North Carolina’s Gov. (D) Cooper Vetoes Bipartisan Right To Carry in Church Bill


North Carolina’s Gov. (D) Cooper Vetoes Bipartisan Right To Carry in Church Bill

Fairfax, VA – -( Breaking news, NRA-ILA’s North Carolina State Director​​, D.J. Spiker, released the following statement today regarding Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of HB 652 the Bipartisan Right To Carry in Church Bill.

North Carolina's Gov. Democrat, Roy Cooper
North Carolina’s Gov. Democrat, Roy Cooper

“It’s disappointing that Gov. Cooper vetoed the bill without even reading it. Had he had read it, he would know the legislation only applies to churches that operate schools and simply allows parishioners to carry when the schools are not in session, and only if​ the church wishes to opt-in.”

“But such a revelation is not surprising as his term in the Executive Mansion has been littered with relentless attacks upon the Second Amendment. By vetoing HB 652, a bill that passed with bipartisan support, Cooper continues to demonstrate that his administration cares little about personal property rights while focusing on the belief that the people should only do as the government demands.”


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National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

About the NRA-ILA

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Ansel Hazen

Time for mass non-compliance.


He’s a Democrap. Probably wants active shooters to be safe if they attack a church.


Just as with all Democrats, Cooper had his spine surgically removed when he became governor. This allowed his rectum to increase in size and take up the empty space. Just another libtard.

John Ruger

Before it was legal in our state to carry in church, abunch were already carrying.


Did you expect someting different from the “Rocky Mount Lazy Bastard”?


Copper is an idiot! I live in NC, we have 4 open carry members at the doors and around 10 concealed carriers on any given Sunday. Here it doesn’t matter what he signs or does not sign, we will keep doing what we always have. NC loves guns and we will keep them and hopefully get rid of Copper! The only reason Copper was elected, he was in favor of the open restrooms to any sex. We definitely have a problem in NC, the demoncraps, gays and BLM cancer that’s trying to take over, but they will never get the… Read more »

crazy joe

what in hell do you think would come from that azz. lived here since 65 and have not figured out why they elect a democrat as governor


Whatever happened to separation of church and state? Such state laws infringe upon freedom to worship in manner people chose.


Conservatives need to start making a plan for secession. We should pick a handful of states and all move there, build a wall on all borders. As soon as we lose the first or second amendment, we should secede.

Ansel Hazen


There are more than enough of us to clean this country up the old fashioned way.