CCI Releases Maxi-Mag Clean-22 Segmented Hollow Point 22 WMR

CCI Maxi-Mag Clean 22 WMR
The new CCI Maxi-Mag Clean 22 WMR. IMG CCI Ammunition

U.S.A. -( The Clean-22 coating technology that made rimfire clean is now being used to extend the range and power of 22 WMR. New CCI Maxi-Mag Clean-22 Segmented Hollow Point (SHP) uses an exclusive polymer bullet coating to greatly reduce copper and lead fouling in the barrel—without leaving a residue. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers.

The 46-grain SHP bullet splits into three equal-size pieces on impact, tripling the number of wound channels. The polymer bullet coating allows this separation at much lower velocities and longer distances than a conventional copper jacket. The bullet’s overall geometry is optimized for accuracy, and dependable CCI priming and propellant provide flawless cycling through semi-automatics and all 22 WMR firearms.

“New Maxi-Mag Clean-22 SHP is the industry’s only segmenting hollow-point bullet in 22 WMR.” said CCI Product Line Manager Dan Compton. “Personally, I like its Olive Drab Green color on the bullet which gives it a hunting look, and I can’t wait to hear stories and see photos from our happy customers who use this new magnum rimfire round on prairie dog towns, in the squirrel woods and for their fur trapping efforts.”

Features & Benefits

    • The industry’s only segmenting hollow-point bullet in 22 WMR
    • Polymer bullet coating greatly reduces lead fouling in the barrel without leaving residue
    • Allows expansion at lower velocities than copper-jacketed bullets
    • Reduces the risk of penetration through the target and beyond
    • Optimized bullet geometry for improved accuracy
    • 50-count box

Part No. / Description / MSRP

972CC / 22 WMR Maxi Mag Clean-22 SHP, 46-grain, 50-count / $18.99

CCI recently launched a new website which includes a fresh look and design, and a mobile-first approach to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Plus, the new site offers customers the ability to purchase select loads of CCI rimfire ammunition, Blazer handgun ammunition, branded merchandise and more direct from CCI. CCI’s online shopping cart features free shipping on orders of $99 or more. For full details, go to

About CCI Ammunition

At CCI, we understand what you want and need. When it comes to ammunition and components no one beats us at our game. We offer the best selection in all shooting sports. While other companies sat on century-old technology and performance, we revived rimfire with exciting, high-performance products.

It all started when Richard “Dick” Speer’s enterprising led him to establish CCI in 1951. He provided a steady source of component primers to reloaders. Today we continue being the leader in rimfire ammunition thanks to our innovation, determination, and resourcefulness.


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Looks good will buy a case and try em out.