Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshot – Review

Looks like that Katy is getting pretty serious about hitting the target with her new Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshot. Charity appears to be a little more kicked back in her approach.
Looks like that Katy is getting pretty serious about hitting the target with her new Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshot. Charity appears to be a little more kicked back in her approach.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- When you’re up camping you need to have some fun activities for the kids to do. Although as I think back, I guess when our kids were small we’d hike up mountains, go fishing and let them pick flowers and collect rocks. And then if they had any time they’d plink cans around camp with their BB guns.

Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshot

As time passes though you seem to collect more toys that enhances your camping trips. I‘m reminded of this since we just got back down from the mountains at midnight last night. There are a few more cool items now than I had as a kid. Throwing hatchets, throwing knives and of course this weekend we had an archery target so all of us could touch up our archery skills.

But there’s another cool item that you ought to check out-the ole slingshot. As a kid we’d cut strips off of my dad’s old defunct electrical gloves. Me and my buddies all had homemade slingshots. I remember as a kid one-day Jeff Shaw said he wasn’t going to quit until he got a bird. We hunted for hours and finally, he did get a sparrow.

But it was hard to hit much in those days. Every pebble you picked up varied in size/wt. so the trajectory was changing every shot. Nothing was consistent. But have no fear. Daisy solved the world’s problems with their new Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshot. I haven’t chronographed how fast they shoot but they zip along pretty fast. I had it up camp this weekend and we had some BB’s penetrate into a water bottle.

I haven’t shot it enough yet to be very accurate yet but I think I should be able to kill some grouse this fall when backpacking. The big BB’s would thump one pretty hard. That’d be fun to pick up one or two of them for dinner. A couple of years ago Fredy, Brian and I picked up some for dinner while backpacking in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. We cooked them on a smooth river rock we put in the middle of the fire and on sticks.

It looks like that Daisy makes four different models of slingshots with the Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshot being the coolest one. Daisy is smart in that they offer three types of BB’s for the slingshot connoisseur. With their consistent wt./size BB’s you will be more accurate and consistent but of course, it will add to your shooting cost. Eventually, you’ll progress to just shooting pebbles. Seems I remember some guy named David that did ok with using some small smooth river stones against a guy name Goliath.

But Daisy was smart to offer factory BB’s so you can be consistent in your shooting if so desired plus, they’ll make more off of the BB’s than they do off of the actual slingshots themselves. Here are the three BB’s that they offer.

  1. ½” glass ammo MSRP $4.99 for 75
  2. ½” steel BB’s MSRP $4.99 for 250 (I went with these since you get the most shots for your $$).
  3. 3/8” steel BB’s. MSRP $4.99 for 70

So if you want some good old-fashioned fun for you and your family to enjoy on your next camping trip, pick up a couple of Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshots and set up a line of tin cans and water bottles to plink at. Or maybe put a Coke can on your mother-in-law’s head and shoot it off (and soak her when it burst).

It will be hard to find something more fun that the above scenario but like I said above, I want to try to pick up some grouse this fall. Or you could use one to as a nonlethal option to running off stray dogs or cats. Or something else that I’m thinking of is to shoot rocks down into draws to spook out game. Hmmm, mount it on the side of your rifle so it’s handy. Well, we’ll quit with that one! The MSRP on the Daisy Powerline P51 Slingshot is $15.99. That’s not much for something that you can have this much fun with.

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I’m surprised the antifa turds haven’t used these. Maybe they’re just smart enough to realize how high the chances are that they’d be shot if they did.

Dr. Strangelove

Actually, it’s been reported that pantyfa has been using slings of various types to attack the police.

Get Out

These things can be lethal, hit someone in the head, chest or throat area and it could kill. Be no different than firing a gun at you.

Get Out

These are fun to shoot in the backyard, camping or hunting (Check your game regs first.). I pick up round’ish river rocks just a little larger than a marble and they work just as well as store bought ammo. In fact I keep them in a leather marble bag in my camping pack.


I use ball bearings or buckshot. High density and cheap. But I do like the idea of biodegradable. Doesn’t matter much. I can’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside

Watch um

I have had a Daisy slingshot for years, but I made a slingshot with large surgery tubing that would shoot a steel ball through a metal bucket at 5 yards. The bands were so strong I couldn’t draw them back and hold them, they must have had at least a 100 lb draw.

One thing about a slingshot in Alabama it is illegal to carry one concealed.


I thought that’s what the “hammer loop” on the wrong side of the jeans was for.


I purchased one of the Daisy slingshots about a month ago. It’s a lot like the Wrist Rocket slingshot I had when I was a kid. When I ordered it they had 3/8″ and 1/2″ clay ball slingshot ammo and I ordered some of each. They were a lot cheaper than the steel ammo and biodegradable so you don’t end up with steel balls getting launched by your lawnmower.

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