas, and other areas in Virginia, in the wake of George Floyd’s disturbing killing by Minneapolis police, is worthy of discussion.

Governor Northam recently commented that “there are many voices speaking out for justice and healing across the United States and in our Commonwealth, but others are exploiting this pain and inciting violence.”

The Governor apparently believes that violence is being perpetrated only by a small minority that do not represent the values of the majority of protesters.

But isn’t it reasonable to say that a person who throws objects at the police ceases to be a protester and becomes a rioter? The photos from Richmond and Manassas sure make it seem that there were a significant number of rioters among the protesters. Governor Northam’s expression of solidarity is concerning, especially when placed into context.

Back in January, during the Virginia Citizens Defense League Lobby Day rally, Governor Northam took quite a different tack. He announced that he had heard vague and entirely unsupported rumors of “violence surrounding the event, along with white nationalist rhetoric” which he used as justification for ignoring state law, and ordering a firearms ban on Capitol Square during Lobby Day.

In other words, when law-abiding gun owners from across political, racial, sexual, and economic divides sought to hold a peaceful rally, Northam tried to demonize and marginalize them as fringe “white supremacists.”

He gave gun owners the classic Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals treatment — “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” But when many of “his people” (radicals on the extreme left, including felons who likely voted for Northam) riot violently in the streets, the Governor attempts to minimize the problem.

That is not to say that many of those protesting the police killing of George Floyd do not have a righteous cause. Indeed, GOA has long opposed the militarization of police, heavy-handed tactics such as no-knock warrants, and the adoption of an us-versus-them mentality. Far too many gun owners — especially minorities — have been on the receiving end of police misconduct — including examples in Texas, Arizona, Alabama, and Minnesota.

That does not excuse smashing windows of small businesses, looting Target, or burning down AutoZone.

Back in January, tens of thousands of Americans converged on Richmond, with most of them armed to the teeth. Yet, in stark contrast to the Governor’s dire predictions, there was no violence of any kind — none. Nor was there nor any sight of Northam’s promised white supremacists. To the contrary, Gun Owners of America’s Director of Outreach Antonia Okafur — a black woman — later quipped that “[t]his was, by far, hands down the worst white supremacist rally I’ve ever seen. There were people shaking my hand. I mean, they even let me speak….”

In January, Governor Northam issued the following challenge to gun owners: “I call on them to disavow anyone who wishes to use Monday’s rally to advance a violent agenda.” Yet in response to the recent riots, Governor Northam has done little disavowing — making pale pastel statements like “[t]here are many voices speaking out for justice and healing across the United States and in our Commonwealth….”

As an editorial in the Richmond Times-Dispatch notes, “[w]e find it curious that it was only after two nights of escalating violence that Virginians finally heard from Gov. Ralph Northam.” The author continued “why has [Governor Northam] yet to come out in condemnation of the wanton destruction and vandalism that occurred in Richmond and other areas in the commonwealth?”

It’s time for Governor Northam to take a firm stand against those who commit actual violence — not a stand against perceived threats based on his irrational fear of law-abiding gun owners. The Governor should have welcomed the tens of thousands of gun owners who came to Richmond back in January, just like he should now be telling the rioters that they will not be tolerated.

But, as with Northam’s gun control agenda, he has everything upside down.

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If ever a governor needed to be removed from office, this is the one to make an example of.

Wild Bill

@BJ, Maybe antifa will do it for us.


It’s almost a toss-up which democrat run state can have the worst governors. Here on the left coast, Washington, Oregon and California, wreaks with anti-2nd Amendment tyranny.

Wild Bill

@MJ, We gun owners are easy to push around because we don’t riot or commit arson or loot.


Spot on WB!


So get rid of the governors and legislature with each receiving a “free” “Third eye:!!!


I have been around a LONG time, and I have seen and lived through the best of times, and the worst.But NOW, we are in serious trouble with the GOP and the DEMS voting together in equal numbers, to take away our 2A rights. I fear we will have no choice but to go to war with our own fellow Americans, because they have DUMPED the CONSTITUTION / BOR’s.They act like their Oaths mean nothing, and do as they wish, not as ordained by the Supreme Law of the Land. I never in a million years ever thought I would… Read more »

uncle dudley

This guy is a real piece of work with his opinions, until he decides which picture was him in that old school yearbook the guy in blackface or the KKK robes he needs to keep his mouth shut IMO.
Hypocrite liberal.


You would expect any different from a piece of shit, anti gun, Democrat ???

Some guy

Let’s just face facts. These riots are funded by the DNC. This terrorist outfit antifa is the DNC. Democrats are traitorous garbage, period. Anyone who thinks this ends without a shooting war is a fool.

Doszap There is a LOT more to this than the Dems, but they are the chief instigators.(Deep State included,they cannot allow Trump to out them) Watch this, and get educated, this group I have never heard of, but BLM / ANTIFA the #MeToo movements, all are funded by the same cabals. “Millennial Millie” She gets into things like Project Veritas does,she has video proof of who, and what is going on, and we get to see it and hear it.She has infiltrated their group and caught AOC / Ilhan Omar,at their devious worst.Have no doubts the revolution has started most… Read more »


Bounty out on any and all ANTIFA, regardless of age or I.Q.. No bag limit. Turn in eyeballs to DOJ!!!


@Doszap Thanks for this video, verify’s the other things I’ve heard and makes it all much clearer.


Don’t forget Bloomberg.

Rebel VA

soros should be executed for war crimes!!

Wild Bill

, We could be rid of Soros in one hour because the Russians still have an outstanding warrant for him.


I was born in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Spent most of my working life elsewhere and just retired. I had planned to move back to my ‘home’ state. But after all the stupid 2A stuff, the removal of my heritage monuments and seeing where it looks like things are headed, maybe I should become a Yankee. Some of those states seem to respect people’s rights, not all but some.


All BLUE STATES are crap holes or soon will be, I wouldn’t recommend that.

Wild Bill

@Stone, Before you decide there is a website you may be interesting in:


Northam is a COMMUNIST P.O.S. and never should serve in any elected office. He is anti-Constitutional, anti-American and wants this country to be RULED by a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State Government!

Wild Bill

@no, And it is easy to pick gun owners as an enemy because we always behave ourselves. If antifa catches any of these governors or mayors, antifa will execute them and declare themselves the government.

Arizona Don

No one short of a convicted murderer deserves to die like George Floyd did. In today’s world even that is questionable. However, he has been made a martyr of. A position, I might add, no one is less deserving of. The law enforcement officer who did the horrific act deserves a charge of first degree murder however, the attorney general needs to charge him with a charge that can be proven for certain (even second degree is questionable in this case as to whether or not a conviction is possible or assured) so in such a case as this it… Read more »

Wild Bill

@AzD, one autopsy says that George Floyd could not have lived with the amount of meth in his system.
The mob demanded these charges. What is going to happen when and if the prosecutor can not prove the charges that the mob demanded?


The RULE OF LAW doesn’t apply to anyone except citizens in D.C.,all .gov people are immune to what we get 15-20yrs for.


VA Governor Northam needs to be blessed with a “third eye,” front or back of the common 7.62 caliber, then he could predict the future in communist hell!


Are we still bothering about the inconsistencies of the left?


All the way to November!


The COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK has Trump with a 38% approval rating.
One more example of cooking the books.

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, Yep, what ever the msm says … the opposite is true!


If you think things are bad now, what do you think it’s going to be like if they acquit the officers involved in Floyd’s death? Or if they don’t get as much time as they think they should?


Everyone needs to vote! In EVERY election!


These Democrats have lost all touch with reality. Very soon it will bite them in the butt.


Because he’s a Commie PIG.
DemoNcrats are all murderers.