Your Second Amendment Rights are in Jeopardy! Take a Stand #GUNVOTE


USA – -( As the 2020 presidential election quickly approaches, many of the candidates’ platforms include proposals that severely threaten your Second Amendment rights.

From proposed bans on popular modern sporting rifles and ammunition to mandates for federal licensing and registration, these ill-informed proposals would strip away the rights of law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to protect public safety. It is time you make a choice and take a stand.

Visit then click on the 2020 presidential candidates to view their positions and quotes on Second Amendment issues.

#GUNVOTE As target shooters, hunters, and gun owners, we must not risk our rights! On Election Day 2020, vote to protect America’s firearms freedoms.

Even between elections, target shooters, hunters, and gun owners would do well to stay informed about the issues that affect us. Becoming educated about the views, votes, and decisions of officeholders and those positioning themselves to run for office should be an ongoing concern. #GUNVOTE is here to help you to protect America’s firearms freedoms. Don’t wait until election time. Become educated and keep yourself informed before it’s time to #GUNVOTE.

GunVoteProtecting your rights has never been more important than it is today. Our national crisis has exposed the politicians who want to strip away our constitutional freedoms. Send them a message! Be a voter in the 2020 elections to protect your rights!

Help Drive Voter Registration … NSSF is urging all industry businesses and activist-minded individuals to download and display NSSF’s #GUNVOTE icon on their company websites and incorporate #GUNVOTE messages in their social media campaigns. Download everything you need here, and then link to, where visitors can find voter-registration information for their states and other helpful resources

About the National Shooting Sports Foundation

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 10,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers.

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vote as if your life depends on it. even if we vote for a (r) doesn’t mean that they will not turn against us. it is us vs. them.
inform as many people as you can about the seriousness of this election and the attempt to take away civil rights from the citizens, 1st, 2nd, 4th. it wont stop until we are slaves, and I refuse to live as a slave.


If a politician does not trust you with the arms of your choice, configured any way you see fit, why would you trust him or her with the power of government?




Who do you vote for? GOP also supports gun control they’re just more snakes about hiding it. GOP Gov Mike Dewine in Ohio is calling a special session in Aug to pass gun control, and Governors in MA, TX, MD and many in the US Senate support more gun control. Even introducing bills for more gun control. The coward traitors are everywhere. They lie to get elected then turn into a police state Marxist when in office. I’m sick of this crap. It seems mobs work, maybe #2A defenders need to make our own mobs to stop the back stabbing… Read more »


Jo Jorgensen supports the 2A 100% and wants to abolish the ATF.


Caveat Emptor: Stag urges folks to vote Anarcho-LOLibertarian. i.e., Stag is effectively campaigning for Biden:

Anarcho-LOLibertarians oppose borders & immigration limits, which means Democrat perma-control, massive wealth redistribution, and the end of the USA. Worse than RINOs & weak appeasers, they’re vastly more destructive than Dems. Anarcho-LOLibertarians are domestic enemies pretending to be loyal Americans, hard core “pro-gun”, “capitalist”, (1-way) “free trade” etc. Anarcho-LOLibertarians can’t honestly take the pledge of allegiance, let alone the oath of office.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

There is no quantitative or qualitative similarity between GOP gun control and Democrat gun control. SEE CALIFORNIA.


ALL Dems are gun grabbers. No such thing as a pro-gun Dem.

NOT ALL Republicans are gun grabbers. Voters can end RINO gun control by getting involved, volunteer-donate-organize-SACRIFICE to help loyal Americans defeat RINOs in primaries. Sadly, too many tiger talking chatroom commandos make self-serving excuses for refusing to do their duty as citizens.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

Educated people have seen this cycle before, but the unwashed masses have no historical context. Either we will pushback as necessary to have one country or we will pushback and have a peaceful separation with two Americas. Either way we win because patriotic Americans know their history and have most of the guns. Never, ever register your firearms. Any confiscation effort will be the fuse.


It’s obvious the NSSF doesn’t care about 2A candidates considering they dont even include all of the candidates on their “gun vote” website. They just want to push Republican gun control instead of Democrat gun control. Not surprising coming from the people who endorsed Barr for AG.


Two sides of the same coin, go ahead and choose sides and flip that coin…….oh sorry, you loose. Let’s get some real candidates that support the constitution FIRST.


Jo Jorgensen does.


Yeah, don’t put your votes on her. All she can do is take votes away from Trump, and then where will we be? With Biden, and you don’t want him.


Stag wants Biden. Stag’s working for Biden. Stag’s a fraud.


@Gunfun – Many are planning to vote for biden simply because he is not Trump. Offer those people an acceptable option and it might well hurt biden. Even if b wins, tough for him to honestly claim a mandate if he gets 45% of the popular vote. Of course, when has any politician ever let honesty get in the way of a power grab?

Anybody else notice spell checker automatically capitalizing biden but not Trump? I realize that trump is a verb, an adjective and a noun as well as a proper noun – but still annoys me.


If Biden didn’t pay you for that comment, you’re selling yourself short.


Russn8r wants Trump. Trump supports and enacts gun control. Russn8r loves gun control.


That’s what’s known as a sillygism. Typical of dogmatic LOLibertarians.

Here’s some logical flow:

Russn8r hates gun control.
Trump isn’t perfect on gun control but he’s vastly better than Biden.
Russ wants Trump instead of Biden.

Stag “hates” gun control but is too stupid and dogmatic to realize he’s promoting it.
Stag goes for moral equivalance because he’s unable to do math. To stag, a pound equals a ton.
Stag says Trump isn’t perfect so he campaigns for open-border Anarcho-Libertarians who work to destroy the USA as an independent Republic, thereby electing Biden.


Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r